February 11, 2013

Mark's Power Peek
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CA Brooks
by C.A. Brooks

The Week Ahead

February 11 - FEBRUARY 17

There is not a lot of change in the cosmos this week – no planets changing signs – no beginning or ending retrograde patterns. However, there is a little something happening that is definitely worth taking our time to consider. Mars the planet of action has been soaking up the inspiration of Pisces. Although he hasn't exactly been his usual 'ball of fire', he's not been idle either. This week he will make three important alliances – one with Chiron the wounded healer, another with Pluto the planet of transformation, and a third one with Saturn the planet of organization and discipline.

All three Mars connections hold great potential for taking charge of our lives in different ways. When Mars meets up with Chiron in Pisces on Tuesday, insightful people with the desire to heal old wounds will find the energy and guidance to do so. On Friday Mars will make a connection with powerful Pluto. When these two planets come together for a purpose, everybody and everything better step aside. With our eyes on a treasured goal, there is practically no limit to the amount of energy we will harness to get our way. This is followed by a potentially more powerful alignment between Mars and Saturn on Saturday when we are filled with a sense of purpose and direction. This last connection is industrious, hardworking, responsible and even patient. These energies do not come around every day – be ready to embrace them.

And speaking of embracing, are you ready to celebrate love and embrace a little happiness this week? On Thursday many parts of the world celebrate St. Valentine's Day. Like most celebratory occasions it comes to us with a diverse history and a variety of meanings. But bottom line, we usually think of relationships and the sweetness of love – all forms and varieties.

A caller to Kathleen Peterson and Friends on 12Radio last Friday asked Kathleen and her guest Tamara Childs for suggestions for 'dealing with' Valentine's Day. (They had a great response and if you missed it, you can hear the show through the Archives on 12Radio.com). I was jumping out of my seat as I was listening, wanting to add my own two cents. (I'll get two chances on Tuesday this week – the first on Simpletales with my guest Mo Abdelbaki and then again on Empowerment with Kelly Whetstone. We are all talking about love, relationships and Valentine's Day celebrations.)

Love and this special day of celebrating love is not the domain of the blissfully coupled. It's for all of us! It's a day to say 'thank you' to family, 'I so appreciate your support and friendship' to friends and colleagues, and a day to celebrate ourselves.

Take the initiative and surprise someone with a valentine. Treat yourself to a massage, spa day, or special dinner out with friends. And don't forget the chocolate or flowers if that's your special desire. Go walk a dog at a local shelter; volunteer at a soup kitchen. But most of all, don't ever forget 'love is all there is,' and embrace every opportunity to demonstrate love in its many forms to yourself, your community and your world.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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Moon Void of Course 9:03 am (PST) – 5:51 pm Tuesday evening

Just like water benefits from the structure of a container, the Pisces Moon gets a little help from its planetary friends Saturn and Pluto today. The dreams inspired by the Moon's transit through the sign of imagination are fortified by Pluto and Saturn's joint encouragement for coming up with a viable plan. Rather than being pessimists or obstructionists, they are helping to identify the needed resources and tools.

We too can work collaboratively with others today finding a constructive balance between 'real world' know how and imagination to forge creative solutions. Honor everyone's contribution to the process and the outcome will be worthwhile. Even if you are not working with a team or on a group project, apply the same principles by taking a balanced approach inviting both heart and mind into your actions. Creative and strategic thinking stretches into the evening as Mercury, also in Pisces, aligns with Pluto in organized Capricorn.

Daily Muse: Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results. (Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha)


Moon enters Aries 5:51 pm (PST)

Today is 'Fat Tuesday' or Mardi Gras – a time when some celebrate with abundant and rich foods, music, dancing and generally enjoying the pleasures of the body in preparation for fasting originally associated with the season leading up to Passover and Easter. But there are other reasons to celebrate today. Mars the planet of action hooks up with Chiron – aka 'the wounded healer' we associate with healing paths and journeys.

Chiron represents the 'wounds' we experience – most of which have something to do with feeling abandoned, disenfranchised, low self-worth or a lack of trust in the goodness of life. Chiron in Pisces is associated with a loss of faith in the divine and each other. As we walk the Chiron in Pisces healing journey we learn to trust, have faith in our divine connection and are able to see that we are surrounded by love. Energetic Mars lends his passion today allowing us to take some definitive action toward our own healing journey of remembering wholeness. Of course, we always have the choice to energize our fears about our inadequacies, but why do that?

Mid-day Mercury aligns with disciplined Saturn in the healing sign of Scorpio. Conversations may turn serious, but we are able to discuss important or 'delicate' subjects with objectivity and compassion. It can be an afternoon of tenderness if we so choose. Tonight the Moon will sprint into the willful and assertive fire sign Aries. This straightforward sign shifts our focus toward more independent goals and desires.

Daily Muse: Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. (Carl Jung)

Today on Simpletales –Today on 12Radio we are celebrating Valentine's Day a bit early by talking about love, relationships, and magic. Join me and Vedic Astrologer, Mo Abdelbaki, the 'Love Doctor' on Simpletales as we explore how the planets can help us determine our love and relationship personalities. You can find us on 12Radio.com at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern. Afterwards stick around for Empowerment with Kelly Whetstone – I'm joining Kelly for a discussion of 'being your own valentine' – a subject near and dear to my heart.


Moon enters Capricorn 9:55 am Passion and enthusiasm burns white hot today with a youthful Moon in bold and courageous Aries that is fired up by early morning meetings with Uranus and Jupiter. Uranus is provocative and Jupiter inspires big plans. Despite a temporary setback after noon with a lunar square to Pluto, this is a great day to launch new projects. It's hard to beat the energy and overall spirit of a crescent Moon in Aries – ready to tackle the world and move through every obstacle. This energy is fresh and hopeful. Projects started today have a better chance than most of making it to the finish line successfully. Yes there will be re-evaluations and maybe even a few significant alterations, but if you have been waiting for a sign to start, this may be it.

Tonight our egos are wary when the Sun makes a scrappy connection to Pluto that reminds us to be honest with ourselves and keep the path uncluttered and free of defensive strategies. Challenges are not necessarily setbacks; they are opportunities to refine our plans.

Daily Muse: The Greeks have given us one of the most beautiful words of our language, the word 'enthusiasm' – a God within. The Grandeur of the acts of men are measured by the inspiration from which they spring. Happy is he who bears a God within. (Louis Pasteur)

♥ MOON in

Moon Void of Course 7:35 pm (PST) – 2:08 am Friday morning

We celebrate St. Valentine's Day with the energetic influence of a Moon in Aries. Now quite frankly, Aries is the sign opposite Libra – the sign of lovers and relationship. Aries tends to be 'me first' – in fact it practically insists on it! This could set up an interesting and dynamic energy for those yearning for a memorable celebration with that special someone today. However, even though the event is not likely to be overly sentimental, it is likely to be one you won't forget. Aries reminds us to courageously go after what we want, to be fearless in seeking our desires. This is the reminder to 'take care of our own happiness' and not expect someone else to read our minds or fulfill our every need. You get the picture? Love is grand, especially when two whole people come together to share instead of take.

Make this YOUR day and celebrate all the various ways you feel love moving through your life – the doggie kiss from the neighbor's pooch, the smile from the stranger on the street, the surprise latte from a co-worker, and the warmth you feel in your heart when you remember Louise Hay's daily saying, 'Life loves me.' (It's true!)

Daily Muse: Love's greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred. (Barbara De Angelis)


Moon enters Taurus 2:08 am (PST)

The rubber meets the road today as the Moon shifts into grounded and industrious Taurus and warrior Mars aligns with Pluto. There is inspired potential in this combination with plenty of willpower and discipline. No task is too great, no obstacle too daunting once we have made up our minds and set our sights on a goal. This is fertile energy for those start-up projects we have been envisioning and maybe even started a day or two ago. This is the energy of conscientiousness – to create life – not just experience it as it comes. We set goals, gather our resources, implement a strategy and learn patience as we stick to our plan.

Daily Muse: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. (Eleanor Roosevelt)


We can capitalize on yesterday's productivity with even more efficiency as Mars aligns with Saturn the essence of responsibility. This is the definition of ambition, discipline and patience. In the two water signs (Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio) we also bring great imagination and intuition to bear on everything we do. A lunar square to Venus and the Moon's hookup with the South Node in Taurus might throw a few distractions across our path. But if you remember the eventual outcome you want to experience, you will move easily past any challenges. This is the time to remember patience and expect your process to take some time.

Daily Muse: Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives. (Tony Robbins)


Moon Void of Course 12:31 pm (PST) – 1:50 pm

After the high and efficient energy of the past few days we may feel like we deserve a break, but it may not be forthcoming. As the Moon completes the first quarter of its cycle, the Sun in visionary Aquarius squares off with the determined and resourceful Moon in Taurus. We have to face a few facts and may need to re-evaluate a plan as Aquarius is inspirational, and Taurus knows there is a price to be paid to manifest even the greatest of ideas.

The mood is changing as the Moon bounces into curious Gemini in early afternoon. Resist the urge to swing the pendulum too far from the dogged dedication of this past week. The Moon's square to Neptune could create some confusion or provide a refreshing look into a different reality.

Daily Muse: Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as you please. (Mark Twain)

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The 12-Happenings
by Mark Husson

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Happy (Chinese) New Year!


Out of Mo's Mind:
Chinese New Year and a Thought or Two About Time

When I realized that this column would arrive to readers on the Chinese New Year, I thought I might discuss my interest in Chinese metaphysics, astrology and other mystical aspects of Chinese culture.

The Chinese New Year takes place on the second new moon after the winter solstice. 2013 is, for those of you keeping score, the Year of the Snake.

As I said, my original intent was to write about the New Year, but I realized that all I could think about were my memories of the Chinese New Year 40 years ago.

It might seem odd that I still remember where I was and what I was doing on the Chinese New Year in 1973, but my recollection is clear, as clear as time will allow.

The Chinese New Year took place on a Saturday in 1973. It was the Year of the Ox. My family spent that year in Palo Alto, California, for my dad's sabbatical.

My mom believed that a good way to spend most Saturdays was to go to San Francisco's Chinatown. She loved the fresh produce, fish and intensely ethnic ambiance it proudly exuded. Mom loved to haggle with the shopkeepers and they loved it back. One Saturday, in early February, she got it in her head to go. Once something got in Mom's head, it usually became so. I was in my first year of college and I had nothing better to do, other than study, so it was an easy decision, plus I got to drive.

Off we went: my mom, dad, two brothers, infant sister and yours truly. I loved driving to the city via the Bayshore Freeway. It was insane. Bumper to bumper at ninety miles an hour was the normal flow of traffic. I could always feel the excitement of San Francisco as we approached. By now, I was a pro at getting around the city, often opting for the scariest hills possible, the ones so steep that you couldn't see what was in front of you, only the sky above.

I remember the energy that day in the Grant Street area, the main drag of Chinatown. It was absolutely exhilarating. I wouldn't feel that type of excitement again until I went to my first Mardi Gras in New Orleans. As we walked the streets, we realized that we'd been lucky enough to come on the Chinese New Year.

Bright colors were everywhere. The air smelled of food and gunpowder while thousands of revelers buzzed with anticipation.

Suddenly, the parade started. The place exploded with cheers, horns blaring, gongs sounding, laughter and yelling. Firecrackers, seemingly by the millions, were being set off. Lion Dancers pranced, martial artists posed, people waved and threw candy and then the moment all had been waiting for, the dragon began its twisting dance up the street.

The crowd went wild as the thirty-foot-long creature wound its way through the masses on the sidewalks and street. A man dressed in red, holding a large red and yellow ball on a stick, led the dragon through the crowd. The man would stop, hold the ball in front of a spectator and the dragon would bring its ferocious head close. Then, the person inside the dragon's head would give some sort of advice or divine the fortune for the year, the crowd oohing and applauding. I'd discover later that this ball was known as The Pearl of Wisdom.

The excitement built as the Pearl-Holder and dragon came closer. Suddenly, the Pearl-Holder ran up to me and stuck the orb in my face. The dragon came close enough that I could see the man inside the head, peering at me through the mouth-full of teeth. The crowd awaited the sage's advice.

The dragon yelled, "YOU GET HAIRCUT!"

The crowd burst into laughter. As the dragon pranced away amidst gongs, drums and horns, I stood stunned. My mom had uttered some variation of those words at least ten times a day for almost a year. I turned around to see her laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face. She was leaning on my dad, who was also quite amused. She pointed at me and between fits of laughter squeaked out, "YOU GET HAIRCUT!"

I was the only one not laughing. Then I finally I got the joke. It was probably a different joke than what others were laughing at, but I did get it and I began laughing, too. There we were, a crowd on a sidewalk on Grant Street in San Francisco's Chinatown on the Chinese New Year, sharing laughter. I'll never forget it.

My parents have been gone for a long time. My siblings are grown, living happy and successful lives.

The Year of the Ox turned out to be a great year for my family, culminating with a trip back to my parent's homeland. Before that trip, for safety's sake, I got a haircut. The dragon's pearl of wisdom had not only been a social comment but also prophetic. My next haircut wouldn't occur for another thirty years or so. Old rebellion dies hard.

As you can see, this column isn't about the Chinese New Year, but about how important it is to realize that every single moment you're here may be the one that you want to remember forever. The people in our lives, our friends and family, are more valuable than anything any of us can begin to imagine.

When people remain vibrantly in your mind and heart for decades, when missing them never goes away and when you can still remember a laugh from long ago that makes you smile, for me, this is the very definition of love.

To all of you, Gong Hay Fat Choy and a prosperous and joyous Year of the Snake.

Until next week, I wish you peace and love.

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by Tamara Childs
Your Inspired Life:
Star Light

I have actually been enjoying my enforced vacation out in the boondocks. My mother's wrist is recovering nicely and she needs a "ranch hand" (which is laughable if you know me) but I was her closest bet. Life on a ranch is interesting, if you're used to being in town. More dirt comes in the front door and suddenly you're dealing with "mud boots", and outdoor gear, and buckets of chicken eggs and coyotes and wolves and the daily lifestyle of all things rugged.

But one night during this dark moon week, I found myself out on the deck under a vast field of stars. The sky at night is not flat, it is alive and luminous and not quite black, exactly. More like a velvety indigo. And the stars are incredibly bright, like so many burning eyes staring down, twinkling their messages downward. Stars touch something in our souls. They remind us a part of us burns the same way, eternally, unstoppable.

So many visitors have come to the ranch and exclaimed about the expanse and the starry nights. And it is indeed magical. An astronomer friend of mine is always grumbling about "light pollution" that prevents him from setting up his telescope for night-time viewing of the stars. Now I know what he means! Here there is nothing stopping you from looking up and receiving what the stars have to say. It is nearly impossible to look up and see this and feel no possibility.

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by Carolyn Ferris

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Carolyn's Art Picture

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower
The Psychic Update

Root Chakra

Did you know that you have an energetic umbilical cord directly connected to Mother Earth? Well, you do! I am an Aura Reader. I spend a lot of my time reading people's energy bodies. I have witnessed some really interesting things happening with our Earth Connections (Root Chakras) lately. Have you been experiencing fatigue, lower body pain, anxiety, a feeling of disconnectedness and instability? Well, you are probably experiencing a Root Chakra shift that has been common in most people in the last few months. Likely your Root Chakra is shifted off to your left, kinking your Earth Connection, reducing the amount of energy you are drawing from the Earth. This contributes to all of the symptoms I listed previously. This shift started occurring in November and is still a problem for many people. The cause is an interesting one. Beginning in November we began to ascend into the 5th dimension. Our energy bodies are infinitely wise and caught right up to the change in vibration. Our physical bodies are denser and therefore slower to adjust. This has caused us to experience a Root Chakra shift as our physical bodies catch up to our energy bodies.

So, what do we do about this Root Chakra shift? There are several options. One is to wait it out, your physical body will eventually adjust to the shift and symptoms will ease up. Another is to seek out and energy healer like me for a Chakra Balancing and re-alignment. You can also work on this issue yourself. Here is an example of a meditation you can do to re-align your Root Chakra, working with the Earth goddess Gaia.
"Visualize Gaia's solid, grounding energy below you, red swirling energy in the center of the Earth.

Reach out to Gaia, sending energy down from your root chakra into the earth. Feel her connect to your root chakra, anchoring your life force energy to her.

Feel the life force energy of the Earth course through you, energizing and balancing you. Feel yourself connected to a network of energy coursing through the earth, joining all living things in a web of life."

You will notice after this visualization that you will feel balanced and connected and your Root Chakra shift symptoms will clear up. Our energy bodies are so fascinating!
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