Monday July 30

Moon is in Pisces

Thought for the Day: When do boundaries become defenses?

Let’s be real here. We have had some pretty wild emotional swings this past week, especially with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last Friday. Do you feel like you need to close the doors and windows and just hide out for awhile? Consider yourself lucky if this does not describe you! The Moon is back in a very sensitive and intuitive water sign today. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is able to tune into all the signs that come before her and we can feel somewhat like a psychic sponge. Today we need to calm the choppy seas and drop anchor in a safe harbor. For each of us, this means something different. Knowing what makes you feel safe, connected, and hopeful is a valuable tool in your repertoire. 

There is really only one significant lunar aspect creating a ripple over this deep pond when the Moon reaches out and connects with Jupiter in the deep and mysterious waters of Scorpio. Very much like water, the deeper we go the calmer we feel. We can avoid the crashing of the waves by consciously moving past the superficial and focusing on what is underneath. Pisces Moons can be times for significant healing and creativity. Open your physical, emotional and psychic ears and listen to the incoming messages. 

If you are feeling a little beat up by circumstances or events set some appropriate boundaries, but avoid going too far and being defensive. Defenses are a message to your psyche that you are vulnerable and a victim. Not true! This is a good day to focus on alternative interpretations and changing your perspective. Pisces is the planet associated with hypnotism, altered states of consciousness, photography, movies, and spirituality. Be creative in your problem solving and approach today.

Thinking is Difficult, that’s why most people judge
— C.G. Jung