March 11, 2013

Mark's Power Peek
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CA Brooks
by C.A. Brooks

The Week Ahead

This week the Cosmic Dance leads us to a magical and mysterious doorway between the worlds. There are 5 planets plus Chiron and the Moon in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. But is Pisces the end, or the beginning of a whole new world? When the Sun and Moon align on Monday afternoon we continue the paradox – it's the 'last' 'New' Moon of the solar cycle – new beginnings in the sign that represents the dissolution of everything into oneness.

For years I was involved in an on-going argument – mostly good natured – but a disagreement nevertheless. My friend contended 'if you can't measure it, you can't prove it and therefore it does not exist'. My contention – 'we are unaware of the right tools to identify, evaluate and measure it!' Just because we have not discovered the right tool, doesn't mean anything but simply that – we haven't discovered the way to see, hear, feel, or know aspects of life beyond our five senses. (Even now if he is reading this, he is no doubt fuming that I am not presenting his side fairly –which of course is probably true!)

But here is my point. We can live our lives defending our positions based on our past, previous experience, and the information we receive through our five senses and the physical universe. The earth is flat argument comes to mind! Or we can follow the call of our inner beings to pass through the veil that appears to divide the inner and outer worlds. We may fear it is the voice of a siren luring us to physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological shipwreck. But most likely it is the song of our higher self calling us to undo the knots in our thinking that keeps us from living our highest potential and joy.

This New Moon on Monday at 21 Pisces carries the energy of the dreamer of dreams – imagining worlds we can scarcely hope exist. But it's also a Moon aligned with the archetypal Mother / Empress in the Tarot – tough as nails and with all the perseverance and tenacity to do the impossible – create life.

It takes pure guts to take a risk, give birth, nurture new life, take responsibility and serve as a role model. Fortunately, we will have that in spades as Mars the planet of taking action rockets into its home sign of courageous and fiery Aries late Monday night. And soon our thinking and communication will start feeling less emotional and foggy as retrograding Mercury stations direct on its way forward on Sunday afternoon.

As we approach the New Moon on Monday (and the rest of our lives for that matter) let's not let the past dictate what's possible in our future. Let's not allow our current knowledge to set the limit on the possibilities. Embracing the otherworldliness of Pisces can feel a little like standing on a mist shrouded cliff with little or no sense of what lies ahead. Like the children in the Chronicles of Narnia, we too can pass through the illusory back wall of our personal life wardrobes. Be sure to take the hand of your higher self; call on your divine source; recruit your angels and guides. Take a deep breath and venture through the doorway. The price of admission is your current belief system. Give yourself permission and take a leap of faith.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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Moon Void of Course 12:51 pm (PDT) – 4:17 am Tuesday morning
New Moon 21 Pisces 12:51 pm (PDT)
Mars enters Aries 11:26 pm (PDT)

Monday is a day for dreaming, imagination, creativity and spiritual practices with a New Moon in Pisces, like royalty with five planets and Chiron in attendance. It's not a day for concrete planning or action – it's a day for meditation, reflection, contemplation, healing, journaling, creating, listening to music, writing, reading, visions, being inspired and experiencing transcendence. It's a day for connecting with mother earth, nature, the Green Man, fairies, the devas and nature spirits, angels, ascended masters, your higher self, divine source and your neighbors – the ones next door and those across the planet. With Venus in a place of honor right next to the Sun and Moon, it might also be a day for romance!

As the day draws to a close, the first inkling of changes to come is heralded as energetic Mars races for his home in Aries. As the planet of action, Mars is assertive, independent and likes to separate himself from the crowd. He is inspired by the dreams of Pisces, but all that introverted imagination can make him restless. He's ready to take some action.
Daily Muse: There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? (Robert Kennedy)


Moon enters Aries 4:17 am (PDT)

Despite the impressive lineup of planets still dreaming in Pisces, we are shaken awake today as the Moon follows on the heels of Mars and blazes into eager and confident Aries. The Moon will shoot right by Mars gathering fuel and motivation and move on to a meet up with provocative Uranus. It's said of Aries, 'it likes to be first'. Don't be surprised if you notice people seem to be losing some of that lost puppy-dog reticence of Pisces and are taking on a more bull dog approach to things. The Moon also aligns with Jupiter in curious Gemini so conversations and moods are likely to be more gregarious and chatty today.

On Simpletales today my friend and astrological colleague, Aleta Mcclelland, will be guest hosting and talking about the influence of the asteroids in Astrology. She's a fabulous astrologer and great teacher. You are in good hands! Please tune in 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern on

Daily Muse: The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation. (Jacob Bronowski)


Moon Void of Course 1:01 am (PDT) – 12:08 pm Thursday afternoon

There is alchemy afoot today – the ability to mix even dissimilar elements together to achieve a pleasing and satisfying result or outcome. The Sun in Pisces makes a magical connection to Pluto in Capricorn which psychologically can be a daunting paring as the planet of individual identity and ego aligns with the transpersonal planet of destruction and transformation. We are changed and reborn as we eliminate the unnecessary from our lives. A Course in Miracles and other spiritual systems share Pluto's penchant for 'undoing' what we have learned in favor of 'remembering' the truth about ourselves. Simplify and embrace the essential today.

Daily Muse: No evidence will convince you of the truth of what you do not want. (A Course In Miracles Text)


Moon enters Taurus 12:08 pm (PDT)

Simple pleasures are on our minds today as the Moon moseys into body-conscious Taurus. Mars may be getting his steam back in Aries but the Moon puts on the brakes – to take a break – in practical and earthy Taurus. No use being in too much of a hurry! This is the moon of the woods, nature and the Green Man. This Moon calls out to our wild and untamed natures. If possible spend time outside today – someplace you can experience the unpredictable ways of Mother Nature. You might also feel inclined to honor your connection with the earth through conscious selections of food – reflecting not only on their influence on your body but the impact on the earth and community by their production and distribution. The Moon's alignment with spiritual Neptune this evening deepens our feelings and connections with animals, plants, crystals, stones, the earth and all her residents.

Daily Muse: The clearest way to the Universe is through a forest wilderness. (John Muir)


Friday is low key with a Moon in deliberate Taurus. However, the Moon's opposition to Saturn in mid-morning is a wakeup call to not get too sloppy or lazy. The material 'stuff' Taurus so dearly loves comes with a price tag and often requires care and maintenance. This isn't a hard-core reprimand, just a gentle reminder to be conscious with our choices and to take responsibility for what is ours whether it is a garden, a cat, a relationship, a car, a project or a child. The Moon's alliance with Pluto a short while later makes it easy to harness the necessary attitude and energy to do what needs to be done.

Daily Muse: There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth. (Leo Tolstoy)


Moon Void of Course 4:11 pm (PDT) – 11:09 pm

We may want to take the day off and do nothing but play today, but….like yesterday we can't seem to escape the entanglements that accompany the choices we make. That big spacious yard surrounding the fabulous house – well it needs to be fertilized, aerated, watered and mowed. That darling toddler needs breakfast and a haircut; the dog has an appointment with the vet; the computer hard drive needs defragging and isn't this your weekend to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity? It's not all that bad, but the Sun's challenging aspect to disciplined Saturn isn't letting us off the proverbial hook without taking some responsibility.

Things are looking up when Venus makes a magical connection to Pluto. Responsibilities can become welcome joys instead of burdens. This connection can help us de-clutter and eliminate the unnecessary so we have time for who and what we really love and enjoy.

Daily Muse: I do believe in simplicity. It is astonishing as well as sad, how many trivial affairs even the wisest thinks he must attend to in a day…When the mathematician would solve a difficult problem, he first frees the equation of all encumbrances, and reduces it to its simplest terms. So simplify the problem of life, distinguish the necessary and the real. Probe the earth to see where your main roots run. (Henry David Thoreau)


Mercury stations direct 5 Pisces 1:03 pm (PDT)

The Moon's move to inquisitive and chatty Gemini late Saturday night is a harbinger of communication changes to come. Mercury the messenger (ruler of Gemini) ends a three week retrograde cycle and slowly starts moving forward this afternoon. The Moon demonstrates Gemini versatility as it connects to 5 planets and that's before sunset! Moods are changeable and just like the weather, if you don't like what's happening; just wait an hour or two.

The day ends on a similar note as the Moon catches up with Jupiter. We may not have been paying much attention to this cosmic giant lately, but he's been far from idle. In Gemini he's been gathering data and making connections. Of course it is up to us to decide what is valuable information and what is distracting, or even nonsense. As the Sun makes a quick connection with Jupiter today, the wisdom of the last few days holds true – be open minded but discerning. All that glitters is not gold and think twice before acting on what appears as 'new' information. Mercury is moving direct, but it will take until April 6th before it leaves the shadow of the retrograde (19 Pisces where it was when it started the backwards movement). Thinking will seem clearer and insights more prevalent in the days ahead as it picks up momentum.

Daily Muse: The greatest ideas are the simplest. (William Golding)

Meaning of the Inner Planets

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The Lie in Loss
by Mark Husson

It seems like a long while since I've come to the Power Peek to write you. Usually, I'm busy putting it all together and I save my dialogue for a radio show or perhaps a post on Facebook. But sometimes there are events that compel me and it would seem a shame to let them pass without a comment or at least an acknowledgement.

In the past week Three of my staff lost a close parent. Two of the staff are Sisters so the total parental loss is two, but the closeness of events seems no less remarkable. Kristi Brower and Katie Weaver lost their beloved father and Erica Longdon, lost her beloved Stepmother.

It's clear to all of us that death is an inevitable truth in this reality. In fact, thanks to my A Course In Miracles studies the existence of death is one of the main tenants that helped me understand that this world could not have been created by LOVE. It cannot be the extension of the work of the most loving force because REAL love has no opposite, No Death, No abandonment and no fear.

But, thoughts like that do us little good in times when our reality continues to threaten us to our core. When people that we rely on are stripped from us and thoughts of safety are a million miles away. Death, in a word, can be devastating. Sometimes the best we can do is give an extension of sympathy to remind the people left behind that they are not alone in their pain.

Death makes me angry because it reminds me that I am still a part of a nonsensical system touting that we are children of Divine Love who have been dumped on a terror filled island where bad, REALLY bad, things happen. Somehow we accept the obvious oxymoron without question. Like "What is the child of the most supreme loving force doing in a place like this?"

For many of us, to question what makes us safe is terrifying. But would you want a battered friend, beaten frequently by her spouse, to stay because she 'believes' the alternatives are too scary? Of course not. And in that same way, I think we must learn to ask the scary questions so that we can see whether this Source of pure love will "Smite us" with anger if we ask important questions.

Imagine a time when the Sun was thought to be the God Ra. Imagine being the person who says, "I think Ra is a dying star made of serious gases!"

Knowledge is power. God doesn't have to remain a myth. We can question everything with some level of rationale. Try asking some tough questions: What is a Soul? Do they really have "Ages" (old soul?)? Do they have lessons they really need to learn? Why? What about Angels? Does God really need help? Where ever you land, at least you started a very important process. Getting to your own truth!

I've placed a excerpt from Ken Wapnick who poses some intersting perspectives from A Couse In Miracles. I know it's not for everyone, but it might be helpful to some. Click here for Ken's audio!

Katie, Kristi, and Erica, I hope you find comfort in this difficult time and will remember the difference your love made.


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Until next week,

I'm with you on the Quest!


Out of Mo's Mind:
Stormy Weather

As I'm writing this, we're waiting for a storm to arrive. I mean this literally. The city is buzzing, the grocery stores are packed and people are driving like maniacs.

This is common when it comes to storms around these here parts. You'd think that since we live in Colorado, we'd be used to it by now, but the truth is that no one should ever get used to the weather or take it for granted. It changes all the time. We have a saying here in Colorado: if you don't like the weather, just wait 20 minutes.

I love weather and always have. I've studied it for a long time. I believe that those of us interested in metaphysics have a lot to learn from weather.

I even took a meteorology class in college. It didn't turn out so well. The class was touted as being for non-science majors, which was me and most of the class. The teacher who taught the class, however, believe that everyone should know the basics of modern physics, especially weak-minded historians, philosophers and artists. He was as dry as the West Texas sand and as cold as Christmas day in Greenland.

Even he couldn't ruin my love for weather.

No matter where you live, no matter what you do, you're surrounded by the atmosphere and by changes in that atmosphere on a moment to moment basis. It's never the same show twice and is always fascinating and exciting.

Watching a huge column of clouds come over the mountains in the summertime quickens the pulse and makes one wonder what sort of turbulent, unhinged energy is coming our way. I've seen more than one tornado in my life and while I'm glad I've never been in one, they are awe inspiring.

In my youth (I left that youth in my mid-thirties), I'd run outside and watch tornadoes as they formed, too close for sanity. Electricity charged the air, hail bounced around me and winds swirled, taking my breath away.

Obviously, I was an idiot. But, I was so enamored with the power of nature and its ability to amaze and to change the very fabric of the landscape around us that I really couldn't help myself.

I had a friend who was struck by lightning, twice. It changed him significantly, although I can't say necessarily for the worse. It also made me realize that getting struck was not only possible but entirely too close to home for comfort. He lived in my neighborhood, and both times he was struck, he was close to his home.

Along with lightning, tornadoes were known as The Fingers of God. It was said that they touched those people whose attention he wanted to get. That would do it. Judgment was often passed onto the victims of such natural calamities. Ben Franklin's lightning rod changed that, thankfully.

In Tarot, the Royalty can represent forces of nature and weather. Once you get a feel for who's what, for example a rainbow is the Queen of Wands and the Knight of Swords the tempest as it storms across the earth, you begin to get a feel for who is coming before they get here. I suppose you could say it's a sort of intuitive weather forecasting system. It's pretty darn accurate and teaches much about the Arts, as well as honing one's intuition.

For example, what I'm feeling right now isn't just that a storm is coming but that it has seen much on its journey, gathered an astounding amount of energy and is inevitably going to impact us. It doesn't feel terrible, but it does seem intent on being noticed.

Complaining about a storm is like complaining that blue is a bad choice for the color of the sky.

No matter where you live and what the weather's like, take some time to appreciate it. Feel it and sense the energy that comes with a transition and the change of seasons. The ebb and flow of air pressure, the tidal movement of moisture in the atmosphere, the very laws of nature that rule every one of us, hold the keys to many of the most elusive mysteries.

Pay attention. Doing so will enhance your life in a way you may not anticipate, one that I think you will appreciate forever.

No matter how this storm goes, I'm loving every second of feeling it head our way. The magnificence of nature should never be forgotten. Therein lies our connection to each other, the planet and the Universe at large.

Until next week, I wish you all fascinating skies and friendly breezes.

Program Note: Out of Mo's Mind, Wednesday, March 13th, 9 AM, Pacific Daylight Time. The topic will be, "Character." What is character? Do you have it? Do we need it? Is it a dwindling resource or will we always have strength of character? How can be certain that our character is worthy of our expectations? How can we deal with those who have none? Let's discuss this live. Join me!

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower
The Psychic Update

I am taking this week off from writing because my sweet Dad went to Heaven on Friday. I would like to share this article with you again. It is as true now as it was when I originally wrote it.

I have been thinking a lot about happiness lately. I live with 5 cats, who are tremendous examples of happiness. As I write this my kitty, Sandy, is asleep on my lap with the most content smile on her face. One thing I have learned from watching cat happiness is that happiness comes from being, not doing. My cats do very little throughout the day, but seem to be the most content and peaceful beings I know. It is a funny myth most of us grew up with that happiness comes from hard work and perseverance. I'm pretty sure that happiness actually comes from just being ourselves, and not getting too hung up on what we have or have not accomplished.

Sandy had a rough start to life. I found her outside a gas station when she was about 8 weeks old. She was dirty and skinny and sick. It took six months to get her little body functioning normally so she could start growing. That was 2 years ago and now she is a happy, healthy cat. The interesting thing is that she seems unaffected by her past. She is happy and carefree and obviously feels safe and loved. The fact that her kitty mind can't relive her past and fret about her future is a huge contributor to her happiness. She lives in the moment, and everything is great in this moment. This is where we humans get hung up.

Over the past several years I have worked to cultivate a "All is well in the here and now" attitude. It is a challenge not to lament the past and worry about the future. When I catch myself thinking about somewhere other than here and now I remind myself to stop and look around. Is everything ok in this moment? If so, then I remind myself that I am ok, and right now is all I have control over. If everything is not ok in that very moment then I have the opportunity to make a change, right then when I actually have some control. I am not saying that this is easy or that I don't get stuck in cycles of over thinking the past and future. This definitely happens, but I can usually bring myself back to a sense of peace by returning to the moment.

My Dad is dying of Prostate Cancer. He has been on Hospice for 8 months and his condition deteriorates a little more each day. I see him every other day and do my best to spend quality time talking and laughing with him. This has been a real challenge to my "live in the moment" philosophy. I know what is coming and that makes it hard not to worry about the future. I know I can't change it or control it, but my ego has a strong desire to predict what is coming and worry about things I can't possibly do anything about. I continue to work at bringing myself back to the now when worries about my Dad surface.

Somedays I handle it great, I feel happy and see my life going in a positive direction. Other days are much harder. I think that what I am doing is practicing happiness, kind of like practicing the Clarinet or practicing meditation. Each day presents a new challenge to be here now. I know that true happiness is fluid, and that real emotions still occur. It is the ability to return to a happy state after a troubling experience or emotion that indicates that we truly are happy on the inside.

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Here is a picture of Sandy doing what she does best!

Blessings of happiness my friends,



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by Carolyn Ferris

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