Thursday August 2, 2018

ARIES MOON Goes Void of Course at 7:52pm enters TAURUS FRIDAY 12:51pm PDT

Thought for the Day: Wait and see

The Moon in assertive Aries may be feeling unappreciated or slightly rebuffed today as it heads toward a conflict with Pluto in late afternoon. If recognition and accolades are not forthcoming, don’t give up. We may feel like we are in a desert, void of fresh air or refreshing water; but it’s a temporary situation. Don’t let negativity or pessimism get the better of you. 

If work or personal issues are pressing, maybe this is a time to reconsider your commitments and responsibilities, especially in light of new options. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of last week foretold of changes and the wisdom of completing cycles. Will we be ready to begin again on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in August? Those new beginnings are contingent on our ability to finish, tie up loose ends, and clear our agendas.

If you are feeling like a square peg in a round hole, maybe it’s time to seriously consider some adjustments! But on the other hand, don’t give up on a good thing, whether it’s a project, job, relationship, or dream. This might just be a temporary challenge or setback. Tonight when the Moon makes a creative alliance with Mercury, we may see a completely different side to this picture. 

live in a crazy time.
— Anne Frank