May 6, 2013

Mark's Power Peek
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CA Brooks
by C.A. Brooks

The Week Ahead

MAY 6- May 12

There is a significant earthy Taurus feel this week with the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus and South Node of the Moon transiting through this sensual yet industrious sign. Venus will scoot out of Taurus and into Gemini Thursday morning and Gemini's ruling planet Mercury has a lot to say this week, so we will definitely be under their influence as well. Nevertheless, Taurus will rule the energy of most days especially as we build to a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Thursday evening (5:28 pm PDT).

This is the second eclipse in a set of three. (The Last Full Moon on April 25th was a Lunar Eclipse, and the next Full Moon on May 24th is also a Lunar Eclipse.) During this New Moon the Sun and Moon share the same astrological space – 19 Taurus and the Moon will orbit between the Sun and Earth. During this time at least in part, the Moon temporarily blocks the light of the Sun from reaching earth. Many believe this temporary time of 'darkness' is equivalent to a reconfiguration, a rebooting of our psychic, spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical systems.

As harbingers of unexpected change, Solar Eclipses are associated with new beginnings. This one in Taurus is a call to return to your roots, literally. Taurus is the sign associated with nature, plants, vegetation, gardens, trees, woods and the nature and earth spirits. One thinks of the legends and stories of the wild and undomesticated Green Man and the elves, fairies and other spirits of natural places.

New Moons in Taurus also connect us to some of the oldest and simpler systems of spirituality like Animism. This spirituality, still actively practiced in some places, like for example the island of Bali, acts on the belief that spiritual essence is in everything around us including animals, plants and even inanimate objects. There is a sense of connection that is not so much talked about but 'felt'. Taurus understands the world through its physical senses preferring to touch and feel its way verses analyzing and categorizing.

However, there always seems to be a 'but' doesn't there? This New Moon is also influenced strongly by thinking Mercury and the South Node of the Moon sitting relatively close by. The South Node represents ingrained behavior and often times the past. It can be the defenses and coping mechanisms we use especially when scared or threatened. Even though this is a time of new beginnings, those beginnings are strongly rooted in releasing the past and becoming more conscious of typically unconscious behaviors and patterns. Eclipses recur in 19 year cycles. The last New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19 Taurus was on May 10, 1994. Looking back to this time period could prove very enlightening.

This week be sure to honor the spirit of nature and if possible spend a few minutes outdoors during the eclipse. Allow your mind to go quiet and listen through your body for messages and guidance. Who knows? You just might get a glimpse of a fairy or something equally magical.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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May 6

The Moon is in energetic and assertive Aries today, but this Moon, toward the end of the lunar cycle is wiser and less impulsive than his earlier counterparts. The mood is still headstrong and fearless, but we are more likely to follow the sage advice of 'pick your battles'. The need to carefully assess our position and resources is underscored by a challenging connection between Venus the planet of values and Pluto the transformer. Why spend your energy or money on something that doesn't really matter to you?

Thinking Mercury may still be smarting from a tough challenge from Saturn last night but he will find a strong ally this evening in a strengthening connection to Pluto. Saturn challenged us to look at our thoughts and beliefs to see how easily we project or transfer onto other people or situations what we are unaware of in our own minds. Pluto can help clear away the debris of 'fallen soldiers of thought' and build on new foundations. On a practical level, frustration, irritation and maybe even angry words gives way to balanced and more insightful conversation. The Mercury Pluto connection can help us move to a more solid and psychologically healthy way of looking at life and the world.

Daily Muse: What makes life simple is understanding how everything is connected. What makes life complicated is…misperceiving life as separateness. (Dr. Daniel R. Condron)

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Moon Void of Course 5:40 am (PDT) – 3:09 am Wednesday morning

Today's energy is very similar to yesterday with the lingering effects of Mercury's connections over the last several days. This might be especially true as the communication planet is in the solid and persevering sign of Taurus. This determined earth sign can be slow to come to a change of mind although Mercury has certainly dealt with a number of game changers lately.

There's more interaction in the forecast as Mercury meets up with Mars the planet of action this evening. This could energize a conversation or two! Although Taurus is not ever considered a fast moving sign, the combination of swift-thinking Mercury and fast-acting Mars could defy the odds. If nothing else, our thinking and communications are likely to be tenacious!

Daily Muse: The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure , the process is its own reward. (Amelia Earhart)

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Moon enters Taurus 3:09 am (PDT)

Overnight the Moon heads ever closer to the end of its cycle and to its designated appointment with the Sun as it moves into earthy Taurus. This makes 6 astrological points in the steadfast second sign of the zodiac (Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus, Mars and South Node of the Moon). Can you say patience? How about artistic, persevering and sensuous? Taurus is all these things. The ending of this lunar cycle is more notable than most in that the Full Moon two weeks ago was also a Lunar Eclipse – the sign of significant endings and completions. With that clutter clearing kick-start we probably have been feeling the urgency of wrapping things up and bringing some situations to a close.

The preponderance of Taurus energy today can help us keep our balance and find our sense of equilibrium especially if we honor Venus-Taurus style activities. This includes spending some time outdoors in nature and balancing work with play. This very physical sign appreciates good food and making our bodies feel comfortable. You might want to spend some time in contemplation, maybe taking a personal inventory to determine areas you would like to change or heal. Translating Venusian artistry into form – writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, singing, and appreciating the arts in all their forms are also to be encouraged today. This flight into the sublime and fanciful is made easier by a sweet lunar connection to Neptune, the planet of imagination.

Whatever your passion – sex, caffeine, exercise, reading, daydreaming or chocolate - you have permission to indulge! I feel pretty comfortable saying this knowing Saturn the planet of limits will be opposing the Moon in early evening. It's not likely we will go too far out of bounds. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Daily Muse: Make a list of important things to do today. At the top of your list, put "eat chocolate." Now, you'll get at least one thing done today. (Gina Hayes)


Venus enters Gemini 8:03 am (PDT)
New Moon Solar Eclipse 19 Taurus 5:28 pm (PDT)
Moon Void of Course 5:28 pm (PDT) – 2:21 pm Friday afternoon

Venus the planet of love skips into versatile and curious Gemini this morning. Our desires turn less sensual and more cognitive as we yearn for stimulation, novelty and connection. It's not that this girl is fickle; she's just keeping her options open! Fortunately we bounce back easily from romantic mishaps and disappointments when Venus moves through mutable Gemini. Communication is her game and the more the better. This month we might notice an increase in telephone calls, letters, texts, e-mails, face-book posts and all forms of self-expression and ways of staying connected. Venus in Gemini is one of the best networkers in the zodiac.

Watch for those connections and communications to veer off towards the imaginative mid-day as Mercury makes a magical connection to dreamy and psychic Neptune. Early this evening, the Moon joins the Sun for the beginning of the new lunar cycle and a Solar Eclipse. This one is in Taurus the sign of nature, tree spirits, the Green Man and his kin the fairies, pixies, devas and all nature and earth spirits. There is simplicity to this New Moon that encourages us to get back to our roots and back to nature. We find ourselves in our connections to all that surrounds us.

Daily Muse: Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself? (Henry David Thoreau)

MAY 10

Moon enters Gemini 2:21 pm (PDT)

Despite a cosmic backdrop of very sedate Taurus energy in the morning, the mood this afternoon turns playful and maybe even a bit mischievous. The Moon enters light-hearted and curious Gemini where it joins Venus for a romp. Especially compared to slow-moving Taurus this energy is rambunctious and hyperactive. We are probably highly distractible so plan accordingly. Don't schedule any heavy-weight conversations or activities if you can avoid it. This evening is better suited to the thrills of an amusement park, an outdoor concert, or a walk down the block for ice cream. Keep it light and keep it moving.

Daily Muse: The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reasons for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity. (Albert Einstein)

MAY 11

The mood is chatty and flexible today with the Moon in Gemini. Gemini's ruling planet Mercury is also in the limelight as it snuggles up close to the Sun. This connection allows us to confidently express ourselves as our personal individual light flows fluidly through the messenger planet. This is the embodiment of 'I am what I think'. We are likely to come off convincingly and self-confident in our communications even if our emotions don't quite match the level of our assertiveness.

One of the down sides to this connection, is despite the fireworks of ego and intellect melding, we may actually lack objectivity especially when it comes to ourselves. We might talk emphatically or even dogmatically yet be naively unaware of our blind spots. If you see people eyeing you suspiciously, you might make an extra effort to really hear what you are espousing.

Daily Muse: If you let yourself be blown to and fro, you lose touch with your root. To be restless is to lose ones' self-mastery. (Wayne Dyer interpreting the Tao Te Ching)

MAY 12

Moon Void of Course 6:32 am (PDT) – 2:57 am Monday morning

The Moon is still in chatty Gemini but nevertheless it's a rather quiet day at the cosmic dance. There is a boost of optimistic feel good energy early morning as the Moon meets up with Jupiter but otherwise, there is not much to report. The Moon is also void of Course from early morning till well after midnight so it should be a relaxing day with little or no urgency and hurry. There should be plenty of time to focus on the here and now. No hurries no worries. Of course you could create some drama but why?

Daily Muse: Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. (Greg Anderson)

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Out of Mo's Mind:

Cloudy Thoughts

I've always loved clouds.

It was my love of clouds that led me to study weather. For a while, I was involved in the science of meteorology, banging my head against the physics. Then one day it came to me; weather is about nature and nature is about movement, harmony and consistency, just like astrology or Tarot. After that realization, it all made sense.

Nothing happens in Nature that's unreasonable, out of place or unexpected. We may be taken by surprise, but Nature knows exactly what it's doing. By extension, everything that happens in the realm of clouds is exactly what must happen. Nothing more, nothing less. Even though I do know why clouds do what they do, I dwell on their beauty and not their science.

Watching clouds has always helped me to relax. I can look at a cloud, watch it for a while and feel my tensions drifting away. I was watching some clouds yesterday and as they passed by, changing shapes and moving from one form to another, I felt myself floating with those clouds. It's not unlike a good meditation.

There's even a form of divination that uses clouds. It's called Nephelomancy. It deals with color and shape, patterns and strata. In some forms, the diviner gazes into the clouds and sees images projected on them, not unlike crystal gazing.

I'll leave the science and divination of clouds to others and spend my time playing and interacting with them.

Yes, we can interact with clouds. If you've never tried it, get ready to be astounded. Look at a cloud and Will it to grow, shrink, twist or dissipate. The first time it follows your lead, you may be tempted to create a thousand explanations as to why it happened. As an old mentor of mine once said, "Experience now. Question later." Or you may prefer my take on it. I say, experience now. Why question?

Decades ago, a friend and I were on a mountain top after a hike to the summit of a peak. It was a beautiful day and the sky was filled with hundreds of white, cottony clouds, each one a unit unto itself. After a while, we noticed that there were two separate groups of these clouds. One squadron was moving in our direction, the other heading directly toward the first. They looked like puffy tanks rushing to wage battle over our heads.

My friend and I were the tallest objects on that peak and we got a little nervous. However, as youthful stupidity is much stronger than common sense, we stayed put, excited to see what the outcome would be.

We were mesmerized by the drama overhead and held our breath as the clouds collided. Our apprehension turned to delight as, instead of battling, the clouds united, swirled, climbed high into the sky, blossomed and formed mighty castles, celebrating their union. Then the thunder began. A life-lesson learned, we scurried down the mountain, because even at our young age, we knew that Nature doesn't have favorites.

The power of Nature is both awe inspiring and terrifying. I've stood hypnotized as tornadoes formed writhing fingers of destruction, winding along the earth, scarring it with a ruthlessness both terrible and yet profound. I've watched as a dust devil gently played in a parking lot, toying with empty plastic bags and tousling the hair of amazed onlookers. I've seen lightning attack a massive Oak, cleaving it in two as if it were a sapling.

Watching Nature is connecting to it, as both the observer and the observed. We are it and it is us.

If you want to watch clouds, there's a gizmo you can make that's easy to use and keeps you from hurting your neck. It's nothing more than a picture frame with black paper inserted behind the glass where a picture would usually go. All you have to do is hold it like a tray, with the glass up, and watch the show above. Even easier, you probably have a cloud watcher in your pocket or purse. A cell phone, pad, pod or any screen that's black when turned off and has a shiny surface will work. I tried it with my phone and it works great, although it does bring some strange looks as people walk by.

We're surrounded by stress, but I'll share a stress relieving trick with you, one that I think you'll grow to love. Sit back and pick a cloud, or bank of clouds, and watch them. You may see Abraham Lincoln, a flying unicorn, a polar bear, a Matador wearing a ball gown, or any other number of images. Don't make that the goal. Just observe and let the pictures come and go. Next, think about the things that are stressing you out in the moment. Once you've done that, watch the clouds, and as you do so, you'll notice that the things that are eating at you begin to drift away, dissipate and change, just as the clouds drift away, dissipate and change.

I guarantee that after 20 minutes of gazing at clouds, the world will seem different to you. It always makes me smile. Okay, I actually grin.

Of course, the science of clouds is fascinating but the beauty of it is even better. When I was five, I asked my mother why clouds are so white and the sky so blue. I was expecting a "Mr. Wizard," explanation, but instead Mom answered, "Because God loves us."

Who am I to argue with that?

Until next week, I wish you peace and love.

Program Note: Out of Mo's Mind - First of all, in case no one said this to you, May the Fourth be with you! There you go. May the Fourth has been designated as Star Wars day. I know it's probably over as you read this, but I didn't want you to be left out. I won't be discussing Star Wars on Wednesday's show, but when has that ever stopped me from bringing something up? Also, happy Cinco de Mayo! Once again, I won't discuss this holiday because it'll be over. Either one would have been a fun topic. So, until then, "Que la Fuerza te acompañe." Tune in on 12radio at 9 AM Wednesday, live!

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower
The Psychic Update
Root Chakra

Did you know that you have an energetic umbilical cord directly connected to Mother Earth? Well, you do! I am an Aura Reader. I spend a lot of my time reading people's energy bodies. I have witnessed some really interesting things happening with our Earth Connections (Root Chakras) lately. Have you been experiencing fatigue, lower body pain, anxiety, a feeling of disconnectedness and instability? Well, you are probably experiencing a Root Chakra shift that has been common in most people in the last few months.

Likely your Root Chakra is shifted off to your left, kinking your Earth Connection, reducing the amount of energy you are drawing from the Earth. This contributes to all of the symptoms I listed previously. This shift started occurring in November and is still a problem for many people. The cause is an interesting one. Beginning in November we began to ascend into the 5th dimension. Our energy bodies are infinitely wise and caught right up to the change in vibration. Our physical bodies are denser and therefore slower to adjust. This has caused us to experience a Root Chakra shift as our physical bodies catch up to our energy bodies.

So, what do we do about this Root Chakra shift? There are several options. One is to wait it out, your physical body will eventually adjust to the shift and symptoms will ease up. Another is to seek out and energy healer like me for a Chakra Balancing and re-alignment. You can also work on this issue yourself. Here is an example of a meditation you can do to re-align your Root Chakra, working with the Earth goddess Gaia.
"Visualize Gaia's solid, grounding energy below you, red swirling energy in the center of the Earth.

Reach out to Gaia, sending energy down from your root chakra into the earth. Feel her connect to your root chakra, anchoring your life force energy to her.

Feel the life force energy of the Earth course through you, energizing and balancing you. Feel yourself connected to a network of energy coursing through the earth, joining all living things in a web of life."

You will notice after this visualization that you will feel balanced and connected and your Root Chakra shift symptoms will clear up. Our energy bodies are so fascinating!

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Carolyn F
by Carolyn Ferris
Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art. She has created art for many clients such as Timothy Leary, Santana, The Fillmore, and Moonalice.
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Moon Lounge
Carolyn's Art Picture
This woman is taking her self with her Medusa like hair which has turned from snakes to mushrooms, and her music along with some thoughts of her man (skirt metaphor) to get away for a while. Think about taking a trip somewhere far enough away to give your mind, soul, and body time to relax. If you can't fly as far as the moon, try looking over a precipice and counting everything in your world for which you are grateful.

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