April 22

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CA Brooks
by C.A. Brooks

The Week Ahead
Happy Birthday Taurus

April 22 - April 28

Last week when we were touting the virtues of three planets, Sun, Venus and Mars moving into the stable and comfortable sign of Taurus, I sort of left something out. Not that it needed to be said, at least not until this week. I wanted us to have a breather and the opportunity to relax and say 'aaaahhhhh, at least for a few days.

But here goes. Remember the task master Saturn? He's over in sensitive, mysterious and passionate Scorpio. Taurus just happens to be 180 degrees – halfway around the zodiac – from Scorpio. As planets transit through Taurus they will come into a formidable opposition with Saturn. That's what happens this week for both Venus the planet of love, and for the Sun which astrologically represents our ego or sense of self. (Mars takes his turn the following week.) Just when we were settling in and trying to get cozy!

This isn't anything to send us screaming into the night but it's something to make us pause to re-evaluate a few things. Saturn is the planet of manifestation. It's the planet of responsibility that structures our lives. He is the CEO, the company president, the banker, the father and every authority figure. Its presence usually means hard work and if nothing else an 'audit' of how we are handling certain aspects of our lives.

Saturn is also an instrumental player in another cosmic event this week. He is sitting right next door to the Moon on Thursday when the Moon at 5 Scorpio directly opposes the Sun at 5 Taurus. This Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse since the earth will position itself between the Moon and Sun. The Sun will have its allies too – Mars and Venus on either side. Mars adds punch and motivation; Venus keeps us focused on what we love and value. Generally speaking, Lunar Eclipses are considered to be important harbingers of impending changes and specifically endings and conclusions.

If we look at the energy of Taurus and Scorpio, this is to be expected. In simple terms Taurus is about acquiring and holding and Scorpio is about releasing. Both have strong investments in money, love and relationships. But unlike forced endings, this eclipse is likely to highlight choices leading to necessary conclusions. Possibly it's the end of a project or an anticipated completion of a process or even a relationship. Yes, it could be sad, but it's also liberating. That's Saturn's influence and Scorpio's – the ability to cut something loose, release, and emancipate. It's important to not rush into an arbitrary decision to end something prematurely, but if your heart tells you the time is right, you will find a sense of freedom, even divine timing that will lead to new beginnings.

More food for thought – this Lunar Eclipse is the first of three Eclipses occurring over the next month. The New Moon on May 9th is a Solar Eclipse followed by another Lunar Eclipse on May 24th. It's a month of important changes and transformations. Hold onto you hats! And let's take it all – one day at a time.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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All Day Void of Course Moon

Monday starts off on a challenging note as sweet Venus moves into an opposition with stern Saturn. This day gives new meaning to the phrase 'wake up and smell the coffee'. The planet of love and values comes face to face with the planet of restrictions, limits and accountability. Saturn can feel like an auditor, but the results can be clarity of purpose and intention. Do we have Starbucks tastes but we are on a McDonald's budget? Are we feeling unhappy and unappreciated in our personal relationships? Maybe we are feeling undervalued and underpaid for our work. We can avoid the uncomfortable but we can't really hide. Today is for facing facts and our fears straight on.

Of course it's not all bad. This kind of energy can reveal hidden agendas and bring things to light. As we look with more clarity, we can then make smart decisions that include a full range of options – stay the course, make some adjustments or abandon ship. We can make constructive changes to alter our course. Saturn is our friend if we take his hand, drop our defenses and look at our lives with neutrality.

Daily Muse: Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it.
(Sai Baba)


Moon enters Libra 12:25 am (PDT)

We are moving past the intensity of the confrontation between Venus and Saturn but we may find lingering effects. Fortunately the Moon in cooperative Libra is focused on love and is determined to turn away from conflict and discord today. However, it's going to take more than an affirmation or two. Only a genuine and heartfelt decision to choose the hand of love over the grip of fear will set our feet on a path of peace and happiness.

This evening several cosmic interactions will bring this choice between fear and love more clearly into focus. The Moon opposes eccentric Uranus and squares renovating Pluto. Both aspects can challenge our peace of mind as emotions run hot and cold and potentially hidden fears surface. On the supportive side, thinking Mercury makes a very positive and helpful connection to extroverted Jupiter. Ideas and solutions may seem to magically appear for those with open minds and willing hearts.

Daily Muse: I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk. (Tony Robbins)

Today on Simpletales Astrologer Tracie Kleiner joins me for an in-depth and insightful look at the set of three Eclipses that kick off this week with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on Thursday. Please join us at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern on 12Radio.com


Moon Void of Course 5:12 am (PDT) – 3:25 am Thursday morning

Venus connects with a powerful outer planet again today – this time it's Pluto and this time it's good news! This rendezvous is far from shallow or a superficial play date. In fact it could make for an incredibly special kind of day. As the planet of love and values finds agreement with the planet of transformation, new levels of healing, and forgiveness unfold. We may feel an unusual and profound alignment with another person or within our own being.

I don't want to set up you up for disappointment but I'd still encourage you to have great expectations. Even if it's just reaching an understanding with the customer service rep who agrees to waive the penalty on your late payment. That would be pretty special, right?

We are also treated to the gentle energy of the Sun connecting with dreamy Neptune in compassionate Pisces. This spiritual energy is also creative and rich with imagination.

Daily Muse: I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world. (Mother Teresa)


Moon enters Scorpio 3:25 am (PDT)
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5 Scorpio 12:57 pm (PDT)

In early morning the Moon leaves Libra and dives to the depths of the psyche as it enters the mysterious sign of Scorpio. In a very real way, the mysteries and spirit are calling to us. We yearn for deeper understanding and more meaningful connections – those that can only be found in inner sanctuaries away from the daily distractions of our lives. If I'm sounding intense it must be the influence of Scorpio!

In early afternoon the Full Moon in Scorpio brings with it a Lunar Eclipse – that event when the Earth stands between the Moon and Sun casting its shadow and in effect blocking the light of the Sun from reaching the face of the Moon. This disruption of electromagnetic energy exchanges has a similar corollary astrologically. Lunar Eclipses are usually markers of endings and culminations. Sometimes these are natural and expected but many times not. Either way it is a clear harbinger of changes to come – endings and new beginnings.

Thinking Mercury seems a bit confused as well as it mixes it up with nebulous Neptune. Thinking and conversations may not be clear, but are bound to be imaginative.

Daily Muse: There's a trick to the 'graceful exit.' It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, or a relationship is over — and let it go. It means leaving what's over without denying its validity or its past importance to our lives. It involves a sense of future, a belief that every exit line is an entry, that we are moving up, rather than out. (Ellen Goodman)


Moon Void of Course 1:56 am (PDT) – 4:32 am Saturday morning

Understanding a bit more about the power of forgiveness, empathy, love and imagination are the gifts of today's connection between Mars and Neptune. Although Neptune's foggy nature could diffuse Mars energy, it's much more likely the force and motivation of Mars will be shaped by the kinder, gentler and more loving passions of Neptune. This is forgiveness and love in action. The key word being action!

Daily Muse: I have never been especially impressed by the heroics of people convinced that they are about to change the world. I am more awed by...those who...struggle to make one small difference after another. (Ellen Goodman)


Moon enters Sagittarius 4:32 am (PDT)

The Moon leaves passionate Scorpio and enters philosophical Sagittarius early this morning. This high-minded and optimistic sign inspires and brightens moods. However, a squishy lunar square to hazy Neptune may prove somewhat confusing. Despite our good intentions and desire to take care of a few items on our 'to do' list, we just may find ourselves distracted by a movie, music or even the sudden desire to escape it all and take a nap. Even the best intentions may go somewhat awry, but not necessarily in an undesirable direction. It's probably a good day to take a 'wait and see' approach and observe what develops. Tonight the Moon connects with eccentric Uranus adding an unconventional twist to end the day.

Daily Muse: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.  (Dr. Seuss)


Moon Void of Course 9:37 pm (PDT) – 5:21 am Monday morning

I'm going to give it to you straight – no sugar coating. It might be damn hard to avoid a defensive or judgmental attitude today. The Moon is in Sagittarius which is philosophical and open minded, and yet, the Sag scholar within all of us is looking for truth and can sometimes be a bit rigid when it comes to insisting on what that truth might be! And then, there's the opposition from Saturn in Scorpio to the Sun in Taurus. The Sun represents our sense of self and Saturn can be experienced as external authority. It's not too difficult to put the pieces together and realize we might feel attacked or judged today.

With a heads up we just might be able to avoid some of the more undesirable effects. How? Well for one thing, Saturn represents our OWN power and authority. When it opposes the Sun it can reveal the ways we may be giving our power away, feeling less than, or diminishing ourselves in our own eyes. Ultimately nobody can make us feel anything – positive or negative – without our permission! Use today's energy as an opportunity for self-reflection especially if you find that rather than being attacked you are in the judge's seat yourself.

Fortunately and very timely, Venus makes a sweet and magical connection to Neptune in compassionate and forgiving Pisces. Need I say more?

Daily Muse: I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine.  (Fritz Perls)

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Where's Mark?

How sweet of you to ask! I'm still figuring that out because I can't pull my head out of my arsenal of work! LOL! I'm busy this week creating a new site for you, inking a NEW book deal, launching a new World Summit interview, and creating a new service on 12listen.com that will make a lot of you very happy.

So forgive my absence-- I'm not really gone at all; au contraire- I've never been more here. Keep an eye out for these announcements in greater detail. I'm very excited.

Thank you for the loving support each week.


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Out of Mo's Mind:

Freaking Out Can Be a Good Thing.

1966 was a strange year. The world was tense; everything was changing and no one knew where it was headed. The counterculture was coming.

By 1967, the energies swirling around us began to take form. The first person I knew who embraced this new world was my friend, Joe. In 1967, Joe began growing his hair to just above his collar. Anything longer led to expulsion from school.

Joe and I rode to school on the same bus every day for years. We discussed music, culture, girls, TV, our families and the world. An eccentric, nothing Joe did surprised me. For most of the fifth grade, for example, Joe wore a fez. (I wore a sailor's cap that I attached a propeller to, but that's normal.)

One day he got on the bus wearing round glasses, like John Lennon's. He looked great in them. Next, he started wearing a vest. Then, one day Joe got on the bus wearing a fringed leather jacket with matching boots, beads around his neck and a headband with a peace symbol on the front.

Alarmed, I asked him if he was aware that he'd get picked on or beat up, something not new to either one of us. He looked me in the eye, smiled and answered, "I can't help it Mo, I'm freaking out."

That was the first time I'd heard the term and it didn't mean what you may think.

In my home town, the counterculture was secretive. Joe lived two doors down from a pair of closeted hippies who were into the scene. They'd picked up the term, "freaked out," meaning to become a Freak, in San Francisco, where they'd spent a lot of time engaged in some sort of business venture. It was this pair who taught Joe the term.

Its original meaning didn't connote falling to pieces, panicking or losing one's temper; that came later. On the contrary, freaking out meant that the "inner freak," that part of a person that didn't fit the "norm," was emerging and being itself. It meant finding inner truth. The implication was that once discovered, it was impossible to keep inside.

As time passed, others followed Joe's lead. It was often a subtle change in hair length, a peace symbol, some other embellishment or a bit of patchouly. I could always tell the real Freaks from those who simply imitated the style with affectations. I suppose it took one to know one. My inner freak wore a pocket protector filled with pens.

If you'd like to see a graphic representation of this phenomenon, look at the cover of The Beatles album, Rubber Soul, released in 1966. Then, look at their album, Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, released in 1967. The music changed as much as their look. Of course, this had to be, because true change is never about appearances alone. Eventually, however, they found their comfort zone, as we all did, and adopted their own styles.

Redefining oneself is never comfortable and, in the beginning of the process, can be way overdone. From the outside looking in, watching someone seemingly lose their senses can be alarming, especially when that person says they're freaking out. It's easy to see how the term came to mean what it does today.

Not all freaking out was Hippie based. For some it was coming out as gay or lesbian. For others it was demanding respect and not being judged by gender, race, ethnicity or creed. For some it meant throwing familiar religious dogma out and embracing another faith. For a couple of my friends, it was speaking in tongues and embracing Jesus as their savior. For a great many, it was an interest in magic and paganism and a desire to understand both as ways of life.

We began living who we really were, unafraid and defiant in our honesty. We made lots of mistakes in the process, but then we had no map, other than our hearts. Although most of us found a new middle ground. Some of us never quit searching.

I eventually "freaked out" in a spectacular explosion of hair and attitude. I was a sight to behold, one that brought tears to my mother's eyes, although they weren't tears of joy. My emergence wasn't easy. In fact it was the struggle of my life, but it freed me and I sit here now, writing to you, because of it. I had to freak out to be normal, to be me.

I've come to my point. By letting my inner freak out, I was free to follow my passions and seek the truth of my life with purpose. I could finally be authentic.

Those of us who live in a society that seems foreign to us, who deviate from the standard when it comes to religious or cultural beliefs, tend to pay for that difference, even though it's not under our control to be other than what we are. How can we deal with this?

Here's Jimi Hendrix's take on it, from his song, "If 6 Was 9."

"White-collar conservatives flashing down the street
Pointing their plastic finger at me.
They're hoping soon my kind will drop and die,
But I'm gonna wave my freak flag high, high."

You don't have to wave your freak flag to be happy, but if you let your freak out from time to time, give it some sunlight, fresh air and a chance to wave in the breeze, I think you'll smile.

As for me, I'm still freaking out, in a good way, and hope that my emergence never ends. It's good to be us, don't you agree?

Until next week, I wish you peace and love.

PROGRAM NOTE: Out of Mo's Mind will air on Wednesday, April 24 at 9 AM, Pacific. I'll give my predictions for the week and discuss something that seems appropriate to talk about in public. That may narrow the pickings down a bit, but that's the fun of it. LIVE!


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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower
The Psychic Update

What Are You Projecting?

Boy oh boy, what a week! The energy of fear has been palpable all around us this week. I am always fascinated by the reactions we choose when scary things happen. Some of us jump to violence and revenge, blaming large groups for individual choices. Others lament the damage and darkness in our world, and still others rush to help, pouring out peace and love and community.

I read auras, and I see everyone's energy body projecting out into the world what is going on inside. So I ask you, what are you projecting? Did you know that your energy and the thoughts and words you use project out onto your world, impacting everything around you? Well it's true; your energy body has an impact on all of the energy bodies around you, creating a domino effect. Here is an example of how this works.

Say you're having a great day, all feels right with the world. Then you walk into a store and are waited on by a clerk who is projecting anxiety. Unknowingly you pick up on their projection and walk out of the store feeling anxious for no particular reason. At this point you have a choice. You can take on the anxiety as your own and let it impact your whole day. If you do this then you are projecting anxiety and those around you may pick it up as well. At the end of your day you may have noticed that everyone around you seems anxious.
What a coincidence!

Ok, on to your other choice. You can acknowledge that you feel anxious and then ask yourself, is this mine? If the answer is no then you can recognize the anxiety for what it is, the signature of someone else's energy and let it go. You go about your day in a happy go lucky mood and note at the end of your day that those around you seem particularly happy.

What a coincidence!

Our energy bodies are so powerful! Most of the time we are completely unaware of what we are projecting, but we can actually control our energy if we choose. You can start by simply asking yourself "What am I projecting?" If you don't like the answer then change the energetic channel! Intentionally become more aware of your energy projections and identify what is yours and what belongs to someone else. We have a choice about how we react to all kinds if things, but often do not take the wheel and intentionally choose.

Every morning ask yourself, what do I want to project today? Ask yourself what color your projection should be, what qualities would you like your energy to have? One you have arranged your projection then share it with those around you. Make note of how others seem to sync up with your projection and how exponentially you can impact the world simply by choosing to project positive and loving energy throughout your day.

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by Carolyn Ferris

Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art. She has created art for many clients such as Timothy Leary, Santana, The Fillmore, and Moonalice.
Her artwork can be viewed at her web site www.intuitivereadings.com!
YES- she draws every one of them!!

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Caged Cupid
Carolyn's Art Picture

This woman has a tidy situation with Cupid safe in a little cage, if we all had a little caged cupid--relationships might be better, yet not much fun for cupid! It could be a situation has to be addressed where you need to allow a relationship to just be, rather than forcing it into a form. Enjoy the ride, and decide if the relationship is fitting for you. There are plenty of fish in the sea, maybe one day there will be plenty of caged cupids also that love cages. Until then, enjoy the ride with your relationship or see about moving in another direction. Remember, the point is to make your life the greatest with the best potential of joy.

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