Tuesday July 31, 2018

PISCES MOON Goes Void of Course at 3:42pm enters ARIES WEDNESDAY 3:54am

Thought for the Day: Giving to others with no strings attached

Pisces has a lot in common with her opposite sign Virgo. Yes, there are important differences and approaches; but one thing they share is the desire, even the need to be of service to others. Under the influence of a Pisces Moon we may feel particularly motivated to come to the aid of others. This may be especially true today as the Pisces Moon connects with Pisces’ ruling Planet Neptune. Our dreams may include many elevated visions of healing, or coming to the rescue. This Moon also connects with Pluto encouraging us to believe in our gifts of channeling transformational energy.

As the Moon also opposes Venus this afternoon, we are reminded to find a healthy balance in our giving. The minute we start seeing ourselves as saviors, or superior to those we are serving, we ought to be seeing the red flags waving! Likewise if we forget we are merely the facilitators or midwives in this process. Maybe we can help most when we serve as mentors and role models. If you really want to be of service, remember first to take care of your own business and come from a place of strength. Give consciously with no strings attached. 

Today on Simpletales we’ll explore the idea of learning how to unhook from and “unfollow” our past and old dreams. Please join me on 12Radio.com at 10 am Pacific – 1 Eastern. 

There is within each one of us a potential for goodness beyond our imagining; for giving which seeks no reward; for listening without judgment; for loving unconditionally.

— (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)