Wednesday August 1

TAURUS MOON enters ARIES at 3:54am PDT

Thought for the Day: Teams of Individuals are a powerful force

When the Moon slides out of introspective Pisces and marches into fiery Aries, let’s just say, we tend to notice! I’m hearing strains of “there is a new sheriff in town”. If you know what I mean! This Moon in courageous Aries can be rambunctious and loud first thing this morning as it is fueled by a connection to Aries’ ruling planet Mars. However, moving too fast and without caution could get us in a little bit of hot water mid-morning when the Moon puts on the brakes as it squares authoritarian Saturn. Maybe not the best time to confront the boss or other authority figures. 

Despite the Aries need to meet challenges head-on sometimes acting alone or as an individual is not the way to accomplish a goal. We may not want to cooperate today, but collaboration will probably net better results than solo efforts. There is probably something we don’t know, or a missing piece of vital information. Partnering with someone else may help fill in the gap. Be discerning who you choose to trust or partner with, but when you find someone who is a good fit, join efforts.

Although this advice is probably well suited for tonight as well, a new development prompts us to pull back and see others as competitors or even enemies. Mars in rebellious Aquarius squares off with equally revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. This is a combustible combination with some interesting twists and sub-plots as Mars is currently in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus. The message may very well be, “do your homework and scope out the situation” before charging ahead with inadequate preparation or information. Beware of risky behaviors, leaping off tall buildings,  or jumping to conclusions. 

Force is all conquering, but its victories are short lived.
— Abraham Lincoln