March 18

Mark's Power Peek
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CA Brooks
by C.A. Brooks

The Week Ahead
Happy Birthday Aries and Happy New Year!


As fans of the cosmic dance we double our opportunities to celebrate a New Year. One of course on January 1st, the other is the Vernal/Spring Equinox when the Sun leaves the depths of ethereal Pisces and is re-born in the fire sign of Aries. Last week feisty Mars was the first planet in the Piscean pantheon to break free and make a dash for Aries. This week both the Sun and Venus follow suit. The cosmic tide is turning.

We don't tend to respond to the astrological New Year with as much sentimentality or reminiscence as we do in January, but nevertheless it's a great time to reflect, if even for an hour or two, on where we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. If there is a word to capture the energy this week it might be 'flow' in its many meanings and manifestations. Where are resources flowing in and out of our lives? Are there places of stagnation? Are there places of deficit and need? Are there places of overabundance or waste?

My friend and fellow advisor, Kelly Whetstone, brought something very interesting to my attention this week – the idea of honoring the purpose of everything in our lives. She calls it 'the Law of Use'. She was wearing a beautiful necklace she admitted had been languishing in jewelry 'storage land'. She caused me to think a lot about this idea of having and holding on to things but not allowing them to fulfill their destiny or function.

Everything has a purpose, no matter how humble. When we stockpile more than we can use or simply get lazy about disposing of things through appropriate channels – recycle, re-gift, restore or discard we are probably using our precious life energy needlessly to store and maintain them. It's not too surprising we end up feeling bored or tired. In the ancient art of Feng Shui, cluttered rooms and hallways are directly associated with stagnation and lack of healthy energy flow in our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical beings.

This week as we transition from the old year to the next we have the chance to stand still, at least briefly, and look around us. One of the myths and traditions on the Vernal Equinox – when the length of day and night are equal – is balancing an egg on its end. But better than that, we can use this as a reminder to find more balance in our lives. We can look at the energy flow and make some adjustments. If we are in need, we can open ourselves to new opportunities and resources; maybe look at how and why we are blocking the flow. If we are blessed with an overabundance, we can provide opportunities in the form of money, time or other physical resources to others.

This is a week of conscious reflection and adjustments – not making change just for the sake of change. A tweak here and there – even small alterations or fine tuning can keep the flow of energy moving.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

PS – for more wisdom and talk about the Law of Use, tune into Empowerment with Kelly Whetstone on Tuesdays on immediately following Simpletales which starts at 11am Pacific. And for a deeper look at the Vernal Equinox – the meanings and traditions – join me and my guest Vedic Astrologer Mo Abdelbaki this week, Tuesday March 19th. And last but certainly not least – I can never get enough Course In Miracles talk so this week, I'm joining Tamara Childs on Your Inspired Life – Friday Noon Pacific on 12Radio.

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Shortcuts are not our friends today as Venus the planet of values makes an uncomfortable connection to Saturn the planet of discipline and authority. With the Moon in verbal and nimble Gemini we may be tempted to charm our way through the day – which may work in some situations and with some people – but could end up blowing up in our faces if others feel manipulated. The quick, careless or flippant response is not likely the best solution. Patience and perseverance toward goals of real value will be rewarded. But that being said, charm is a useful tool to smooth hard edges if is used with honesty and genuine kindness.

Daily Muse: The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity. (Zig Ziglar)


Moon Void of Course 10:27 am (PDT) – 11:55 am

According to the Western Astrology calendar today is New Year's Eve – the last day of the solar year. The Moon in the very last degrees of curious Gemini squares off with the Sun at the very end of Pisces. This day holds mixed messages of impending fresh starts with the need to tie up loose ends. It's a good day for standing still, reviewing where we have been and what we are thankful for. So often we rush from one stage or event in our lives to another with hardly more than a photograph to remember it by.

It's a good day to do a personal inventory. As the Moon moves into its home sign of Cancer mid-day it's particularly auspicious to look at our homes and all our 'stuff' with fresh eyes. Hasn't that 10 year-old tube of antibiotic cream in your first aid kit exceeded its expiration date? And what about that tanning lotion – does it smell less like coconut lined beaches and more like yesterday's sushi? I don't care how much you paid for it, toss it and restock.

Daily Muse: Clutter can block the flow of life-force energy in a home. It can represent a fear of the future, or an inability to let go of the past and live in the present moment…If you don't love it or use it, get rid of it! (Denise Linn)

Today on Simpletales – Get out your party hats and noise makers. It's New Year's Eve as vedic astrologer Mo Abdelbaki joins me for a look at the new astrological year as the Sun enters Aries on Wednesday the 20th. Please join us at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern on


Moon Void of Course 11:01 am (PDT) – 11:50 pm Thursday night
Sun enters Aries 4:02 am (PDT)

Spring has sprung and quite early too, as the Sun scoots into Aries before daybreak. Happy New Year! With both the Sun and Venus (tomorrow) entering Aries (Mars and Uranus are already soaking up the sunshine) we will start to get the feeling of energy coalescing in this initiating fire sign. However, everything takes time, even for pioneering Aries. This afternoon begins one of two really long void of course Moon patterns over the next several days so don't be surprised if instead of feeling energized you feel a bit nostalgic instead.

One bright spot in the cosmic sky is a hookup between Venus and Jupiter. Although there is always the possibility for overinflated expectations, or looking for fulfillment in excess, this energy encourages trust and faith in love and relationships and even hope concerning our financial outlook. This is a week for focusing on the movement of energy in our lives. When it comes to love, money, trust, faith, and hope – let it flow!

Daily Muse: Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time. (Maya Angelou)


Moon enters Leo 11:50 pm (PDT)
Venus enters Aries 8:15 pm (PDT)

There's no way around it, today could feel more than a bit sappy with strong emotional overtones that can only be described as feeling homesick. The Moon is in sensitive and oftentimes defensive Cancer and it's in a long void of course pattern that started yesterday morning and ends late tonight just before midnight. We probably can find dozens of reasons and excuses to feel sorry for ourselves or….we can remember that as spiritual beings we are all in this together and often feel like we are on the journey home. (A Course in Miracles asserts we never left home despite our 'falling asleep' and dreaming of this never ending journey back.) It's a good day to clean out the attic, basement, garage or other storage space and get grounded with a feeling of greater organization. It's also a good time to reach out to others – if you need emotional or material support – don't be afraid to ask. If you are in a position to offer help, don't hold back.

This evening Venus rockets into Aries energizing love and relationships and the Moon parades into the dramatic and self-confident sign of Leo. Yes, tomorrow is day of a very different color.

Daily Muse: Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. (Corrie ten Boom)


Moon Void of Course 8:28 pm (PDT) – 8:49 am Sunday morning

A day of a different color indeed! Did you hear that zip-a-dee-doo-dah go whipping past your left ear? What the heck was that? We have surely gotten sleepy and dreamy with all this Pisces energy and unaccustomed to the zing of fire. Well this wakeup call is not your soothing classical music – more like a flash of lightening. That explosion you may have just felt is energetic Mars the planet of action on a rendezvous with radical Uranus the planet of awakenings both in the initiating sign of Aries. No lackluster, shy, or hesitant energy here! This combo is audacious, independent, impulsive, possibly misguided and even reckless. We may want to rebel against our routine in a big way with both positive and negative repercussions.

Even though there is a wild and untamed quality to this energy, instead of letting it blow through our lives, we will do well to at least try to harness it for our use. It is inspiring and motivating but unpredictable. Saturn discipline is the natural antidote or correction. Don't be tempted to skip your daily walk, exercise routine or workout today – we are going to need the physical outlet. You can use this energy constructively by fueling your own rocket ship toward change and forgetting about trying to control someone else. If you are ready for a big breakthrough this just may be your vehicle and opportunity.

Daily Muse: If the world is cold, make it your business to build fires. (Horace Traubel)


All Day void of course Moon

No doubt we are all fired up by the Mars Uranus conjunction yesterday. But now suddenly we may feel like the plug got pulled out. The Moon is in dynamic and commanding Leo so that can't be the problem…or is it? This usually self-expressive and powerful Moon is performing off, off, way off Broadway in that it entered a void of course pattern last evening and stays that way till Sunday morning. Leo is very creative but today we are going to have to remind ourselves 'birds don't sing for the applause' (Emmanuel channeled by Pat Rodegast). We speak our truth and express our creativity and divine essence as an act of faith and integrity – not for the approval of others. This is a Leo lesson we resist but all come to in the end.

There is another cosmic event putting the brakes on today – Jupiter in Gemini in disaccord with Saturn in Scorpio. Jupiter inspired by Gemini curiosity and love of variety is coming up with new and innovative ideas every day. But Saturn is the CEO, authority and disciplinarian. As he sits in Scorpio he's scrutinizing every feeling and shred of information and keeping a laser sharp eye on resources. Once again this week we are reminded of the need for balance – the need to make adjustments and fine tune our intake of resources, our utilization, and output.

Daily Muse: I have come to believe that giving and receiving are really the same. Giving and receiving, not giving and taking. (Joyce Grenfell)


Moon enters Virgo 8:49 am (PDT)

You have permission to sleep in Sunday morning, at least until the Moon eases out of its void of course pattern in Leo and into industrious Virgo. If your life is feeling disordered or chaotic, today you will feel the need to get organized. Life can be messy and this is one of the lessons of this Moon; nevertheless, there is no harm in wanting to tidy things up a bit and bring some sense of order into our lives. Lunar oppositions to dreamy Neptune and thinking Mercury could make that effort more challenging. Don't forget to laugh today.

Daily Muse: I am thankful for a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home. I am thankful for the piles of laundry and ironing because it means my loved ones are nearby. (Nancie J. Carmody)

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It's Not the Story - It's How You Tell it.
by Mark Husson

How many times do we say it's been a crazy week/month/year? Usually, when I'm hearing that I know people are referencing an astrological trend. Of course, letters like that tend to mount under a retrograde Mercury. This time Mercury was in Pisces and the the Victim Roar in all of us seemed activated.

I relate. I'm struggling with not being a victim in this cycle, too. "You have to stop putting yourself in that role" I'm told. And I know "they" are right, but it's hard to stop being angry at your circumstance when you know that based on the logical sequences of events, not only do you feel "right", the jury in your head thinks you're right, too! LOL!

Yes, I said a Jury. I do that a lot. I keep a panel of faceless people in my head who vote on my right to complain. Let me give you an example:

A public and well known "psychic" (I choke when I write that last word) is forging documents in an attempt to try to take some INTERNET real estate from me. That's all I can say -- for now.

She's lying, cheating, using everyone close to her to get what she wants while simultaneously posting notes about spiritual integrity (noting her own virtuous nature).

You get it. Sociopaths are everywhere, feeling entitled to get everything they want regardless of a single other soul. So, it's made me bitter - for a bit. I get angry, frustrated, enraged and yet in this industry, I feel a responsibility to represent consciousness - and I have to tell you - sometimes it's a lonely road - and that's how I had my breakthrough.

What's happening "to" me isn't the details of a story of unfairness - that happens to all of us. What is important is that I used it to add that event to my pile of statements like, "I'm so misunderstood". I took the "Stories" and made them fit into my deeper mantra, to confirm that I am - Alone - Overlooked - Abandoned.

But here's the catch (or the irony) - in truth, I don't want to belong to a group, I've never been a follower, I hate fitting in too closely and I don't like too much camaraderie. I can tell it's an unhealed part of me because it's what I keep creating and simultaneously denying that I do it.

I think what has to happen here is simply a recognition of a pattern by simply observing. No judgment, no disgust, just a simple eye watching my inner performances and reminding me that a pattern is in play!

Mercury will be direct on Sunday and I will be reciting a fundamental truth to myself - one that I have been saying for years - "If you want to know what a person really wants, look at what they have."

Here's to the observer- gently shedding light on our shadows.

Until next week,

I'm with you on the Quest!


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Out of Mo's Mind:
Letting the Chips Fall


The bag of Chicken and Waffle potato chips sitting on my counter mocks me. It's been nagging at me all week, tearing at the fabric of my self-respect and sanity. Why on earth did I buy these wretched things?

I'm a student of human behavior, especially my own. I try to figure out why I do what I do and how I'm being manipulated.

I go to the grocery store almost every day. I enjoy it. It's fun to mingle with the human zoo and see what's new in the world. I've noticed lately that there's a new kind of marketing. Maybe it isn't new at all, but it certainly is to me. I call it, "in your face and in your way."

Products are positioned in such a manner that you have no choice but to walk around or squeeze by them in an aisle. In the grocery I frequent, as you walk in the front door, you're met with a Mount Everest of potato chips and snack foods. They scream, "buy me!" There's no sexy come hither look, no sweet seduction, just a blatant, megaphone demand that you purchase them.

It was in a massive display of snacks, positioned quite obtrusively in the dairy aisle, that I first saw the Chicken and Waffle flavored potato chips. I was instantly repulsed and felt my stomach lurch. There were chips flavored like hot dogs, ketchup and mustard chips, rib flavored chips, bacon flavored chips and others that seemed completely demented. Of all of these, however, the Chicken and Waffle Chips seemed the most repugnant. I vowed never to let one pass my lips.

About a week later, in the middle of one of the frozen food aisles, another monstrous display of potato chips rippled its muscles. A bag of Chicken and Waffle Chips had been ripped open, as if someone couldn't help themselves and, in a frenzy, frantically had to try them. I've come to realize that it's possible that the chips themselves clawed their way out of the bag and were seeking victims. I marveled at my own sanity, knowing I'd never eat such a thing.

As I stood in the checkout line that day, I heard a customer exclaiming how great the Chicken and Waffle Chips were. Maybe somewhere inside my psyche, it registered that I might be missing something spectacular. Could that be it? All I know is that whatever the reason, I couldn't stay the course.

Last week, I was in the chip aisle and there they were. I immediately felt a little nauseous, but when I saw that they were on sale, less than half price, my Taurus energy kicked in. Like an assembly-line robot, I extended my arm, picked up a bag of Chicken and Waffle Chips and dropped them into my cart.

My curiosity was rabid.

Once I got home, I tossed the other groceries on the counter and tore open the bag. Immediately an aroma hit me that reminded me of raw chicken doused in maple syrup. I felt queasy, but I'd made up my mind and I'm nothing if not stubborn.

I put a Chicken and Waffle potato chip into my mouth and chewed it. Much to my surprise, it was worse than anything I could have imagined. Ever the empiricist, however, I thought perhaps it was an acquired taste, so I began eating the chips and, after a bit, realized that they weren't as bad after the first 30 seconds or so.

I put them aside and, in the interest of science, came back a bit later to see if I could eat more. I put one of the chips in my mouth and my stomach churned. That was it. I couldn't do it. I was officially disgusted.

We humans are an incredibly curious species. Our minds constantly seek stimulation and we can't stand questions that go unanswered like, "what would Chicken and Waffle Chips taste like?" This is being used against us.

We also don't like being left out. It just so happens that these chips are part of a contest to see which of the three "finalist flavors," will be the least repugnant to the populace. We're urged to vote for our favorite, which implies we should buy all three flavors.

Oh boy! We get to vote!

It's the playing on our natural curiosity that upsets me about this marketing. For example, last year, a fast food chain created a taco that gave me heartburn while watching the commercial. It's so outlandish that I'm sure most who tried it did so out of sheer curiosity, although it supposedly tastes good. I heard recently that the company sold over one million of these tacos every day. (Yes, 1,000,000 per day.)

My point is that manipulation is bad, no matter what form it takes.

While I was writing this, my son came by and I gave him the chips. I told him how horrible they are and his curiosity was piqued. He made faces of disgust at the smell, ate some, gagged and ate a few more. He said it reminded him of what it must be like to lick an armpit. Then, he had a few more. What can I say? The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Until next week, I wish you mental clarity and a happy stomach.

I hope you'll join me on Out of Mo's Mind, Wednesday at 10 AM, Pacific on Please bring your own chips.

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower
The Psychic Update

I am taking this week off from writing because my sweet Dad went to Heaven on Friday. I would like to share this article with you again. It is as true now as it was when I originally wrote it.

I have been thinking a lot about happiness lately. I live with 5 cats, who are tremendous examples of happiness. As I write this my kitty, Sandy, is asleep on my lap with the most content smile on her face. One thing I have learned from watching cat happiness is that happiness comes from being, not doing. My cats do very little throughout the day, but seem to be the most content and peaceful beings I know. It is a funny myth most of us grew up with that happiness comes from hard work and perseverance. I'm pretty sure that happiness actually comes from just being ourselves, and not getting too hung up on what we have or have not accomplished.

Sandy had a rough start to life. I found her outside a gas station when she was about 8 weeks old. She was dirty and skinny and sick. It took six months to get her little body functioning normally so she could start growing. That was 2 years ago and now she is a happy, healthy cat. The interesting thing is that she seems unaffected by her past. She is happy and carefree and obviously feels safe and loved. The fact that her kitty mind can't relive her past and fret about her future is a huge contributor to her happiness. She lives in the moment, and everything is great in this moment. This is where we humans get hung up.

Over the past several years I have worked to cultivate a "All is well in the here and now" attitude. It is a challenge not to lament the past and worry about the future. When I catch myself thinking about somewhere other than here and now I remind myself to stop and look around. Is everything OK in this moment? If so, then I remind myself that I am OK, and right now is all I have control over. If everything is not OK in that very moment then I have the opportunity to make a change, right then when I actually have some control. I am not saying that this is easy or that I don't get stuck in cycles of over thinking the past and future. This definitely happens, but I can usually bring myself back to a sense of peace by returning to the moment.

My Dad is dying of Prostate Cancer. He has been on Hospice for 8 months and his condition deteriorates a little more each day. I see him every other day and do my best to spend quality time talking and laughing with him. This has been a real challenge to my "live in the moment" philosophy. I know what is coming and that makes it hard not to worry about the future. I know I can't change it or control it, but my ego has a strong desire to predict what is coming and worry about things I can't possibly do anything about. I continue to work at bringing myself back to the now when worries about my Dad surface.

Somedays I handle it great, I feel happy and see my life going in a positive direction. Other days are much harder. I think that what I am doing is practicing happiness, kind of like practicing the Clarinet or practicing meditation. Each day presents a new challenge to be here now. I know that true happiness is fluid, and that real emotions still occur. It is the ability to return to a happy state after a troubling experience or emotion that indicates that we truly are happy on the inside.

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Blessings of happiness my friends,



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by Carolyn Ferris

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