June 3, 2013

Mark's Power Peek
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CA Brooks
C.A. Brooks
june 3 - JUNE 9

Emotional Intelligence is a term known to many social researchers and probably to a good many other people as well. As an astrologer, my first thought of course goes right to the Moon – the seat of how we show and demonstrate our feelings and emotions. Emotional intelligence? This must apply to people with a Moon in one of the cognitive air signs – Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Or maybe it's the other way around – Mercury the planet of thinking is placed in one of the emotional water signs like Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Or perhaps it's a Moon naturally placed in a water sign. Those people are bound to have natural Emotional Intelligence! Or maybe, like usual, I'm over-thinking the idea. (Who can blame me, my moon is in airy Aquarius!)

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, interpret and manage emotions appropriately. (Therein lays a conundrum, just what exactly is appropriate?) There are actually tests, similar to IQ tests that evaluate how well a person measures up when it comes to understanding, using and managing emotions. As individuals we may not care very much about that score, but in everyday life we probably care a lot. After all, having someone 'get you' is what many of us long for. Compassion, kindness, understanding, empathy, forgiveness are valuable qualities we usually aspire to both give and receive. One of the supporting pillars of quality of life is very much about our ability to connect in heart-felt ways with others.

Well here is the good news. As we move towards summer (winter down under) we move ever closer to the season of the Moon – sensitive, emotional Cancer. Last week both Mercury and Venus were the first to enter the sign authors Bloch and George describe as 'the need to give and receive emotional warmth and security.' Soon they will be joined by the Sun (June 20th) and Jupiter (June 25th) and Mercury will retrograde in Cancer (June 26th – July 20th) therefore extending its usual stay in Cancer for much longer than usual.

The planets in Cancer will receive a warm reception from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and good old Saturn in Scorpio. This week we'll have a quickly moving, but important, alignment of planets in all three water signs – a Grand Trine. It's a foretaste of an even more potent Grand Trine in water in mid-July when Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all align. Talk about Emotional Intelligence!

This week the water alignment includes thinking Mercury, love goddess Venus, structured Saturn and transcendent Neptune. It's a quick one, but worth paying attention to and soaking up some of the potentially 'intelligent' and insightful emotional energy.

This coming Saturday there is a New Moon in bright, curious and sociable Gemini. Maybe this is one of the reasons Emotional Intelligence seems to be in the consciousness this week. Seems to me, paying attention to the Lunar cycle and following the Moon as it moves sequentially through the signs of Fire (spirit and inspiration), Earth (physical, grounded), Air (mind, mental) and Water (heart and emotions) goes a long way toward uping our score on the E.I. meter! Bravo to you for reading the Power Peek and being spiritual seekers.


Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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Moon Void of Course 11:09 pm (PDT) – 8:53 am Tuesday morning

The week starts off with a Moon in Aries, but this may not be the courageous and fiery spirit we are use to. This Moon is in the second half of the lunar cycle when the light is decreasing and waning each day. The Warrior spirit of Aries is focused not on battle, but more on self-preservation, and healing wounds received in previous confrontations. Yes, we might be feeling a little cranky today, so don't go poking around; you are likely to find someone's hot button.

Fortunately, thinking Mercury offers a bit of help and sage advice as it makes productive and easy alliances with Neptune in compassionate Pisces and with disciplined Saturn in regenerative Scorpio forming a grand trine in the emotional and sensitive water signs. One of its lessons is to 'let the healing begin' or continue as may be appropriate to you. Look at your situation; is it time to move on? It also may be time to change your perception about something or someone. Can you see it through a different lens or context and allow yourself to trust the higher good and process? This can be a soft energy that allows for gentle conversations and discussion of our heart-felt dreams. The discipline of Saturn is valuable for its ability to point out the most efficient path toward healing, forgiveness and making our dreams come true.

Daily Muse: I don't want to be thought of as a survivor because you have to continue getting involved in difficult situations to show off that particular gift; and I'm not interested in doing that any more. (Carrie Fisher)


Moon enters Taurus 8:53 am (PDT)

It's pretty smooth sailing today as the Moon ambles into peace-loving Taurus. The lunar aspects are gentle too with the Moon hooking up with artistic Venus and imaginative Neptune. A lunar opposition to regimented Saturn this evening could be a bit shocking like a bucket of cold water in the face. Although not an escapist by nature, Taurus likes to keep things simple and resists the deeper introspection Saturn in Scorpio is craving. It's a fast moving aspect but certainly a reminder that we live in a world of action and reaction, and our thoughts and behaviors are not without related consequences. This Taurus Moon has a greater appreciation than most of the importance of examining the 'price tags' for our desires and indulgences.

Daily Muse: There is no end of craving. Hence contentment alone is the best way to happiness. Therefore, acquire contentment. (Sivananda)

Today on 12Radio let's get magical as I join Radleigh Valentine on Magical Things at 10 am Pacific – 1 Eastern. Then we are ascending to the heights on Simpletales when author Anita Ahuja joins me for a look at the messages from the Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings for June. It's definitely a day of transformation on 12Radio. Please join us!


Moon Void of Course 6:25 am (PDT) – 8:32 pm Thursday evening

Oliver Guttorm Svendsen hosts a selection of serene and beautiful music on 12Radio.com called 'Heart Lounge'. Today it's Heart Lounge at the cosmic dance aaaaaaalllllll day with a Moon in placid Taurus moving void of course after a demanding but transitory brush with Pluto in early morning. A void of course Moon by definition is drifting in the sky without making any connections with planets. This is a particularly long excursion as it won't come out of its reverie until tomorrow evening when it enters Gemini. This is a time for slowing down and enjoying simple pleasures. (Although I can hear energetic Mars in Gemini jumping up and down in frustration). Sssshhhh. This is a good day for meditation, massage, leisurely lunches, afternoon naps, creativity, artistic pursuits, and watching the basil in your windowsill garden grow.

Daily Muse: I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex. (Oscar Wilde)


Moon enters Gemini 8:32 pm (PDT)

The mood is quiet and leisurely again today, at least until the Moon sprints into Gemini – but that won't happen until late evening. One more day to take it easy. But don't worry, tomorrow and Saturday will make up for the seeming loss of productivity of the last couple of days. In addition to a void of course Moon, we are also in the last days of the lunar cycle, which tend to be a time of cleaning up and letting go. It's ok, you are encouraged to spend some time in introspection and just indulging yourself a little.

Daily Muse: If they try to rush me I always say, 'I've only got one other speed, and it's slower'. (Glenn Ford)


Neptune stations Retrograde 5 Pisces 1:26 am (PDT)

Who hit the fast forward button? Or, are we actually moving in reverse? With the changing energies it may be hard to tell. Today may seem like quite a shock after the gentle pace of the last few days. Last night the Moon shot into quick and clever Gemini where it meets up with energetic Mars first thing this morning. We are off like a shot! But that's just the beginning of the action today. Neptune the planet of dreams and illusions is ever so slowly moving into a 5-month retrograde pattern. It's important, especially to those with a heavy Pisces influence in their charts. But let's get real here – Neptune and Pisces are associated with water and the ocean – is there really ever a backward, forward or sideways direction to the ubiquitous element that pools innocently in low lying areas and yet carves canyons out of rock?

It's the love planet's turn to get both soft and fuzzy and on track at the same time as Venus aligns with both Neptune and Saturn. Hearts are empathetic and forgiving while making solid plans for the future.

Thinking Mercury in sensitive Cancer opposes forceful Pluto in grounded Capricorn. Both signs care about home and family, but have different methods and strategies. We can suffer through this uncomfortable challenge by choosing to hold fast to old traditions and thought systems or enjoy the possibilities of change by entertaining new ideas.

And forget about trying to 'muscle through' the day with sheer will power. Mars the planet of motivation and action loses focus with a square to dreamy Neptune and may feel a bit undermined by a cantankerous connection to authoritarian Saturn. Mars is already struggling with a short attention span in versatile Gemini, and these two aspects make it even harder to stay on track. We may have great intentions, but, better save the heavy lifting for another day. And besides, this is the last day of the lunar cycle. We are better off clearing some clutter, releasing the old, and preparing to move on. This is not the day for new beginnings, but it's great for laying some groundwork.

Daily Muse: Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


New Moon 18 Gemini 8:56 am (PDT)

The day is off to an energizing start with a New Moon in stimulating, sociable and clever Gemini. With the help of both Mars and Jupiter supporting the Moon and Sun in Gemini, there is no lack of information and bright ideas. Light-hearted Gemini loves connecting with others, exchanging information and discussing the possibilities. The real trouble, as always with the sign of the twins, is deciding which ideas are the most worthwhile. That feeling of being unfocused, scattered and distracted is obvious today and perhaps through this entire lunar cycle. But in some ways it's a 'good' distraction especially if we are able to embrace the excitement of new inspiration.

Mental flexibility is especially important as thinking Mercury squares off with eccentric Uranus. The way to make this a win-win situation is to be willing to open your mind to another's point of view and consciously choose to challenge your belief systems. This is much easier said than done…believe me. It takes effort but can be surprisingly rewarding. This is the inspiration behind the words 'what if?'

Daily Muse: What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream? (Woody Allen)


Moon Void of Course 1:29 am (PDT) – 9:16 am

The action-packed weekend is balanced with a slow and cuddly Sunday. The Moon heads for security and a bit of loving in its home sign of Cancer. If there ever was a call for sleeping in and a leisurely brunch this is certainly one. We want to be nurtured, cared for, and wrapped in the arms of love, home, and family. The emphasis on sensitive, emotional water energy continues tonight as the Moon connects with both dreamy Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in deep-feeling Scorpio.

Daily Muse: Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. (Mark Twain)

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Out of Mo's Mind: Hunting and Gathering in the 21st Century

"The early bird has worms."
-- Mo's Mom

We recently decided to do some shopping at an upscale food store. You know the type. You walk in, bundles of fresh-cut flowers delighting the nose and mounds of colorful, fresh, produce tempting the palate. A mixture of price points, these grocery stores attract a fascinating cross-section of society.

I like going to this store because I love watching people, especially when they're in primal mode. Since the beginning of our existence, one of the skills of our kind has been hunting and gathering. Our earliest ancestors did it and it's something that we still do, some of us competitively.

Grocery stores often give shoppers samples, presumably "germ proof," under a clear plastic dome. I'd rather eat a mitten, although that hasn't always been the case. I've suffered gastrointestinal consequences more than once, and on one occasion watched a woman not only double dip into salsa, but cringed as she rescued a sunken tortilla chip with her freshly-licked fingers. I believe I may have actually shrieked out in horror at that one.

If observing shoppers competitively hunting for free food doesn't convince you that civilization is slipping, then perhaps the rest of my story will. I maintain that there are good reasons for being civilized and polite. I think you'll agree with me in just a minute.

The store was its usual busy self. The holiday weekend was upon us and we decided to get a loaf of bread to go with dinner. As we approached the bakery section, we noticed that it was swarmed with at least two dozen grazers, all snatching fresh samples of hot bread from underneath a plastic dome. The thought of wading through enthusiasts of free food was daunting, so we decided to do the rest of our shopping and then come back.

We returned to discover that the herd had thinned out considerably, although there were still a few chewers working on the dregs.

I looked under the clear dome and saw a few pieces of bread left. Suddenly, a young boy ran up and grabbed all the slices that remained. He took them out, aligned them neatly and then began thumbing through them as if they were playing cards, putting them in order from smallest to largest.

I impulsively looked away and shuddered, turned back and saw that the young boy was no glutton. Except for the piece he was eating, he'd returned every slice to its place under the dome.

My wife then told me that the child's hands had been stuffed down his pants right before he'd removed the bread. Visualizing a waterfall of Purell, I thought it would be a good idea to alert the baker that the bread was no longer food, but an impending pandemic. (Yes, I do get a wee bit tense in such situations.)

I was staring at the bread, making sure it didn't begin creeping toward me, and made a move to say something when a man approached quickly and hovered over the dome of doom. This fellow was with his wife and they were both dressed quite smartly, looking every bit the successful hungers and gatherers that I'm sure they are, right down to his tasseled shoes with no socks.

Now, in a civilized society, we might have had a conversation that went something like this: (Feel free to imagine snooty accents if it pleases you.)

Mo: Pardon me, my dear chap. I pray you'll excuse my intrusion.

Mr. Tassels: Of course, my good man! How may I be of service?

Mo: Well, Old Boy, do you see yon urchin?

Mr. Tassels: Yes. Quite so--the ragamuffin with a finger shoved quite firmly up his nostril and his hand in his trousers?

Mo: What ho! Yes! He's the one!

Mr. Tassels: I say, is he your progeny?

Mo: Egad! I should say not! Harumph! Kaff Kaff! I thought it decent to apprise you of the fact that without the benefit of hygienically disinfected hands, said lad pawed the very bread that you and your good wife may be intent on sampling.

Mr. Tassels: (Becoming pale and grasping at a table to keep from falling over. Mrs. Tassels weakly moaning and in danger of fainting.) Alas! You've quite saved us! I can't thank you enough, my good man!

Mo: Think nothing of it, Old Boy, and please don't thank me; thank our civilization! Cheerio!

Mr. Tassels: Ta Ta!

Of course, that's not how it went. In fact, if he'd been a badger, I'd be getting rabies shots for the next few weeks.

The man was positive I wanted his free bread, so he stared me down, deliberately reached into the dome, grabbed up all the remaining slices, took a couple for himself and gave the rest to his wife.

Smugly, and with a look of arrogant triumph, the successful hunter/gatherers smiled at me and ate their bread.

What could I do? Being a civilized fellow, I watched them eat it and gave them an even bigger smile back.

Until next week, I wish you all happy hunting and joyous gathering.

Program Note: Out of Mo's Mind will be on at its usual time, as usual. In fact, it's a pretty reliable bet that the show will air on time and be just as fun for me to do as the shows I've done in the past. It's also a good bet that I don't have a topic yet but, as usual, I'll have something to discuss by the time Wednesday rolls around. Maybe I'll do it on the usual sort of thing, although there's an awful lot of good things to discuss when it comes to the unusual. In fact, I spend a lot of time discussing the unusual, usually. That's quite enough of that. Predictions for your week LIVE! 9 AM, Pacific Time, Wednesday on 12Radio.com. Join me!

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower
The Psychic Update

Messages from Archam ngel Michael

On Memorial Day my family and I took a drive through Yellowstone Park. On our way home we were driving down a mountain pass in the dark. It is a narrow, 2-lane highway with a long history of wildlife running out in traffic. We were going about 65 miles per hour with 3 cars hot on our tail, everyone ready to get home after the holiday.

I didn't see the deer until my partner screamed "Deer!" and the deer crossed the yellow line into our lane. I hit the brakes as hard as I could and the car shimmied and started to swerve. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that the car behind us was so close that I could no longer see their headlights. In that moment I made the choice to let off the brake, likely hitting the deer, to avoid being rear-ended and causing a high-speed 4 car pile-up

. At that moment the deer simply turned her head to the left, away from my car and I steered around her, missing her by inches. The entire episode took only a few seconds, but it felt like it all happened in slow motion. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that when I let up on my brakes the car behind us was able to slow down and swerve to the side of our car avoiding a collision. The deer jumped across the road between the cars, unharmed.

As I review this incident in my head I cannot come up with a rational explanation for why we did not hit the deer, roll the car, or get rear-ended. It was like time simply stopped allowing all of the players to move to safe places, and then everything started moving again and we all went on our way as though nothing had happened.

This is not the first time I have had this experience. Several years ago I was a passenger in a friend's SUV. We were driving along a lonely highway in Wyoming very late at night, when 2 semi-trucks came upon us, driving side-by-side, taking up both lanes of traffic. They were coming at us fast and neither made any attempt to swerve to avoid a head-on collision. On either side of the road there were 10 foot tall metal poles about every 10 feet, making swerving onto the shoulder nearly impossible.

As the semi's approached us my friend maneuvered the car as far to the right as possible, but I could see that we were either going to hit one of the poles or the semi in our lane, there simply was not enough room for all 3 vehicles between those metal poles. As the trucks came up on us I felt time slow down and the road widen. The semi's passed by us silently, almost as though they were apparitions. I watched those trucks in the rearview mirror, and they continued down the road, side-by-side, until they disappeared into the night.

Whenever I get into a vehicle I call on Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to keep me safe as I travel. I have no doubt that they are real, and with me, protecting me wherever I go.

I would love to hear stories of Angelic Intervention! Please post them to my Facebook page here!

So grateful to be here to share my stories with you!

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Carolyn F
by Carolyn Ferris
Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art. She has created art for many clients such as Timothy Leary, Santana, The Fillmore, and Moonalice.
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You Are Here Spumoni Mountain
Carolyn's Art Picture
You are here; you have arrived. Your group awaits you. Although it is a place that is new and unknown, you have arrived. Enjoy, relax, and share.

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