Weekly Grace with Grace Rae


Hi beauties... thank you for joining me today. Looking at the Astrology we have quite a bit of Retrogrades happening this week. I want to focus on what this can mean for you and how to handle it. Don't worry... it's like an astrological slingshot. Or a star-riddled ballet plie. 

What goes down builds energy to shoot forward. This is the uncomfortable moment but there is SO MUCH you can do to make this energy work for you. 


Mercury in Leo: Mercury Retrograde usually cues on tv, film or articles, images of people screaming and running for cover. What it essentially means is that the planet Mercury,  the messenger of the gods, is seemingly moving backward. It can be a bit of an evil twist. If you've ever heard the old saying, "Evil is beauty, slightly twisted", it would implicate that planet Mercury goes from Messenger of the Gods to Messages from Hell! Bad news is coming... and don't make any agreements! Don't make any sudden moves during this time. 

Truth is, there is no "bad news" or adversity that isn't secretly laced with equal, if not more, opportunity. Say, you get fired. What does that mean? Are you going to beat yourself up and dwell in a position of absolute hopelessness? We hope not. We suggest you, instead, get some Guidance and reassurance! Split the shame and self- berating thoughts by opening up to those you love. Get the encouragement and objective advice you need... because the Universe isn't REJECTING YOU!!!! It's redirecting you... for something bigger, better and so much more amazing than what you had before.  

P.S. The fact that it's in Leo means it'll hurt, or humble, your grandiosity and self-worth. Why? So you don't rely on the superficial aspects. Know thyself and treasure thyself, not for WHAT you do, but for WHO you are. 

Mars in Aquarius: Mars is the God of War. In Retrograde, you don't have that same fight. Aquarius deals with outside the box thinking... so basically, it's back to basics here! Don't over think or overwork yourself. This is the time to SLOW DOWN!!!! Don't work HARDER, work SMARTER. 

Saturn in Capricorn: Saturn is the teacher and Capricorn represents perseverance. This can have a negative connotation that you'll most likely, instead of being taught how to persevere, will be taught how to surrender to support and help. EMBRACE IT. It makes work, love and life so much easier than self-reliance! You don't have to go it alone. 

Neptune in Pisces: All of the other planets are supporting this spiritual self-development time. It's an indicator that the areas of Ryou life in which you escape will be reexamined. 

Pluto in Capricorn: God of the Underworld represents the Subconscious forces. Since this is in Capricorn and Retrograde, they do not stay beneath- areas of militant attitudes and childhood traumas "detox" into the conscious mind for change. 

Chiron in Aries: Inner-child issues are re-examined around, again, strong forces that put us on a hamster wheel. What are the areas in life you aim to control to avoid abandonment? Those need to be changed! So that old, negative and dark voices of Shame do not rule your present-day existence. 

All-in-all, these are some pretty hefty issues being brought to the forefront. The key to dealing with this time is to Flow WITH the Universe and Not against it. Your highest reality is absolutely in mind. Seek guidance, objective truth and wisdom; you will absolutely get it as well as the insight you need to Manifest your deepest Truths! 

Big Hugs, 



Grace Smith

Grace is an accomplished intuitive, clairvoyant and energy healer with 20 years experience and a natural gift. At the tender age of 5 years old, Grace was divinely inspired to stand up and deliver accurate predictions at her local church. Soon after, she was recognized as "prophet" and worked with various churches, denominations and spiritual groups, delivering the messages she was receiving. It has always been Grace's intention to advance her capabilities and extend her gift to as many individuals as she can. Having studied the arts of meditation, tarot, energy healing, and astrology and additionally worked with various channels, gurus, spiritual advisers and life coaches, Grace takes a trinity approach to the healing arts: mind, body and spirit.