April 15

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CA Brooks
by C.A. Brooks

The Week Ahead
Happy Birthday Taurus

April 15 - April 21

The winds of change are blowing this week and this time the rumble is coming from the direction of the bullpen. As the first Earth sign in the zodiac, and ruled by Venus, dependable Taurus is associated with money, resources, property, luxury, security and comfort. The Taurus Bull is patient, simple and straightforward. This week two planets, Venus and Mars as well as the Sun, stampede into Taurus.

The association with ownership and property is a fitting one this week. It's as if Taurus has made a purchase and fully intends to take full and rightful ownership as per the contract. Less than a half hour after Midnight on Sunday as the calendar page flips from Sunday to Monday, Venus enters Taurus. She comes in, opens the windows, sets a green plant on the window sill, and starts making a list of improvements to cozy up the place. Venus in Taurus is artistic and romantic. She's already considering colors for the walls, fabrics for the new furniture and the design of the vegetable garden. She's also practical and expects a good return on her investments. Don't be surprised if she asks potential mates and partners for a look at their financials before she commits!

In orderly fashion the Sun arrives on Friday followed by Mars on Saturday. As a fixed sign it is part of the bull's job to hold the energy. Aries may have cleared the decks and been the pioneer who led the charge to the new project, relationship or location, but it's Taurus who will set the foundations, build the house, acquire and allocate the resources and take action on the plan.

But don't expect too much slowing down or settling in, at least not this week. These planets moving into very deliberate Taurus are set against a backdrop of other planetary activity that's likely to keep us on our toes including a clever connection between thinking Mercury and outgoing Jupiter on Monday, and a fusion of solar energy with Mars on Wednesday – this is sort of the cosmic equivalent of personal nuclear energy.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are three more Mercury connections – one with disciplined Saturn, followed by Mercury's hookup with out-of-this-world Uranus and a square to Pluto to end the week. Separately they are significant, but together they have the potential to rock our worlds – at least our belief systems anyway. It's a good thing we have the Sun, Venus and Mars with the rock-solid stability and gentleness of Taurus, to provide some balance for this unstable but potentially brilliant mental energy. But just to be safe, we better double up on our dosage of chocolate this week! (It's grounding you know!)

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.



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Moon Void of Course 12:41 pm (PDT) – 7:49 pm
Venus enters Taurus 12:25 am (PDT)

The starting bell is ringing and the Taurus Bull wastes no time in establishing territory as Venus – the ruling planet of Taurus – settles into this comfortable and familiar sign. If you wake up this morning with a hankering for breakfast in bed – maybe a chocolate croissant and steaming hot coffee – verses your mad dash through the fast food drive-through for an egg white on gluten-free bread, you can thank (or blame) Venus in Taurus. She knows what she likes and she likes rich and fabulous! She is an artist in her own right with sensitivity and a sense of beauty and style. Relationships under her watch are physical, stable, romantic and sexy. She's not big on change (Taurus is a fixed earth sign) but she is dependable and the one you can count on.

Mercury the messenger is in rare and exciting form today as he makes a magical connection to expansive Jupiter in versatile Gemini. The Moon too is in the sign of the twins so there is bound to be excitement in the air and a certain urgency in communications. People may be really fired up about an idea but may not have really processed through all the details.

There is a tendency to say only what people want to hear, and to hear only those pieces we like. Ride the wave like a kite in a windstorm but avoid making any decisions or commitments until you have a more complete picture. Some dynamite ideas may be generated today. Listen attentively but do your homework before taking action.

Daily Muse: Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. (Thomas A. Edison)


With all that verbal, chatty and mental energy flying around yesterday we might not have noticed the Moon slipping quietly into her home sign of Cancer last night. Today starts on a comforting and easy note as the Moon finds solace in connections with both dreamy Neptune in Pisces and structured Saturn in Scorpio. The Moon's alliance with these two planets in water signs allows for a natural flow. We should be able to move fairly easily through our list of daily tasks and responsibilities.

Later the energy can turn feisty as the Moon squares rebellious Uranus and opposes transformational Pluto. Here we see and feel the more protective and defensive face of nurturing Cancer. We may identify with others, even seeing them as 'family' but will also feel the need to honor our own desires and individuality. This distinction is important – finding common ground while allowing for individual expression. Both extremes – rebellion or submissive surrender to another's wishes – will prove unsatisfactory. Work for cooperation.

Daily Muse: If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing. (Margaret Thatcher)

Today on Simpletales – Astrologer Aleta McClelland is the guest host and she's going to help us find our inborn wisdom with the asteroid Pallas. Please join Aleta on Simpletales at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern on 12Radio.com.


As Mars moves through the very last degrees of Aries we might be tempted to think it's losing it's punch. Not! It's potent and powerful and burning red hot as it lines up with the Sun this evening at 27 Aries. Here is the planet of action and motivation fueling our egos.

The Sun represents our sense of self; but this is not necessarily the negative self-serving ego we sometimes think of. Shift your thinking into neutral. But that being said, when Mars and the Sun get together it can be fireworks. It's a compelling force that can be carefully managed and guided targeting important goals. This is strong, energetic, adventurous energy with a competitive drive. Even the shyest wallflower can harness this energy to speak up and make an important mark on the world. However, as you no doubt suspect, this can also be a loose cannon wreaking havoc wherever it's pointed.

When you wake up this morning, think about the kind of day you want to have and how you will use this energy for your enrichment and empowerment. See yourself moving confidently in your chosen direction. Consciously choose your script. Set an intention for the day and make it so.

Daily Muse: People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them. (George Bernard Shaw)


Moon Void of Course 5:31am (PDT) – 8:13 am

There is an echo of yesterday's rambunctious Sun Mars rendezvous early this morning as the Moon sequentially squares both. These little aftershocks may get the day off to a slightly bumpy but energetic start. The Moon's square to the Sun in Aries ushers in the second quarter of the lunar cycle and is indicative of the imperative to balance Aries courageous bravado with Cancer's need for protection, stability, and sensitivity.

With hardly the time to absorb the hits from the Sun and Mars, the Moon heads for self-expressive Leo. This guy isn't afraid of wearing a mask in order to garner a little fame and attention. We too may find ourselves in a place of playing a role, flattering or sweet talking someone in order to get what we want or to get a little recognition for ourselves. This really isn't a problem unless we cross the line compromising our integrity or simply forget who the real person is behind the mask. The Moon's square to Venus in late afternoon complicates the mood somewhat with an overactive need to be appreciated at any cost.

A sweet connection between Venus and Neptune saves the evening emphasizing the need to look beyond the external masks to the genuine spirit inside each of us.

Daily Muse: I'm extraordinarily patient provided I get my own way in the end.
(Margaret Thatcher)


Moon Void of Course 2:06 pm (PDT) – 6:08 pm Saturday evening
Sun enters Taurus 3:03 pm

The tendency to decelerate to a pace of slow and steady is apparent today as the Sun enters the sign of the Taurus bull in mid-afternoon. But there are other indicators of putting on the brakes including thinking Mercury's uneven connection with Saturn. The Leo Moon is still in 'look at me, appreciate me, love me' mode so it's all the more important to look a little more carefully at our own motivations today. Otherwise we may be acting out and projecting our own fears and worries on everyone else. The sun's slightly uncomfortable connection with extroverted Jupiter in social Gemini is a bit scattered; but efficient Saturn in Scorpio isn't allowing us to get away with sloppy or inaccurate thinking or communications.

With the Sun in Venus-ruled Taurus we can start settling into a month of physical comforts and simple joys. More accurately, let's get through the Mercury hookup with Uranus early Saturday, and then maybe we can settle in. Well maybe!

Daily Muse: Think twice and speak once. (Mo Abdelbaki)


Moon enters Virgo 6:08 pm (PDT)
Mars enters Taurus 4:48 am (PDT)

Minds are electrified as Mercury the messenger accepts a play date with unconventional Uranus. Since this super-charged mental energy occurs in the wee hours of the morning it's likely to shock the more sensitive crowd with illuminating or bizarre dreams. It's also in the sign of Aries so fantasies and imaginings are likely to be consistent with the warrior's drive for challenge and accomplishment. This isn't your everyday brainstorm so be ready to take notes. Breakthroughs and 'aha' moments are par for the course today.

Meanwhile back at the ranch. Our minds and mouths may be in overdrive but the cosmos is signaling a more deliberate tempo ahead, as Mars the planet of action follows Venus and the Sun into practical Taurus. Mars is baited but doesn't necessarily bite as it makes a small adjustment connecting with unrestrained Jupiter in the chatty sign of Gemini. We are enticed with all the ideas but are equally attracted to a bit of peace and quiet that Taurus promises. The Moon's move to grounded Virgo settles the energy this evening but is far from sedating with lunar connections to both the Sun and Mars that keep things lively and interesting.

Daily Muse: Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts not to bother with.
(Robert Staughton Lynd)


Moon Void of Course 11:02 pm (PDT) – 12:25 am Tuesday morning

A week filled with Mercury bouncing from one cosmic dance partner to the next is not over yet. Today Mercury hits a potential wall with a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Well actually, a wall isn't quite the right description as squares are far from stopping points. They are more like bumper cars at an amusement park crashing into one another and then going off in new directions. Pluto can be a call to sober reflection, deflating unrealistic dreams and ideas. However, positive lunar connections to sweet Venus, structured Saturn, and uncompromising Pluto can put some air back underneath our wings. The Mercury Pluto square can be somewhat of a party pooper but can also wake us up to missed opportunities and to 'the road ahead is washed out' warning signs before we find ourselves mired in two feet of mud.

Daily Muse: Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.

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Out of Mo's Mind:

What's Happening To Us?

I've been watching TV all of my life and have seen trends of programming that have spanned almost 60 years. Some I remember fondly, others not so much.

My lifelong association with, "The Tube," has given me perspective and has shed light on an alarming trend, perhaps one that you've noticed as well. On TV, images of graphic violence have escalated to a point I never could have imagined. I'm not talking about premium cable channels; I'm alluding to network television aired in prime time.

Several years ago, on a premium cable network, a show aired about a serial killer and it became wildly popular. I gave it a try and watched part of the first episode and never watched it again. I find something inherently odd with the idea of turning a serial killer, a psychopathic murderer, into the protagonist of a show. But, as I mentioned before, it was popular and won Emmys.

Unfortunately, it seems that there's precious little imagination when it comes to those who decide programming on TV. This is nothing new. If one doctor show is good, eight are better. If one cop show gets great ratings, then let's create an entire dynasty of cop shows, all clones of the first.

There are many shows that I don't watch and have absolutely no desire to begin watching. Most of these are known for their intense violence, which although we know in our hearts is not real, still reaches our subconscious. Many of these shows win scads of Emmys, are critically acclaimed and I don't care; I'm still not going to watch them.

You'd think that in a society that's plagued by violence, we'd rebel at the perpetuation of these images beyond the boundaries of our news broadcasts. Instead, it's being amped up to a level that I consider to be dysfunctionally unhealthy.

This trend has become pervasive and is infecting existing programs. There's more than one show that I used to view regularly that I've stopped watching, due to changes in their spirit. For example, one show was about a gifted, autistic boy who had an extraordinary talent for seeing numbers in such a way that he worked with patterns of destiny, helping people and making the world better. This show has now devolved into a conspiratorial, violent series of graphic killings, featuring paranoid and morally destitute characters. The father of the boy has gone from being kind and soft-spoken to a violent, gun toting "hero."

This year, the main networks added at least three shows based on serial killers.

Why is this happening? Is it all about money? Are we being manipulated? I wish I knew.

Times have changed. The most scandalous show I can think of in the late 60s was, Love American Style. It featured comedy vignettes about the sexual revolution, Hippies, the Counter Culture and the new direction of the world. Unless you were around then, you can't imagine the stir this show caused. It was bawdy, irreverent, optimistic and hugely popular.

Of course, 60's TV wasn't all for laughs. There were crime dramas, Westerns, space shows and they all featured the classic battle between good and evil. However, when pretending to be shot, actors struck a ballet like pose on tip-toes with their backs arched, mugged melodramatic expressions, clutched an unseen wound, belted out an "ARRRGH," then gracefully rolled to the ground. It wasn't supposed to look real, not unlike the way Shakespearean actors once uncoiled red ribbons to portray being wounded.

I don't remember ever feeling anxiety, double checking the locks or trying to erase gruesome, indelible images from my mind after watching the shows I grew up with. Okay, maybe Dragnet and The FBI creeped me out a little, but then they were supposed to disturb my kind.

My wife and recently watched a 10 hour miniseries about the Bible. Although it's true that the Old and New Testaments are filled with acts of brutality, for me, the violence presented in this production was excessive. I won't even address some of the underlying messages that I believe were being put forth, at least not now, and yes, I've read the book. In my opinion, much of the graphic violence was gratuitous and was meant to shock and elicit contrived, emotional responses.

You may ask why I'm bringing any of this up. I feel these images impact us on a deep level, one that speaks to our general happiness and well-being. If we don't recoil in horror at hyper-violence and gruesome imagery, then what have we become?

I've spoken to more than one person lately who's told me that they've had bad dreams, feelings of angst, without an obvious source, and tension that seems to be never ending. Most of these individuals watch the national news, which by itself is enough to put most of us into a state of panic, and also watch the shows I've alluded to.

We're only human. When reality and fantasy begin to merge into one experience, how are we supposed to protect ourselves?

I'll tell you how.

I'm no prude, nor am I overly sensitive, but I've stopped watching several shows and won't even try others. I'm going to turn off programs that offend me visually, philosophically, emotionally or in any way at all. I'm also going to start writing to the people who hurl this stuff at us, even though it may not make a bit of difference.

I refuse to give into "popular culture." Instead, I'll watch shows that make me laugh or think, and thank those who make them. I'll embrace topics portrayed with regard for humanity and for those that respect our sensitivities. I'm going to make my mind known.

I've had it. I'm a crotchety old man and I'm going to prove it.

Not to worry, though; I won't be crotchety with you. You I like.

PROGRAM NOTE: Out of Mo's Mind on Wednesday, April 17th at 9 AM, Pacific Time or 12radio.com. As you can tell, I'm a bit testy. I'll be over it by then, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I've got several ideas rolling around in my head. You'd think that all that rolling around would be distracting, but I used to play a lot of pinball and I got used to -- uh, hmm, where was I? Oh yes, talk to you Wednesday! Live predictions for the week!


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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower
The Psychic Update

When I was a kid I spent a lot of my time looking down at the ground. Everywhere we went I was searching for special rocks. I would sort through stones in gravel parking lots at campgrounds, and hike with my eye on the trail. I always knew there was something special about stones. We camped at a very special spot in Island Park every summer where there were arrowheads to be had if you were patient enough to look through the grass and pine needles on the ground. I kept rocks in my pockets and in cans under my bed. My parents took us to Crystal Park, MT to dig Quartz and I fell in love! I knew when I held each stone that it contained its own special mystery.

Were you one of those kids who always had rocks in their pockets like me? I am teaching a special class on 12Academy.com called "The Joy of Crystals" just for you! I have spent years studying stones and crystals and experimenting with them. Like you, I carried stones around with me for a long time before I knew why, and what to do with them. In this class I will teach you about some specific stones and how to use your favorite stones for healing and self-development. Click the picture to register!

Recently while my family and I cleaned out my Dad's house I found a box with a bunch of things from my childhood. My cans of rocks are long gone but I found 2 stones that mean a lot to me. One is a clear Quartz point in a little leather medicine bag. The other is a white Onyx egg. I acquired both of these stones at a time when I had no idea why crystals felt so good to me. The conservative religion I grew up in taught me nothing about the energy of stones and yet I felt it and was drawn to it. Clear Quartz is a Master Healer. It is good for everything, and when in doubt the energy of a clear Quartz point will boost the energy of any situation. The white Onyx is an Angelic stone with a smooth, calming energy. I remember holding it and rubbing it like a worry stone in my teen years, consciously unaware of why it was helping me, but in my heart knowing it was.

I am so excited to share this class with you! I meet people in my store all the time who show me the stones in their pockets and ask me why they are so drawn to them and what they can do with them. I want to share those answers with you! Join me on May 8th and we will have a crystal extravaganza!


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by Carolyn Ferris

Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art. She has created art for many clients such as Timothy Leary, Santana, The Fillmore, and Moonalice.
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Count all of your choices today, and feel the flow of the universe as you take advantage of a new window of opportunity. If you are really over the top good at this, you'll feel the breeze against your cheeks as you fly through the day. But then, it's probably best you don't fly anyway, you may want to save that for your dreams.

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