July 22, 2013

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CA Brooks
C.A. Brooks
JULY 22 - JULY 28

Happy Birthday Leo

The week is off to an unbelievably fast-paced start on Monday with the Sun's return to majestic Leo, a move by Venus into humble and conscientious Virgo and a Full Moon in Aquarius – and that's all before Noon! (Pacific Time) Which could make the rest of the week seem like a piece of cake. Well not really! Spoiler alert – Saturday somehow seems like an aberration with conflicting planetary aspects that seem to line-up like bad-tempered combatants on an ill-conceived TV reality show! But we will make it through!

Overall, we are still under the influence of a potent Grand Trine of 5 planets in the feminine, emotional, and psychic water signs. (Not including the asteroid Chiron and the North Node of the Moon also in water.) Water is not only creative and nurturing, it is also cleansing. This is a great week to consider purification rituals – clutter clearing for the body, mind, heart, soul and environment. This is especially true as Venus leads the way in Virgo, the sign that takes clutter clearing and purification to new heights. (Not to mention Saturn in Scorpio, he's doing a great job in the emotional arena.)

Venus in Virgo – she's sexy but in a brainy and functional sort of way. She values her privacy and space and is usually interested in health and nutrition. Want to impress a potential lover during this cycle? Suggest a date at the newest vegan hot spot. If you want to go for coffee afterwards, quote some of the latest research that suggests coffee not only keeps the mind sharp but also may be linked to slower onset of neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia. (I'm not saying it's true! I'm just suggesting you link yourself with an interest in health related research!)

And then, there's that Full Moon in humanitarian Aquarius opposing the Sun in proud and self-expressive Leo. As we embrace Leo energy we learn self-confidence and pride in our individual accomplishments. We learn the importance of stepping into our power and authority and where and when to show leadership. This little light of mine, where is it going to shine? On the opposite end of the scale sits the Moon in Aquarius – the sign of friends, colleagues, comrades and the team with a vision for the future and shared goals for the collective consciousness. Of course, the team is nothing without the authentic contribution of individuals with a strong sense of self and purpose. And, the star of the show is lonely and impotent without the supporting cast, crew and audience.

Full Moons which are planetary oppositions are the teeter-totters of astrology. They not only represent an important half-way point in the lunar cycle, but they give us a chance, every month to learn integration and balance. They are a chance to see, experience and understand the 'gray' areas of lives we sometimes wish were simply black and white with easy distinctions and categories. (Maybe we did not read the fine print on the Earth brochure as carefully as we should have!) This experience is usually anything but easy. On the other hand it is hardly ever dull.

This week let your intuitive, yin and feminine energy take the lead by attracting people and experiences that are in alignment with your highest good and happiness. And when they appear, embrace and nurture them. Allow creativity and insight to bubble up from within. This week is much more about reflection and receiving than about taking action.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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Moon enters Aquarius 11:07 am (PDT)
Venus enters Virgo 5:41 am (PDT)
Sun enters Leo 8:56 am (PDT)
Full Moon 0 Aquarius 11:15 am (PDT)

Happy Birthday Leo! Sorry to steal the spotlight, but the Sun's move to this dynamic and self-expressive sign is only one of many things happening today. It's a busy day at the cosmic dance beginning with Mars in Cancer cuddling up to Jupiter and sliding into the emotional Grand trine in the water signs. It's an emotional party that just got energized! It's psychic, sensitive and straight from the heart.

However, there's a bit of a halt to the potential mushiness factor as Venus the planet of love heads for practical and analytical Virgo. She's a no-nonsense girl – brainy, detailed, discerning and dutiful. She's also humble and unselfish. She's more interested in honesty and integrity than in flashy or superficial demonstrations of affection.

And last but certainly not least, the Moon is full in Aquarius shortly before noon Pacific Time. This energy can run hot and cold as the Moon is at the height of detachment in cool-as-a-cucumber Aquarius and yet reflecting the red hot fire of the Sun in passionate Leo. Saturn in Scorpio, the planet of discipline and part of that emotional water trine, loosely squares both the Sun and the Moon introducing the motivation for resolving this opposition between personal need for expression, creativity and fulfillment (Sun in Leo) and addressing the greater good by looking at the needs of the group or community (Moon in Aquarius.)

Daily Muse: A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. (Mahatma Gandhi)


Moon Void of Course 7:01 am (PDT) – 11:22 am Wednesday morning

After yesterday's major action, you would think the cosmic dance would be somewhat quiet, maybe even sleepy. Not so much! It's true – there is only one planetary interaction – between the Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries. But it's hardly quiet. Uranus is the cosmic ruler of Aquarius and is himself often referred to as the 'Great Awakener'. So grab your coffee and be prepared for a bit of a jump start to your day as Uranus electrifies the vision of Aquarius and instills the mood with excitement and a touch of eccentricity. Honor your ideas and visions today, especially those that move the collective consciousness forward. It's a good day to meet with friends and compare notes.

Daily Muse: I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't believe I deserved my friends. (Walt Whitman)

Today on Simpletales – 12Listen.com Advisor, Michael Burke, host of 'Source of Michael' on 12Radio.com joins me for a look at Akashic Records – those energetic imprints we leave behind. With the Grand Trine in Water this past week and the predominance of emotional water in the cosmos this summer, it will be fun to look at how this tool can identify patterns and illuminate our understanding of our human experience as spiritual beings. You will find us on 12Radio.com at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern.



Moon enters Pisces 11:22 am (PDT)

The Moon leaves rational Aquarius at mid-day and dives into the feminine and intuitive energy of heart and soul as it enters Pisces and merges with the energy of the Grand Trine in the water element. This can be a deeply healing time for body and spirit if we 'allow' instead of force. Being open to the emotions, ideas and inspirations that naturally emerge can create fertile ground for 'aha' moments. This level of cosmic water can move us beyond personal, to the transpersonal – which by the way is part of the message and gift of the Full Moon last Monday.

Daily Muse: A lot of people say they want to get out of pain, and I'm sure that's true, but they aren't willing to make healing a high priority. They aren't willing to look inside to see the source of the pain in order to deal with it. (Lindsay Wagner)


Moon Void of Course 11:43 am (PDT) – 2:29 pm Friday afternoon

It's a quiet day which is blessed with gracious lunar connections including one to thinking Mercury mid-day. As Mercury is easing itself out of its retrograde pattern (ended last Saturday) the time is ripe for assimilating its gifts of a changed perception. We continue to be influenced by the nurturing, healing and intuitive water energies which abound with 5 planets in water signs joined by Chiron, the Moon and the North Node of the Moon also in water. If there is a disagreement to be straightened out or a relationship wrinkle to be addressed, today should be a good day to speak from the heart with both clarity and compassion. Creativity abounds!

Daily Muse: Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity. (Hippocrates)


Moon enters Aries 2:29 pm (PDT)

This morning skip work and lose yourself in a romantic holiday. See a movie, read a novel (Jane Austen will do) or better yet treat yourself to a for-real romantic getaway. The energy may be somewhat short-lived but today Venus opposes Neptune opening the floodgates of what is possible in love. She also forms an alliance with more realistic Saturn which brings the expectations back into the here and now.

The pace quickens noticeably in mid-afternoon when the Moon leaves watery Pisces for goal-oriented Aries. Fortunately this Aries Moon, occurring a few days after the Full Moon, exudes confidence without being edgy. Although Aries is independent, even the warrior wants and needs the company of others and knows when it's best to cooperate toward joint goals. This Moon teaches us about team effort and rewards those who are willing to go to bat for the group or the greater cause.

Daily Muse: A boy doesn't have to go to war to be a hero; he can say he doesn't like pie when he sees there isn't enough to go around. (Edward W. Howe)


Moon Void of Course 7:19 pm (PDT) – 9:43 pm Sunday evening

Whatever you do, don't skip the meditation, spiritual reading or power walk this morning. Today has all the makings of a great Bruce Willis Hollywood script – conflict, tension, power struggles, action, and a few explosions. Of course it's always more fun on the screen then during your yoga retreat or in your bedroom. However, with the right attitude it can be as equally benign as the Saturday matinee and as soon forgotten. It's true the Moon is in courageous and impulsive Aries, but like we talked about yesterday, this Moon phase is more about the team than the individual players. However, that's a lesson that needs to be learned through experience and today…life will give us lots of opportunities to experience the lesson.

The action starts early as the Moon squares off with Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. On the irritation scale, it scores a fair to middling. You get 10 points and get to keep your peace of mind if you don't take things personally. Think about a dog fight – have you ever noticed how it attracts some breeds while others stand around watching wondering what all the fuss is about? Be the observer and don't pile on.

The temptation to feel unappreciated, abused or victimized is strongest around mid-afternoon when Mars the planet of action and personal motivation opposes Pluto the planet of transformation. This is followed in early evening by a jarring square between the Sun and Saturn and a lunar square with thinking Mercury. Our patience may be sorely tested. Choose your battles wisely. Have your spiritual tool box handy. Before you throw that knock-out punch, stop and take a breath and ask yourself, 'what is really bothering me here?' If you have the presence of mind ask for help from your higher self, you will surely be answered if you request 'please help me see this differently'.

And remember, the 'winner' is always the one who walks away with peace of mind.

Daily Muse: The test of courage comes when we are in the minority; the test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority. (Ralph W. Sockman)


Moon enters Taurus 9:43 pm (PDT)

The tension generated yesterday may have seemed to evaporate. (I sincerely hope this is true!) The Moon's final square with Mercury last night ushers in a reprieve with a void-of-course moon that lasts throughout the day until late evening when the Moon enters Taurus. A sweet connection between Venus and Jupiter at the beginning of the day can help mend fences and get relationships back on the affection track. Today might also be good for reflecting on yesterday's tension or on conflicts in general. With cooler heads and calmer hearts it might be easier to assess just what the heck we are thinking and feeling. We might want to think back about the Full Moon on Monday and consider the price we pay for living life on the ends of the continuum. How do we balance our personal needs for self-expression and ego gratification with constructive contributions to the greater good?

Daily Muse: There are no greater treasures than the highest human qualities such as compassion, courage and hope. Not even tragic accident or disaster can destroy such treasures of the heart. (Daisaku Ikeda)

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Out of Mo's Mind:
Using Nature Naturally

I'm a weather geek. I love weather and have been enthralled with it for most of my life.

Weather is a reflection of Nature, and the power of the Elements, as they meet and either work in harmony or clash with each other. Sometimes, one element dominates over the other in an overpowering fashion, causing calamities. Most of the time though, weather simply is what it is and doesn't attract much attention.

I pay attention to all of it because I work with weather. This may sound odd to you, and it is a bit odd, but for years I've been working with weather to help me with my life.

I mention this because I think you may want to give it a try and see if it works for you. I have a feeling it will.

Your part is easy. It simply takes a desire to experiment, observe and maintain a realistic view of how your life is affected, or not.

How does it work? I don't know for sure, but I have a theory. We're a part of nature. As this is the case, we aren't separate from anything or anybody and that includes weather. With this in mind, if we know what we want to achieve and the right atmospheric energy is behind us, we can make changes within ourselves, as well as in the outside world, as the weather changes.

To some of you this may sound like the addled ramblings of an old fool. (I'm so sure!) As I said earlier, give it a try and you'll get a nice surprise.

How do you use it? I'm glad you asked.

Here's an example of how to tap into an energy. Let's say you've got a lot on your mind and you notice that according to your local forecast, a storm is coming. During the build up of the storm, allow your mind to be filled with those things that are bothering you. Don't try to push them away. Let the tension build, as tension builds in nature before a storm. Think about how things need to change and how you would change them if you could.

As the storm approaches, you'll feel an increasing restlessness. Just let it be. Finally, the storm will hit.

When it does, feel it. Hear it. Smell it. See and even taste it. Use your imagination to hop on it piggy-back style, and let it take you on a wild ride. In your mind's eye, see yourself in dark clouds, rising to dizzying heights and then dropping as rain, or even hail. Be the howling wind. Feel lightning crackling around you, from you, as you survey the landscape below. See yourself safe indoors (Never take chances with deadly weather, ever!) and send energy directly into yourself. You'll feel it.

Storms move across the earth at remarkable rates of speed, so let it leave you, and then feel the calm afterwards.

Is it real? Yes!

We not only feel these energies but interact with them as well.

When I first experimented with this technique, I was convinced it was a placebo effect. I no longer hold that belief. I now know there's an actual connection between Atmospheric Nature and us.

Here's another example. If you see that the sun is going to beat down all day and it's going to be a scorcher, use that energy to your benefit. Heat can be used to slowly but persistently clear us of unhealthy and unwanted thoughts and emotions. It's almost as if it's sweating trouble out of us but, once again, you don't have to be in the weather itself for it to work. Stay cool and let the energy expended outside do the work for you.

Weather has the ability to change things in our lives. Understanding how pressure systems work will help in visualizing how this can be used. Most sunny days, without clouds, are caused by high pressure systems. These systems move energy in a clockwise, outward direction in the northern hemisphere, so use this energy to expand or push outward into the world.

During a low pressure system, the energies move counterclockwise and are drawn inward. Use this time to draw situations, people, jobs or ideas to come to you. It's also perfect for inner work.

Lightning can bring inspiration, especially if you're looking for new ideas. The electricity discharged in the atmosphere may not inspire immediately, but it'll bring great clarity in the hours or days after its visit. I've found powerful electrical storms to be some of the most fertile and creative energies there are. I simply experience them and let the ideas flow later, and they always do.

Rain delivers a different sort of inspiration, one that calms our emotions and makes us feel either better or worse, depending on our mood and what we're looking for. (Some folks love to let the rain fill them with the blues. Who am I to say they're wrong?) If you know that a period of rain is coming, prepare for it and let it wash away negativity, clearing the mind and heart.

Of course, there's a lot more to all of this, but this seems like a good start. I've never shared this publicly, and I hope you'll give it a try and see what happens. I assure you; you'll be amazed.

Now, if only the newscasters who present weather forecasts weren't so strange.

Have a wonderful, peaceful and weather watching week.

CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT: My first class of 2013 is beginning next Wednesday, July 24th at 4 PM, Pacific. It's called, "Developing Inner Vision for a better command of life." This will be session one of three. As with all my classes, it'll be recorded so you don't have to be present to attend. If you register, you'll be sent an mp3. Here's the link to more information and details. Click here for Mo's Class

Program Note: Out of Mo's Mind, Wednesday, July 24 at 9 AM, PDT. You'd think I'd have enough to do on Wednesday already, what with a class starting. But no, I'm taking it all on because I like sharing and I do like to keep busy. If I don't stay busy, I get into trouble. It's just that simple. Luckily, at my age, trouble is relative and usually equates to my pulling out the old concertina or penny whistle and making a lot of noise that I pass off as music. When I'm really in a rut, the didjiridu finds its way to my lips and I drift into a marvelous realm of serenity. I, however, am the only one who finds serenity through my playing. LIVE!

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower
The Psychic Update

The Energetic Dynamics
of Relationships

Wow, what a week! No less than 4 of my clients and two close friends announced in the past week or so that they are getting a divorce. In every case it is a good thing, relationships that have fizzled out over time and thanks to Mercury's tremendous power of introspection they were able to admit that things just don't fit anymore. This avalanche of change is amazing and freeing and gets me thinking about the energetic dynamics of relationships.

When someone asks me if a relationship is going to work the first thing I look for is an energetic match between the two people. This match occurs in the Heart Chakra and essentially means that the two energy bodies vibrate at the same rate. When you are an energetic match with someone you feel a sense of familiarity when you meet them. For example, when you meet someone for the first time but feel as though you have met before, this is an indication of an energetic match. This familiarity turns into attraction, reminding you over and over that your energy bodies vibrate at the same rate. It is a magnetic feeling, drawing you closer and closer to the other person.

Our energetic vibration is not fixed. As we learn and grow so does our vibration. Sometimes two people who started out as a match in the beginning of their relationship will grow in different directions. Over time their vibration will grow further and further apart. This can cause an end to the relationship or it can cause a crisis in the relationship where the two people choose to come back together. This can occur over and over again. Vibration is not the only factor in the success of a relationship, but it is an indicator of the health of a relationship.

When you are an energetic match with your partner you work together as a team, your energy blending together into one united front. The farther apart your vibrations become the more you will fight against one another. If your relationship is struggling, reach out from your heart to your partner's heart and see what you feel. Does the energy flow together, or does it push back like magnets pointed the wrong way? You can repair energetic discord and return to a match with some work and intention.

Physical closeness is key to maintaining an energetic match. Daily physical contact is very important. Remember to hug and kiss and hold hands. This causes entrainment (or alignment) in the Heart Chakra.

Be intentionally supportive of the other person's choices and opinions. Pay attention to patterns of behavior in yourself. Do you tend to disagree most of the time with your partner? Has this become a habit that you perpetuate without thinking? Consciously choose your responses, aligning yourself with them.
Choose a project, cause, or job to do together. Be intentional about uniting as one to complete something together. As you work side by side your energy will begin to match up, repairing the discord.

Spend time with couples who have healthy energetic matches. When it comes to energy, "like attracts like." Give yourself good examples of how you want your relationship to be.

Remember that in some cases the discord cannot be repaired and it is better for both of you to move on. This is a healthy move for both people and creates a sense of freedom and relief. It is OK to feel good about leaving a relationship that is no longer an energetic match for you.

As Mercury turns direct I hope your time of introspection was fruitful and now you are ready to act upon your new found sense of yourself! Oh we are complicated and wonderful animals!


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Carolyn F
by Carolyn Ferris
Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art. She has created art for many clients such as Timothy Leary, Santana, The Fillmore, and Moonalice.
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Moon Goddess
Carolyn's Art Picture
Remember your perfect core. Peace and beauty surrounds you. Your center is easily accessed. The Goddess is with you! Make a wish, and shoot for the moon.

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