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C.A. Brooks

Monday September 10th through Sunday September 16th

Astrological Highlights for the week:

Mars re-enters Aquarius on Monday; Jupiter in Scorpio makes a final connection (sextile) to Pluto in Capricorn Wednesday morning.

This week we reach another important milestone in the Mars Retrograde pattern. Hold down the screaming. Yes, I know, Mars is now moving direct. However, as an astrologer, I like to look at the entire process. After all, what's the good of going back to review if we don't bring our lessons and insights forward? Ok, can I continue now?

On Monday evening Mars has completed its work in pragmatic Capricorn and heads forward to visionary Aquarius. It's more appropriate to say, returns to Aquarius, since this is where it was when it retrograded in June. Ideas that were nothing more than hopes and dreams in the spring now appear more concrete and within reach. Like the sap beginning to flow after a cold winter, our passions are re-ignited. As Mars is the planet of energy, inspirations, and action, expect to feel a rush of motivation this week with a genuine desire to move forward, even against resistance. Aquarius loves being the rule breaker!

If you really want to know how to motivate someone, how to push their buttons and get a rise out of them, look to the placement of Mars in their natal chart (Sign, House and relationships with other planets). If you want to look more broadly to the Martian energy of the times, look to where Mars is now. As of Monday night, it will be in high-minded Aquarius. Intrigues and curiosities are now inflamed as this progressive and socially reforming sign gets its mental wheels geared up and moving. Want some examples of Mars in Aquarius in action? Look to the lives of Rachel Maddow, Joanne Woodward, Jimmy Carter, Caroline Myss, Maya Angelou, John Belushi, Edward Kennedy, Howard Hughes, Lee Iacocca, Charles Lindbergh, and Leonardo da Vinci. They were all born while Mars moved through the unconventional, futuristic, experimental, and revolutionary sign of Aquarius. (Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio hold onto your hats; this could be a challenging and yet very rewarding ride.)

We all have permission to be contrary, rebellious, and a bit opinionated while Mars moves through Aquarius. However, it's probably worth noting, we catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. In our revolutionary zeal, we can lose sight of the goal and simply surrender to the attraction of being a rebel without a cause. H.G. wells said, “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo” and also, “Our true nationality is mankind.” The rebel may be one of the hallmark archetypes for Aquarius, but it's also the sign of humanity, philanthropy, innovation, and true friendship (people of like minds).

Expect to get inspired and fired up. Mars will be in Aquarius during the next two months, until the middle of November. Find your cause, your purpose and your reason for being. And oh by the way; Mars was in Aquarius on November 6, 1860. Doesn't ring a bell? It was the day Abraham Lincoln was elected 16th President of the United States.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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  • September 10

Moon Goes Void of Course 8:12am - enters Libra 8:20am

Mars enters Aquarius at 5:56pm

The day starts off on a hopeful note as the Moon glides into peace-loving Libra. However, when the Moon bumps into a disagreement with obstinate Saturn mid-day, watch for potential resistance or conflict. To appease the part of Libra that wants and expects fairness and justice, an adjustment needs to be made. Before calling someone else out on their behavior, make sure you are acting with honesty and integrity. Try to tune into your own prejudices and biases. If you are trying to pull a “fast one” or make excuses, you are likely to be found out. Likewise if others faults and weaknesses seem to jump out and demand correction, consider your intention and motivation. This is a chance to be honest with yourself and clean up your act. Try as we might, it's pretty hard to change anyone except ourselves. That being said; if something or someone seems a bit hinkey, your intuition is probably right on. Proceed with caution.

Tonight we reach another milestone in Mars' journey, which included a seven week retrograde pattern through the late summer. This evening, Mars has completed its work in pragmatic Capricorn and heads forward to visionary Aquarius. Ideas that were nothing more than hopes and dreams in the spring now appear more concrete and within reach. Like the sap beginning to flow after a cold winter, our passions are re-ignited. As Mars is the planet of energy, inspirations, and action, expect to feel a rush of motivation this week and the genuine desire to move forward, even against resistance. Aquarius loves being the rule breaker!

Daily Muse:
We all have our time machines, don't we? Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward are dreams. (H.G. Wells)

  • September 11

Moon Goes Void of Course 3:57pm until Tomorrow 11:15am

We don't usually think of the Sun in Virgo as a busy body. But it's not exactly a cosmic secret the Sun is foretelling today as it forms a sextile with Jupiter and then a trine with Pluto. Jupiter in mysterious Scorpio is forming a significant and potent connection with Pluto in foundation-building Capricorn early tomorrow morning (shortly after Midnight, Pacific Time). Today as this powerful cosmic energy builds, the Sun aligns with both planets highlighting the coming attraction. Some might consider this a window of opportunity for evolutionary growth! The Sun's shout-out to the Jupiter-Pluto alliance gives us the heads up that today may be an auspicious time to focus and concentrate our activities and energies in a way that will promote the successful attainment of personal and professional goals that are close to our hearts.

This afternoon, as the Moon in Libra squares powerful and transformational Pluto, there could be a moment of hesitation or doubt. To say emotions run deep is an understatement! Are we really on the right side after all? What if we are wrong? Would that be such a bad thing? Are we so sure of what we are sure of? Whenever Pluto is involved there is the danger of blowing things out of proportion and making mountains out of molehills. However, this temporary moment of fear or trepidation could lead to an important turning point, especially with Jupiter and Pluto aligning late tonight.

There is a second planetary alignment we should be considering today. This one also builds through the day even though it doesn't reach its zenith until early Wednesday morning (2:01 Pacific Time). This opposition between Venus the planet of values and Uranus the poster child for revolution has an unsettling effect as we rebel against the rules and foundations of our thinking about love and money. Consider these labels of “love and money” as representative of bigger concepts including our beliefs and attitudes about our resources and everything that is lovable, valuable, and worthwhile.

With the Moon in Venus-ruled Libra, we may be overly sensitive to anything that seems out of balance or unfair. Righting a few wrongs may be uppermost in our minds as we move through the afternoon and evening. Before assuming somebody else is responsible for your dissatisfaction, consider how you may be holding yourself back or prisoner to outdated ideas and commitments. Rebel first against self-made prisons and then you can tackle the world.

Daily Muse:

It is not the end of the physical body that should worry us. Rather, our concern must be to live while we're alive - to release our inner selves from the spiritual death that comes with living behind a facade designed to conform to external definitions of who and what we are. (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)

Today on Simpletales: we'll look at the week and month ahead with Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Master, Mo Abdelbaki. Please join us on at 10 am Pacific – 1 Eastern.

  • September 12

Moon enters SCORPIO 11:15am

The first two hours after midnight are heady times for planetary activity. (See yesterday's write-up.) If you wake up this morning feeling like your dreams were filled with omens and messages, well, you are probably right! These insights can fade quickly if we don't take notice or action. With the Moon entering moody and deep Scorpio, we have our hands (and hearts) full with a changing sea of emotional tides and currents. Our wavering feelings can provide more than enough entertainment for the afternoon! Insights and intuition are abundant as well.

Tonight Venus reaches out to Saturn for support and stability and is duly rewarded. If your “boat” feels like it has been rocking with the waves and changing conditions, this is a welcome port in the storm. The desire for more independence or stimulation (Venus opposite Uranus in the early morning) is heard even within the structure of a relationship. If this is not true, and a partner is unwilling to listen to or consider options for change, it may be time to look at the “rules” guiding your partnership. Change is natural and invigorating for individuals and relationships alike. If the glue keeping you together is unyielding, Saturn may ask you to consider a different or higher commitment – one that is supportive of your growth. Saturn and Venus working together adds up to responsibility and commitment. However, we provide the purpose and the target!

Daily Muse: Losing your way on a journey is unfortunate. But, losing your reason for the journey is a fate more cruel. (H.G.Wells)

  • September 13

We may be more motivated than usual to put the past behind us and to confront lingering regrets, as Mars in forward-thinking Aquarius makes a helpful connection to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Chiron has a way of pulling us into the past making us believe we are victims of circumstances beyond our control. It's ironic really, as these wounds are really perceived weaknesses, rather than real ones, and can be signposts for building our expertise and strengths.

With the Moon moving through introspective and emotional Scorpio it might be easy to get pulled into an emotional trap of our own undoing. But, (you know there had to be a but!), Mercury the thinker opposes Neptune the dreamer today. Now ordinarily this can be a confusing time; however, it might serve our purposes very well. Challenging irrational thoughts and ideas or even feelings and using a spiritual lens can help us climb out of a pit of self-judgment and find compassion, healing, and forgiveness for ourselves and others.

The Scorpio Moon like its Sagittarian neighbor can be a truth seeker. This Moon can be ruthless in uncovering the source of issues and feelings. Fortunately for us, lunar connections are positive and transformative today and maybe even a little bitter sweet as the evening concludes with the Moon joining optimistic and hopeful Jupiter. Time spent alone in reflection, journaling, or reading today is time well spent.

Daily Muse: The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. (Caroline Myss)

  • September 14

Moon Goes Void of Course 1:54am - enters SAGITTARIUS 5:45pm

The Moon in thoughtful and private Scorpio makes us want to pull the covers back over our heads and “call in sick” to work or whatever personal plans are on our agenda. There is a distant strain of uneasiness brewing, or what we might feel as agitation. If you can gracefully duck out of your plans and escape your usual routine, do so, and pursue whatever feels right to you in the moment.

In early evening the Moon slides into adventurous Sagittarius confirming our earlier feelings that we just need to get a break from our every day schedule and habits for awhile. Maybe it's Mars moving through restless Aquarius, or the Moon seeking some private time. We don't have to know the reason. Listen to your feelings today without judgment.

Daily Muse: Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. (Leonardo da Vinci).

Today on the Friday Morning Show, please join me for a thoughtful discussion based on A Course In Miracles. Why wait for heaven? You will find me on at 9 am Pacific – Noon Eastern on

  • September 15

The Moon in expansive and buoyant Sagittarius keeps this day sailing on a relatively high note. This evening when Mercury connects with Pluto, thinking and conversations may turn serious, efficient, and productive. There is strength and intensity in this connection which can be useful for plumbing the depths of the psyche; but things don't have to be so somber on this Saturday night. Mystery movies, games, and puzzles, or a dive into the occult, astrology, tarot, or mediumship can also be a fun and interesting way to submerge into this energy. You might learn a lot about your friends, partner or blind date through what first appears as superficial and social fun and games!

Daily Muse: Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating. (John Cleese).

  • September 16

Moon Goes Void of Course 4:15pm
A pre-dawn connection between messenger Mercury and expansive Jupiter in thoughtful Scorpio could bring up some interesting ideas for breakfast or brunch conversations. But we may have to watch ourselves, as the Moon in zealous and opinionated Sagittarius might just offend the conservative values of Mercury in somewhat conservative and polite Virgo. Did I say too much, or go too far out of bounds? Despite the potential for being a bit too brash or over-the-top, today's emotional energy should be playful and youthful. Look for common ground and ways to align with others rather than searching for their faults and deficiencies and the differences between us.
This afternoon we conclude the first quarter of this lunar cycle as the Moon in expansive Sagittarius squares the Sun in pragmatic Virgo. Looking for truth is more complicated than adhering to hard and fast rules. We may want to hold to our principles while also allowing room for new information and ideas to shape our thoughts and behaviors.

Daily Muse:
Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness. (Caroline Myss).

  • Power Peek Memo
  • from Mark Husson
  • c.a.brooks.jpg

The long journey to the new "Mark's Power Peek" is inching toward the finish line. You should be able to read it on all mobile devices as well as desk and lap tops! I have to give a special thanks to Eugenio in Spain who cared to finish it in spite of losing many hours of sleep so that we could test it. Now that we're nearing our completion I can share him. If you have an internet project that needs special coding let me know by hitting reply to this email.

This week welcomes the very first article by Dr. Elisa Robyn who takes a candid and provocative look into Kabbalistic Spiritualism.

C.A. tirelessly translates the energy of each day filtered through her incredible astrological knowledge and sprinkled with her natural Piscean Psychic power.

Mo continues to strike a chord with his heart-centered yet unapologetic honesty about the state of things - any things! He has just completed TWO tarot decks that are so deep they practically read themselves (links are in his article).

And our Millenial Grace Rae who speaks to the voice of a generation (and more). Her style is reminicent of the passion of the 60's with the more global awareness of NOW.

I'm honored to be surrounded by such a remarkable group of people from staff to our customers and friends, you are our raison d'etre!

We're going to tweak the peek over time, so we can continue to bring you a good experience. If you find glitches, don't hesitate to drop a note by hitting "Reply" and thank you for your continued patronage.


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  • Out of Mo's Mind
  • by Scholar and Vedic Astrologer
  • c.a.brooks.jpg

Mo Abdelbaki

I had the good fortune to speak to some nice people today about Tarot. They are also aficionados of the art and we had a lively and fun discussion. At one point a comment was made regarding the difference between the AE Waite deck and the Aleister Crowley deck, specifically as to the difference in their royalty. Waite went with a traditional approach and used a King as the elder male member of each suit. Crowley chose to use a Knight. (There are other differences, but we'll focus on this one.)

A fascinating theory was put forth that the reason Mr. Waite used the King was due to his belief that he could help to strengthen the monarchy. This makes great sense. In the early 1900s, when the deck was created, King Edward VII was the monarch in Britain. Queen Victoria, his mother, had a long and strong run as Queen of England. It only makes sense, since most practitioners of Tarot of that era believed their cards to have magic within them, that Waite's deck would do everything in its power to maintain the stability of such an opulent time. This profound insight made me think, often a dangerous situation.

The four suits of Tarot were reflections of four specific classes of society in Europe. These were the nobility represented by the wands, the cups as a representation of the clergy, the swords belonged to the military class and the disks, or pentacles, were relegated to just about everybody else dependent upon working and producing to make a living.

Once upon a time, the church (Cups) held immense power in society and all were beneath its domain. What we now call the Hierophant card was once known as the Pope. Eventually, the church lost its hold, not voluntarily, and the monarchy ruled supreme. There were also times when the actual ruling class were the Knights, soldiers who had free reign over the entire kingdom to do as they wished, as long as they made sure the monarchs got their cut. They became so powerful and rich that eventually the Knights Templar, one of the most famous of these groups, was destroyed (or so they thought). It's a long story but one worth delving into.

With this in mind, and with World War I looming upon the horizon, it makes perfect sense for the creator of a commercial Tarot deck to attempt to encode a strong monarchy, a symbol of stability, into the system. Some 30 years later, Aleister Crowley designed his Tarot and placed the Knights of the deck as the patriarchal elders of their suits. In other words, the soldiers were now in charge. This was, of course, the state of the world at the time. There are other reasons for his decision, but this is a fascinating bread crumb trail to follow.

Crowley's deck was created in the early 40s, during World War II, a time when the entire planet was under the shadow of horrific violence. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million people died in World War II, definitely an era ruled by the sword.

It's fascinating to think back upon history to try to see whether Kings (Wands) or Knights (Swords) were in charge at one time or another. Queens, as holders of the Cup, certainly had their day. Have we seen the rulership of Disks yet?

If you hit your buzzer and shouted, “NOW!” then give yourself a cookie; you got it right. The clergy seems to be flailing, the monarchy has become less than potent, even if still popular, and warriors have seen fit to do their duty with less flash, but no less intensity. It would seem that those in charge now are oligarchs, creating plutocratic juggernauts. Massive corporations absorb others, increasing their power and influence. As we currently seeing, they may actually run everything. The question is, how long can this last?

I don't know for sure, but if history is any indicator, and it most certainly is, a new cycle will begin sooner or later. Hopefully, it will pass to the Princesses, for even though the Earthy part of their suit, They can also bestow a benevolent society where equality and love are as prevalent as greed and anger are now.

All it takes is for us to be conscious and to keep in mind that every Princess card in the deck is pregnant and holds the hopes and dreams of the future, while being strong, intelligent and resilient.

Let's dump the class system and connect with people who espouse our visions of love and respect. Tarot is wise. It teaches us more than we can imagine.

Until next week, I wish you all peace and love.

My Tarot deck, known as Mo Tarot, is available as a print on demand item at this link. My Man in the Moon Oracle deck is also offered. If you buy my Tarot cards, please let me know and I'll forward a link so you may download the text for the Tarot cards for free. It includes large pictures of the cards and a lot of my theories.

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  • At the Well
  • by Spiritual Counselor
  • Elisa's photo

Dr. Elisa Robyn

I am so thrilled to be writing for the Power Peak and hope you enjoy my new segment. I will be offering a weekly kabbalah insight based on the ancient tradition of Mussar. This practice helps us focus on a different spiritual characteristic or "middah" each week. According to the kabbalists we grow spiritually when we emulate and deepen these characteristics. Some of the middah might be easier for us to understand and embody, while some seem impossible to comprehend. We are not asked to accomplish this task, only to participate in the process.

We start with a focus on humility, a foundational characteristic in Kabbalistic spiritual thought. We are not asked to give up our ego, only to recognize that we are not our ego. There is a teaching that we should always carry two pieces of paper with us. When we feel our ego expand we read the one that says “I am but dust and ashes.” When we struggle with finding our meaning or focus we read the one that says “the world was created for me.” Our task is to walk the road between these two extremes.

How do we accomplish this? We are given deceptively simple techniques. To begin with we need to admit our mistakes, first to ourselves and then to those around us. This step asks for honesty, not guilt. In fact, contrary to common assumptions, guilt is not part of the Kabbalah/Jewish tradition. We are taught that it has no value.

We are also asked to show our gratitude and appreciation to those around us. Saying thank you on a regular basis is a gift to our spirit and to those around us. And sometimes just being appreciative balances the tugs of our ego.

Humility also grows when we help others, especially if we help without expectation of recognition or reciprocation. Humility grows when we use the words excuse me, please, thank you, I am sorry, and can I help you. These simple phrases bring us closer to our spiritual center, to divinity, to the person we were meant to be.

Try living with humility for a week and note the changes in your sense of self, in your relationships and your spiritual life. The kabbalists suggest that these simple steps will deepen and enrich our spiritual experience and the experience of those around us.

P.S. Please tune into the Dr Elisa Show, Monday's at 10 pacific for more insights and inspiration. I am available on 12listen for deep one-on-one conversations and Kabbalistic readings. Feel free to ask for an appointment if I am not signed in. I look forward to helping you find your own inner inspiration on this spiritual journey.

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  • Weekly Grace
  • by Astrologer and Director
  • Grace Rae photo

Grace Rae

Virgo Season: Acceptance is Key
Welcome back, beauties, to another addition of Weekly Grace.
Some of you may or may not know, every 12 Listen advisor has their own specialized emphasis and focus. Some utilize tarot cards, work with angels, astrology, channeling, etc. We also, through 12 Academy, allow for more learning opportunities for our advisors and community.
What I have always focused on is Core Issues. We all are reactors. We are born into life, we are told, "This is what it is". We adjust accordingly. We react to our then reality.
Yet deep down inside, we have a Spiritual Blue Print. A true compass that tells us, regardless of our experiences, what our highest calling might be. We can outgrow the limitations we have met. We can overcome adversity, oppression and distress. We can BE bigger than all these things.
In the course of doing energy work, I get a lot of requests. People ask to enhance certain aspects of themselves... and I have a BIG SECRET!!!
So many times, when people ask to be more strong... more attractive... more appealing. They are REALLY asking to unleash and unlock the hidden power inside.
We have adjusted to life. If life needs us, or more specifically our families, to be strong, we become super heroes. If they need obedience, intelligence, capability; we become it or rebel against it. This is referred to as the ego or the survival-self. It's a false persona, a mask, we wear to survive life... but not thrive. Our aim at 12Listen is to help you more beyond mere survival; we want you to thrive!
Whether it's weight loss, money, sex... we can all "white knuckle". Become what is most appealing. Pull back the carbs, the calories, the crazy, the unappealing. But for how long? How long until our shadow side peaks up... until those survival instincts become so uncomfortable, they eat the whole kitchen. Or lash out at our "perfect partners". Or skimp on responsibilities?
White knuckling isn't the answer. Being uncomfortable isn't the answer. CORE ISSUES, I feel, are the answer.
At the root of every problem, is a protective barrier preserving our Truer Selves. It's like, a little cocoon, that has collected our True Identifies and kept them safe for a time they would be safe to come out and play. So many times they are protected against abuse, shame, trauma... things that shouldn't happen, yet happen every day. We shield them with food, sex, money.... good and bad things. Things that are distractions from authenticity.
We can't ask these pure selves to come out without Protection. They need validation, support, encouragement. They have been put on hold and away for so long-- they need to know why. They need to know it wasn't their fault!
At the Core of Every Issues... is a person pushing their True Selves down. Their strongest instincts, intuition and power.
We are unaware; we don't understand what's happening. This all seems psychological- What the hell does this have to do with Psychics? EVERYTHING. This is Source; this is Spirit. You want to be strong? You want to be safe? You want to be attractive, mighty, powerful, iconic, amazing?
YOU ALREADY ARE. You just don't know it. Accept and unleash your power from within. The key you have been waiting for; the magical key that unlocks it ALL. It was buried in the place no one would suspect. It's buried deep inside yourself. Dig it up NOW. Accept it, find it, bring it forward.
You already are everything you've always wanted to be.
Big Hugs

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