Weekly Grace by Grace ray


Though some are really enjoying the Leo Season

the aspects suggest an open window opportunity that allows for change, transformation and expediting our goals and dreams. 

I saw a Meme on Instagram of a bloodied ballerina foot, 

"Everyone wants success, but doesn't want to do the work to get there."

This resonated strongly with me! And is so true. Sometimes we get so caught up in our dreams, our goals, that we can almost forget why we are doing it in the first place. 

Is it for the glory, the validation and the applause? (I say this as a former LA- Actress.... that was my Life! LOL) 

When we create goals for the validation or approval of others, we are not in a place of humility. Humility, ultimately being, 

not superior to others... and not inferior to others. And being "less than, not enough" is usually the driving force or the core issue that 

turns people into hamsters spinning on a wheel as fast as they can. 

GOOD NEWS! This Season, kicks us off the wheel. If you watch Game of Thrones, Khaleesi would LOVE THIS. This doesn't defeat the wheel, 

it shatters it! It pulls us out of the place of delusion and shows us the truth. We are able to assess reality and see what really needs to change, and that can be scary. 

To realize we do have to change our ways and do something else in order to be successful, happy and healthy. 

How to Change

Mercury Retrograde, which lasts another 2 weeks, is uncomfortable for the disappointment, bad news, and realizations that can be negative. On the other hand, it is a reassessment of our methods

. If things are working well, we will appreciate them more. We will be more certain that they are working in our favor. If things are not going well, we will not be Rejected by the Universe... 

only Redirected! Meaning, it will be a clear sign, "This isn't working for you!" 

The natural response is to freak right out in disappointment. And then shut that instinct down. Please do not; what we resist, only persists!!!

Instead, allow your natural, organic emotions to come out and be expressed. The absolute best way is to talk to a beloved friend, counselor or person whom you can trust. Allow them to validate your concerns and know that at the end of the day... this isn't your fault. You don't have to go it alone. This isn't a punishment. This is just the beginning of a new journey! You are loved! 

Once we process those fears and emotions, we can seek discernment. We can seek a new way of doing things; to live in the grey, rather than the black and white. 

We are never against a wall, no matter how much it feels that way. 

This is a really good exercise in the old saying, "things do not have to change, I do". 

Meaning, if something isn't going our way, right now is not the time to feel victimized. Instead, just this Season, we look inside ourselves:

at our motives, thoughts, beliefs and realize what we CAN control v. what we can not. 

It also always helps to get a psychic perspective. A little peek into the future, or some guidance can go a long way!!! 

It's almost over... but so important to embrace this moment! I love you and I am truly so proud of your bravery, fearlessness and ability to stay open. 






Grace Smith

Grace is an accomplished intuitive, clairvoyant and energy healer with 20 years experience and a natural gift. At the tender age of 5 years old, Grace was divinely inspired to stand up and deliver accurate predictions at her local church. Soon after, she was recognized as "prophet" and worked with various churches, denominations and spiritual groups, delivering the messages she was receiving. It has always been Grace's intention to advance her capabilities and extend her gift to as many individuals as she can. Having studied the arts of meditation, tarot, energy healing, and astrology and additionally worked with various channels, gurus, spiritual advisers and life coaches, Grace takes a trinity approach to the healing arts: mind, body and spirit.