January 7, 2013

Mark's Power Peek
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CA Brooks
by C.A. Brooks

The Week Ahead

When January rolls around, the outlook can sometimes be a bit bleak. Most of the traditional holidays are over, and even the physical environment seems lackluster as the festive lights and decorations disappear. Let's blame it on astrology! (By the way, did you know there is a word for me, I mean people, who don't take down their Christmas decorations in a timely fashion? We, I mean they, are 'nerkles' – a combination of nerd and sparkle!)

As we move from the season of buoyant and optimistic Sagittarius and into the pragmatic earthy Capricorn, the landscape evolves from upbeat and sunny to practical and grounded. On Tuesday Venus enters Capricorn where she joins the Sun, Mercury and Pluto. Friday of this week the Moon aligns with the Sun initiating a New Moon cycle in Capricorn. What better time to re-acquaint ourselves with the striving and successful Mountain Goat with the fish tale? Sagittarius vision explores and inspires, but Capricorn grounds our enthusiasm with practical strategies and structure. Let's hear it for the gifts of this powerful and enduring earth sign!

We think of love and relationships when we think of Venus – but more generally her effect in our lives is to influence our sense of value – what's important, beautiful, worthy and lovable. While she is in Capricorn and with the New Moon in Capricorn this month, we are looking for more stability in our lives. We may be more cautious and practical especially concerning love and money because we are looking for enduring and long-term investments. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, understands the value of patience, hard work, and wisdom that comes through time and maturity.

The history of making New Year's Resolutions is rooted in both religious and cultural traditions – promising the gods we will return borrowed objects, pay our debts, turn over a new leaf, forgive ourselves and others and generally become better people. Although the more serious tradition of resolution making may have been abandoned, this sense of needing to resolve – to decide, to commit – is alive and well in the world of Capricorn. Deep inside we feel Capricorn's admonishment to take action and make a commitment or two.

If you are inspired to make some commitments to yourself for 2013, it's never too late. The New Moon in Capricorn on Friday supplies the perfect energy for resolving to make changes, replace habits and set some new foundations into place. Instead of a resolution, maybe you'd like to choose a mantra for yourself. Do you have a favorite quote or line from a movie or song? Denise Linn encourages us to choose a mantra, a power name and even a theme song when we are making changes in our lives. Consider all of these fun and effective techniques when setting new intentions. Meanwhile you can enjoy one of my favorite mantras.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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Moon Void of Course 3:31 am (PST) – 12:28 am Tuesday morning

The cosmic energy is a little 'crazy-making' today as the Moon cruises through secretive Scorpio in a void of course pattern. The 'truth' may not be as forthcoming as we would like and intense emotions may color the way we see things. Energetic Mars in visionary Aquarius is challenged by strategist Saturn in Scorpio thwarting some of the best laid plans. Seeing our goals through may feel like a burden but have faith, if your intentions are clear the path will get easier.

Daily Muse: I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor. (Henry David Thoreau)


Moon enters Sagittarius 12:28 am (PST)
Moon Void of Course 6:28 pm (PST) – 12:54 am Thursday morning
Venus enters Capricorn 8:11 pm (PST)

The Moon's shift into truth-seeking Sagittarius shortly after midnight puts us in touch with some of our deepest inspirations and emotions. All astrological signs are associated with a descriptive phrase and for Jupiter-ruled Sag the tag line is 'I see'. We are looking for honesty and integrity in our interactions and will likely be dissatisfied with anything that seems phony or inauthentic. As the Moon is within a few days of concluding its monthly cycle, it's a good time to withdraw our attention and energy from distractions and focus on the essential.

And the timing is perfect as Venus the planet of love, attraction and values heads for Capricorn. She has been traveling through Sag since the middle of December where we expanded our understanding of love through exploration – ala Sagittarian idealism. Under the influence of pragmatic Capricorn, she will guide us to more traditional but enduring affairs of the heart and financial decisions.

Daily Muse: Love and desire are the spirit's wings to great deeds. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Today on Simpletales start your year off right with divine guidance compliments of Anita Ahuja, the angels and ascended masters. Anita will offer advice that is both visionary and grounded to set our feet on the path for 2013. You'll find us on 12Radio.com at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern.

ca Brooks

All day void of course Moon

It's a quiet day at the cosmic dance and perfect for artists and creativity on every level. The Moon is void of course all day encouraging the reliance on intuition. Venus in Capricorn (as of last night) makes a favorable connection with Neptune the planet of dreams. And what a perfect combination it is! Let imagination guide your choices and plans and find a new beauty and usefulness in order. This energy takes ideas into practice. If you are an artisan, devote at least part of your day to your craft or planning your next project. This energy is equally good for projects of other sorts as well. Who is to argue with the sublime intelligence of a perfectly balanced budget, a thoughtful management plan to empower employees or co-workers, or a perfectly designed and constructed bridge? And don't overlook the potential benefits to relationships as the planet of love drinks in the compassionate waters of Neptune.

Daily Muse: The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. (Vince Lombardi)


Moon enters Capricorn 12:54 am (PST)

Forget the excuses, whining or poor me faces today. The Moon in reasonable and no-nonsense Capricorn is taking charge! A lunar square to rebellious Uranus in independent Aries is restless and anxious to ignore responsibilities and duties but it's not likely the road of distractions or procrastination will allow us to make an escape. When the Moon makes alliances with both Pluto and Saturn this afternoon, debts in the form of obligations, promises and commitments are likely to come due. It's the last day of the lunar cycle, so we may not be thrilled with the accountability, but brace yourself and take care of business and follow-through on those promises. You can move into the new lunar cycle with a clean slate.

Daily Muse: The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply. (Denis Waitley)


New Moon 21 Capricorn 11:44 am (PST)
Moon Void of Course 11:44 am (PST) – 1:01 am Saturday morning

Many people like to set intentions on the New Moon. Even if that's not your habit, consider making a commitment or two today. The New Moon in grounded Capricorn is a call to conscientiousness. The methodical and disciplined mountain/sea goat can assist in designing plans and strategies for tackling even the most ambitious goals – one deliberate and carefully planned step at a time.

Despite the concentrated Capricorn energy in the cosmos today, there is also an undisciplined and rowdy voice in the form of Jupiter in versatile Gemini that threatens to scatter our energy. Looking at variations and alternatives can help solidify our choices. Think about comparing color swatches to determine the perfect match. However, paying attention to every voice that calls can serve as a major distraction pulling us off course. To use a sports metaphor (who me?), keep your eye on the ball and refuse to spend time or energy on unimportant disruptions or communications.

Daily Muse: One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular. (Tony Robbins)


Moon enters Aquarius 1:01 am (PST)

While yesterday's agenda called for focus and concentration, today we are blessed with an unconventional Moon in Aquarius and two quirky but magical connections to the Sun from Saturn and Uranus allowing us to find our own workable combination of discipline and freedom. Personal and unique solutions are the name of the game! Of course those 'out-of-the-box' strategies are easier to come by if we understand what's in the box to start with! Today we can select from an array of traditional concepts we are familiar with and delight in choosing additional ideas and tactics that are new and inspiring. We can have our cake and eat it too! Don't do it like everybody else – find your own way today.

There is another bit of unpredictability afloat this evening when Venus in conventional Capricorn squares eccentric Uranus in autonomous Aries. This energy calls for flexibility to embrace possibilities instead of shutting down creativity. We may be tempted to cling to the status quo. However, tag-teaming with the energy earlier today, we'll have more success with open-mindedness than when we consider life's propositions as mutually exclusive choices.

It's the 12th of the month – look for special events on 12Listen.com and 12Academy.com.

Daily Muse: Transformation literally means going beyond your form. (Wayne Dyer)


Moon Void of Course 12:37 am (PST) – 2:49 am Monday morning

The Moon is sailing through avant-garde Aquarius and we'll definitely see the friendlier side of this sign today verses the rebel. Outside of a quick and fleeting connection with Mars shortly after midnight, the Moon is void of course and making no additional connections with planets. The planets too, are taking the day off making no new connections with each other. Maybe this is a classic storybook weekend with opportunities to forget the agenda and just kick back.

Daily Muse: My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations. (Michael J. Fox)


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The 12-Happenings
by Mark Husson
Hey Everyone,

A very happy New Year to you! I'm always resolving to change something in my life so New Years Resolutions just look like a set up for Guilt in January. It's easy, after all, to say you're going to start a diet when you just loaded your belly with scrumptious carbs. So I just resolve to find more things to be grateful for and I do seriously ask that I grow closer to my Divine connection.

After that, I'm a free agent!

I have a lot of things I want to remind you before I leave you to enjoy the other articles:

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Until next week,

Happy New Year!


Our Newest Contributor
by Kristi Brower
She's 1/4 of the Psychic Sisters, a Quartet of related Females who use their power for Good! They Joined us in 2012 on 12Radio.com with the Psychic Sister Show and Kristi and Katie branched off to include their own shows and to be a part of the 12Listen.com family of psychics.

Kristi Brower has a "Grace with Honesty" approach to life. In our time together she has spoken up with praise where she saw it was deserved and suggestions when things needed to be different. I found myself proud, that this woman, while leading an entire family, thought the 12 would be an appropriate home. I was doubly thrilled when she offered her writing services to the Power Peek.

The Psychic Update

Hello Power Peek Fans! I am so excited to be joining you and Mark and the gang here on Power Peek. Every week I will be sharing my psychic perspective about current happenings. I will also share stories from my own wacky life as a professional psychic and healer. I live in a small, conservative town in Idaho, and as I am sure you can imagine, I stick out like a sore thumb. I love my work and know I am fulfilling my personal mission by bringing light to my community. What an honor to bring my light to all of you as well! So, here is my first installment of "The Psychic Update."

2012 was a challenging year for all of us on so many levels. It was also an amazing year because we as a society finally had "the big talk" about many social issues that have been hiding in dark places in our communities. We talked about gay marriage, poverty, rape, and women's rights. We turned on the lights and brought some of the most difficult issues to the forefront. These conversations were not easy and at times very unpleasant, but we went from pretending these issues weren't really issues to getting down to the work of resolving them once and for all.

I have been predicting for a couple of years now that 2012 would be the beginning of peace and equality, and that is exactly what has happened. Now that doesn't mean that it was all sunshine and roses and the lion lay down with the lamb, etc. No, we fought some serious battles this year. We brought to light some of the ugliest, most hateful beliefs about our fellow human beings, and then we sent those beliefs packing. We will continue to have conflict about ignored social issues for a while. We have to bring them out into the light, dust them off and really look at what is happening before we can come together as humanity and make long term change.

I am so excited to be alive and a part of this tremendous growth process! I challenge you to get involved in some way in your own community this year! Find something you are passionate about and give your time to help. If we all take a little time to shine our light, we will make great change and inspire those around us to do the same. 2013 is the year of community!



Connect with Kristi here: PsychicSisters.net
Out of Mo's Mind:
A New Year Hope

So far, I like 2013.

I know it's too early to tell, but I sense that this could be an important year for all of us. It's a year of transition and movement from one type of thinking to another. I don't give credit to the Mayan Calendar or anything other than you and me. On its own, the year will produce, but if we put our energy into making this year the best it can be, I believe almost anything is possible, on a personal as well as on a global level.

As I believe that the microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm, let's focus on you and what you can do to make this year the best it can be.

First of all, embrace change. This is a year that demands a sense of transformation within every single on of us. Since life is all about change, it stands to reason that if you're afraid of change, you're also afraid of life. 2013 won't respond well to a fear-based frame of mind. Life takes commitment and courage and you have both.

Be ready to learn new things. This is a time for invention and innovation. The entire year sets the stage for new interests to blossom in your life, giving you a whole new world to investigate and play with. If you've been wanting to learn some sort of Oracle, whether it be Tarot, astrology or any of the magnificent tools that have been given to us, then this is your year to do it. If you've been wanting to learn to play the piano, saxophone or didgeridoo, get to it. Painting, sculpture, knitting, Yoga, all await you.

The emphasis isn't on succeeding instantly, or becoming a master overnight. Simply putting effort into something new, something you enjoy, will enrich your life in ways that will delight and astound you.

This year won't tolerate injustices, and neither should you. Make that your motto. If you see something, or notice something, that bothers you, speak up about it or at least acknowledge it to yourself. This is a year of restored balance and a time for the renovation of many of our dilapidated ethical structures. Of course, the work will be slow, but progress is assured if enough of us persist in our belief in fairness.

The bullies and dishonorable will stand out to you like sore thumbs. This is a year of awareness and keeping your eyes open. Remember that most miscreants don't want to change and aren't open to polite suggestion. The key is to avoid dealing with these types, as much as possible, and to not give them any of your power. A lack of response is to bullies, as Kryptonite is to Superman.

Any work you put in this year will be paid back many times over. Don't be afraid to push yourself and your energy, even if it doesn't seem that it will be reciprocated. As long as you make it a labor for good, you'll prosper. This is also a great time to redouble your efforts in your career and to move forward for whatever you want to do in your life. This doesn't have to be about current work it; it can be about your life-goals and dreams, even if they seem undoable. Remember, this year can create opportunities that soar.

Finally, indulge your passions. These don't have to be passions of the flesh, but if they are, be safe. Look to that which tantalizes you and urges your soul to expand into the awaiting world. Grasp your sense of excitement and wonder, and allow yourself to fall head over heels in love with life again.

Something is in the air, something powerful, expansive and remarkable. The year will only be what you make of it, and I'm here to tell you that you can make it one to remember.

Those of us who embrace an alternative view of life represent a consciousness that hopes to bring a gentler, more humane energy to the world. We hope to share our views and our confidence in the fact that life can be filled with love and laughter. It's a viewpoint we've had for a long time. I think that this is the year the world begins to catch on.

Share your gifts, reap your rewards and make 2013 your year.

PROGRAM NOTE: Out of Mo's Mind, Wednesday, January 9, 9 AM, Pacific. Remember, the show has moved but it's still the same old Mo. Join me for whatever strikes my fancy to discuss. If you can't make it, look for the archive to be posted within 24 hours, unless I get drawn to a hammock and a sandy beach somewhere. In which case, let me just laze in the sun for a while. I'll archive the show after the coconuts run out. 12Radio.com.

Classes will be starting again soon. Please let me know if there's anything special you'd like to learn. If I can, I will.

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by Tamara Childs
Tamara Childs
2012 and Beyond (encore)

For many of us 2012 had the energy of a number 2 lead pencil. Somehow we were back in grade school learning our "lessons." So many of us felt like life was one big long 12 month lesson, with the feeling that if we didn't make our own grade, we might be held back.

External changes mirrored our feeling that nothing was totally stable. We'd start on one track and find the universe turning the steering wheel 180 degrees. We'd adjust to the best of our ability, try to think nicely of the capricious universe, and stay as centered as possible.

We have been through a lot of change, much of it energetic and unspoken. Many of us felt like we were in the eye of the storm, suspended in mid-air while the storm raged around us for a while, watching situations disintegrate before our eyes. Others held their breath and kept faith in their prayers that life would eventually become clear, stable and safe. What we might not have realized in the midst of all this was the universe kindly asking us to walk our talk; suspending us like adult babies in our energetic birthing pods, until we were in resolution to doing this, for our own good. Life holds our dreams for us until we are ready to receive them.

Walking through the doorway into this new year of 2013 will bring relief and a new year vibration of loving community, sharing and cooperative collaboration that many of us wished for but could not attain last year. Ventures that do not truly hold the 'good of all' are going by the wayside. What about a big huge YAY! Let's keep celebrating this new energy. There is something for all of us to look forward to.

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by Carolyn Ferris

Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art.
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Afternoon Delight
Carolyn's Art Picture

Woman flying on a magic carpet. There is a doorway to another world. It's Paradise. Magic happens. Invite yourself into a silent retreat to listen to your soul's dreams and pray for them to happen. Help the magic along by taking the steps to make your dream come true. Then, keep a keen eye as you listen and watch for the magic of your dream to unfold in front of you.

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