Your Power Center by Kristi Brower

Your solar plexus chakra is at the base of your sternum. It is usually yellow and is the center of personal power, will and self esteem in your life. It is your powerhouse, and governs how you extend your will into the world. When it is balanced you are confident and strong and you stand up for what you want. When it is out of balance you can feel weak, allow yourself to be controlled by others and lose sight of what you really want. You can also become defensive and angry, using your will to control those around you.

Balancing power is a lifelong challenge we all face. Finding happiness means balancing power, putting yourself in the driver's seat of your life. Give up too much power and lose your identity, wield too much power and take someone else’s. Solar Plexus balance is a challenge that takes a toolkit to maintain.

Join me for Kindred Spirits on Friday, 8/10 at 10 am PST on for a look at Solar Plexus balance and the tools needed to keep you in charge.

I see you, I love you, you matter,


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Kristi Brower

Kristi Brower is a Writer, Social Worker, Master Healer Radio Producer/Personality and Professional Psychic. She lives in Idaho with her wife, son, 2 dogs and 5 cats. Kristi loves to share her experiences and perspective with the world through the written and spoken word.