Out of Mo's Mind by Mo Abdelbaki


I had the good fortune to escort a group of fellow travelers on a guided meditation the other day. It was in honor of the lunar eclipse, the longest of the 21st century. I took the group to the Giza Plateau, a sacred and powerful site. What struck me the most was how very quiet it was. We watched the moon rise from behind the Great Pyramid, as it did in real life, if standing beside the Sphinx, and then watched the eclipse overtake it, the moon turning a sacred, red tone so beloved by the ancient Egyptians. It was glorious. It was quiet.

It's been shrill lately. Coming from a culture and society which seems to be at a fever pitch and going to an ancient site, at an ancient time, was enlightening. It absolutely showed me what the level of energetic chaos, the fever pitch of hysteria and anxiety, is like right now. Standing next to the massive Sphinx, thousands of miles, and thousands of years away from political crisis, tariffs and allies, severe weather updates, forest fires, random acts of violence and a lack of civility, was a rest that I needed. It made me understand that I need more of such serene moments.

It seems that we've become used to being yelled at and cajoled. What once was a general suggestion, gently put in order not to offend tender listeners, is now a steady stream of hollering, bullying, intimidation and fear mongering. It's nearly impossible to get away from the tensions of the modern world. You are probably reading this on a computer of some sort. If so, you are open to any number of viruses, scams, marketing ploys, and out and out criminal activities aimed at getting your Social Security number, all your money, or worse. As this has now become a part of our reality, tension sits within our energetic systems, on constant alert.

It’s said that Adolf Hitler would make his audience wait for him, sometimes for well over an hour. As they waited, a high-pitched tone was deliberately played over the loudspeakers. This tone was inaudible to a large part of the audience, but they heard it subconsciously and it caused a state of anxiety and irritation that brought them to a fever pitch by the time he took the stage. That high-pitched noise is the very essence of our society right now. Not all of it is deliberate. All of it is potentially toxic.

The silence and peace that I experienced the other day, on that guided meditation to the Giza Plateau during a total lunar eclipse, was a stark reminder of how little peace and silence there is right now. The energy was calm and secure. The setting was safe and sacred. We all need more safe and sacred in our lives.

If you meditate, stick with it. If you watch the news every night, find a way to counter that activity. Perhaps if you read some Winnie the Pooh, or Lewis Carroll, you'll discover the inner reflection of a quieter, less shrill time. If you don't meditate, go on an excursion of the mind, either by yourself or with someone. Mentally project yourself to a place you've always wanted to go, or somewhere you've been that brought you a sense of calm. Stay there for a while. Don't be surprised if you are visited, and never presume that those visitors aren't real.

Shrill. Things aren’t going to change in the near future, but we can deal with it successfully and in a self empowered way. It’s easy and can be spectacular. I’m here to help, if I can.

Until next week, I wish you all peace and love.

Even though the Eclipse has passed, the initial energy is present and my meditation is still pertinent. The Lunar Eclipse guided meditation is available in recorded format (MP3), in excellent sound quality, and is available at 12listen.com .

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