Astrological Highlights for the week: by C.A. Brooks

Monday July 30th through Sunday August 5th             


Mars squares Uranus on Wednesday; the Moon enters its final quarter of this cycle on Saturday; otherwise it’s pretty quiet out there.

This week I saw a television ad for a car. Yada, yada, yada. I’m not sure I was even really watching the screen, when I heard something that captured my attention. “Sometimes you have to unfollow our dreams to chase new ones.” Our English language is such a dynamic and evolving reflection of who we are. “Unfollow”, certainly a word contrived to capture the dynamic of quitting or discontinuing our following someone or something on social media. The word sort of grates on my ears; but nevertheless I get and appreciate the meaning.

The reason it really captured my attention in the advertisement, is because to “unfollow” is a conscious choice. Although it may sound so obvious, how often do we get caught in the trap of spinning our wheels not realizing an old dream is just that, an old outdated goal that no longer holds interest or purpose? To chase new dreams, we do indeed need to unhook from the old ones and maybe from some outdated ideas of what makes us satisfied and happy.

This is a timely topic this week as we are between the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and approaching the next New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 11th. This cycle of three eclipses in a row seems particularly powerful for being excited about a new direction, clearing off our plates, and initiating something new. This week, empowered and inspired by the Full Moon of last week, we are clearing the decks. This is the week, to consciously decide what we want to “unfollow.” If we look at our commitments and responsibilities objectively, we might realize it is time to delegate some, finish some others, and simply abandon those that are no longer viable or pertinent.

I encourage you to not take this task lightly. We want to move into the future with a clean slate. Don’t underestimate the power of consciously choosing to “unfollow” your past! Do we know how to purposefully, and compassionately say goodbye? It takes a lot more than a simple click on a social media site, or does it? Let’s explore this together and put some sincere thought into moving forward consciously and compassionately. We don’t need to be in a hurry to put the past behind us, but we don’t need to carry unnecessary baggage either. Just like the airlines that charge for checked bags, our psyches have a way of making us pay for baggage too! Ready to chase some new dreams? Let’s unfollow some old ones. 

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

Monday July 30

Moon is in Pisces

PISCES MOON Goes Void of Course at 3:42pm enters ARIES WEDNESDAY 3:54am

Thought for the Day: Giving to others with no strings attached

Pisces has a lot in common with her opposite sign Virgo. Yes, there are important differences and approaches; but one thing they share is the desire, even the need to be of service to others. Under the influence of a Pisces Moon we may feel particularly motivated to come to the aid of others. This may be especially true today as the Pisces Moon connects with Pisces’ ruling Planet Neptune. Our dreams may include many elevated visions of healing, or coming to the rescue. This Moon also connects with Pluto encouraging us to believe in our gifts of channeling transformational energy.

As the Moon also opposes Venus this afternoon, we are reminded to find a healthy balance in our giving. The minute we start seeing ourselves as saviors, or superior to those we are serving, we ought to be seeing the red flags waving! Likewise if we forget we are merely the facilitators or midwives in this process. Maybe we can help most when we serve as mentors and role models. If you really want to be of service, remember first to take care of your own business and come from a place of strength. Give consciously with no strings attached. 

Today on Simpletales we’ll explore the idea of learning how to unhook from and “unfollow” our past and old dreams. Please join me on at 10 am Pacific – 1 Eastern. 

I had the good fortune to escort a group of fellow travelers on a guided meditation the other day. It was in honor of the lunar eclipse, the longest of the 21st century. I took the group to the Giza Plateau, a sacred and powerful site. What struck me the most was how very quiet it was. We watched the moon rise from behind the Great Pyramid, as it did in real life, if standing beside the Sphinx, and then watched the eclipse overtake it, the moon turning a sacred, red tone so beloved by the ancient Egyptians. It was glorious. It was quiet.

It's been shrill lately. Coming from a culture and society which seems to be at a fever pitch and going to an ancient site, at an ancient time, was enlightening. It absolutely showed me what the level of energetic chaos, the fever pitch of hysteria and anxiety, is like right now. Standing next to the massive Sphinx, thousands of miles, and thousands of years away from political crisis, tariffs and allies, severe weather updates, forest fires, random acts of violence and a lack of civility, was a rest that I needed. It made me understand that I need more of such serene moments.

It seems that we've become used to being yelled at and cajoled. What once was a general suggestion, gently put in order not to offend tender listeners, is now a steady stream of hollering, bullying, intimidation and fear mongering. It's nearly impossible to get away from the tensions of the modern world. You are probably reading this on a computer of some sort. If so, you are open to any number of viruses, scams, marketing ploys, and out and out criminal activities aimed at getting your Social Security number, all your money, or worse. As this has now become a part of our reality, tension sits within our energetic systems, on constant alert.

It’s said that Adolf Hitler would make his audience wait for him, sometimes for well over an hour. As they waited, a high-pitched tone was deliberately played over the loudspeakers. This tone was inaudible to a large part of the audience, but they heard it subconsciously and it caused a state of anxiety and irritation that brought them to a fever pitch by the time he took the stage. That high-pitched noise is the very essence of our society right now. Not all of it is deliberate. All of it is potentially toxic.

The silence and peace that I experienced the other day, on that guided meditation to the Giza Plateau during a total lunar eclipse, was a stark reminder of how little peace and silence there is right now. The energy was calm and secure. The setting was safe and sacred. We all need more safe and sacred in our lives.

If you meditate, stick with it. If you watch the news every night, find a way to counter that activity. Perhaps if you read some Winnie the Pooh, or Lewis Carroll, you'll discover the inner reflection of a quieter, less shrill time. If you don't meditate, go on an excursion of the mind, either by yourself or with someone. Mentally project yourself to a place you've always wanted to go, or somewhere you've been that brought you a sense of calm. Stay there for a while. Don't be surprised if you are visited, and never presume that those visitors aren't real.

Shrill. Things aren’t going to change in the near future, but we can deal with it successfully and in a self empowered way. It’s easy and can be spectacular. I’m here to help, if I can.

Until next week, I wish you all peace and love.

Even though the Eclipse has passed, the initial energy is present and my meditation is still pertinent. The Lunar Eclipse guided meditation is available in recorded format (MP3), in excellent sound quality, and is available at



Tuesday July 31

Moon is in Pisces

PISCES MOON Goes Void of Course at 3:42pm enters ARIES WEDNESDAY 3:54am

Thought for the Day: When do boundaries become defenses?

Let’s be real here. We have had some pretty wild emotional swings this past week, especially with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last Friday. Do you feel like you need to close the doors and windows and just hide out for a while? Consider yourself lucky if this does not describe you! The Moon is back in a very sensitive and intuitive water sign today. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is able to tune into all the signs that come before her and we can feel somewhat like a psychic sponge. Today we need to calm the choppy seas and drop anchor in a safe harbor. For each of us, this means something different. Knowing what makes you feel safe, connected, and hopeful is a valuable tool in your repertoire. 

There is really only one significant lunar aspect creating a ripple over this deep pond when the Moon reaches out and connects with Jupiter in the deep and mysterious waters of Scorpio. Very much like water, the deeper we go the calmer we feel. We can avoid the crashing of the waves by consciously moving past the superficial and focusing on what is underneath. Pisces Moons can be times for significant healing and creativity. Open your physical, emotional and psychic ears and listen to the incoming messages. 

If you are feeling a little beat up by circumstances or events set some appropriate boundaries, but avoid going too far and being defensive. Defenses are a message to your psyche that you are vulnerable and a victim. Not true! This is a good day to focus on alternative interpretations and changing your perspective. Pisces is the planet associated with hypnotism, altered states of consciousness, photography, movies, and spirituality. Be creative in your problem solving and approach today.

Daily Muse: There is within each one of us a potential for goodness beyond our imagining; for giving which seeks no reward; for listening without judgment; for loving unconditionally.  - Elsabeth Kubler-Ross


TAURUS MOON enters ARIES at 3:54am PDT

Thought for the Day: Teams of Individuals are a powerful force

When the Moon slides out of introspective Pisces and marches into fiery Aries, let’s just say, we tend to notice! I’m hearing strains of “there is a new sheriff in town”. If you know what I mean! This Moon in courageous Aries can be rambunctious and loud first thing this morning as it is fueled by a connection to Aries’ ruling planet Mars. However, moving too fast and without caution could get us in a little bit of hot water mid-morning when the Moon puts on the brakes as it squares authoritarian Saturn. Maybe not the best time to confront the boss or other authority figures. 

Despite the Aries need to meet challenges head-on sometimes acting alone or as an individual is not the way to accomplish a goal. We may not want to cooperate today, but collaboration will probably net better results than solo efforts. There is probably something we don’t know, or a missing piece of vital information. Partnering with someone else may help fill in the gap. Be discerning who you choose to trust or partner with, but when you find someone who is a good fit, join efforts.

Although this advice is probably well suited for tonight as well, a new development prompts us to pull back and see others as competitors or even enemies. Mars in rebellious Aquarius squares off with equally revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. This is a combustible combination with some interesting twists and sub-plots as Mars is currently in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus. The message may very well be, “do your homework and scope out the situation” before charging ahead with inadequate preparation or information. Beware of risky behaviors, leaping off tall buildings,  or jumping to conclusions. 

Daily Muse: Force is all conquering, but its victories are short lived.  - Abraham Lincoln


ARIES MOON Goes Void of Course at 7:52pm enters TAURUS FRIDAY 12:51pm PDT

Thought for the Day: Wait and see

The Moon in assertive Aries may be feeling unappreciated or slightly rebuffed today as it heads toward a conflict with Pluto in late afternoon. If recognition and accolades are not forthcoming, don’t give up. We may feel like we are in a desert, void of fresh air or refreshing water; but it’s a temporary situation. Don’t let negativity or pessimism get the better of you. 

If work or personal issues are pressing, maybe this is a time to reconsider your commitments and responsibilities, especially in light of new options. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of last week foretold of changes and the wisdom of completing cycles. Will we be ready to begin again on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in August? Those new beginnings are contingent on our ability to finish, tie up loose ends, and clear our agendas.

If you are feeling like a square peg in a round hole, maybe it’s time to seriously consider some adjustments! But on the other hand, don’t give up on a good thing, whether it’s a project, job, relationship, or dream. This might just be a temporary challenge or setback. Tonight when the Moon makes a creative alliance with Mercury, we may see a completely different side to this picture. 

Daily Muse: I live in a crazy time. -Anne Frank

Friday August 3

ARIES MOON enters TAURUS 12:51pm  PDT

Thought for the Day: No time like the present

We are not feeling sorry for ourselves today, or waiting for someone else to pick up the slack. As the Moon leaves Aries and crosses over into earthy Taurus mid-day, we are ready to get to work. It might be a Friday and the end of the traditional work-week but that doesn’t stop us from making plans and taking action. If we can’t get something moving today, we will strategize instead. Instead of seeing obstacles, we begin to see alternate paths. Ok, there is a small delay or hiccup in the afternoon when the Moon squares Mars, but as the Moon connects with innovative Uranus a bit later, we are visionaries on a mission! Evening plans, even if the intention is purely social, will include an opportunity to network, strategize, or share our plans with willing listeners or partners. This is a great evening for talking about the future and making plans. 

Today on the Friday Morning Show, please join me and guest, Susan Dugan for a thoughtful discussion based on A Course In Miracles. Why wait for heaven? You will find us live on at 8 am Pacific – 11 Eastern. (Program note: Starting August 17th, this show will move into a new time slot – 9 am Pacific – Noon Eastern.)

Daily Muse: "I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able to carry them out."  Anne Frank

Saturday August 4

Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

Thought for the Day: Play today; pay tomorrow

Today the Moon enters the last quarter of its cycle as the Sun in willful Leo squares the Moon in conservative Taurus. Money, finances, resources, and security may be on our minds as sunny and optimistic Leo is seeking to satisfy desires, and Taurus is keenly aware of the price and tradeoffs. The Moon in Taurus is taking a longer view and with a lunar opposition to Jupiter we might be concerned about letting our expansive and expensive tastes run up the credit card bills. A positive lunar connection to Neptune lets us imagine how satisfaction can be found in non-material outlets including creativity and spirituality. Instead of buying something new, perhaps we can feel fulfilled with more organic activities like spending time with friends and family, being outside, enjoying nature, walking, hiking, biking, playing sports, working on a hobby or craft, or talking about future plans.

Quarter Moons are always time to settle up, or re-negotiate. We don’t have to give up our dreams; in fact we should be diligent in nurturing them. Paving the way to success tomorrow may include taking a more cautious and practical route today that keeps our options open. 

Daily Muse:  There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your bathtub. - Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Sunday August 5

Taurus Moon goes Void of Course at 4:46pm and enters Gemini 6:32pm PDT

Thought for the Day: Stay grounded

The Moon in stable Taurus is still seeking security today. We are more attracted to the sure thing, than to taking unnecessary chances or risks. We are drawn to familiar comforts and anything that makes are bodies feel good. Sleeping in might be a good choice followed by a tasty and leisurely brunch. We are pleasure seeking machines this afternoon when the Moon aligns with Venus. Treat yourself, while keeping in mind what you think will bring you happiness just might be something surprising and unexpected. 

The Moon’s entry into verbal Gemini this evening sets the stage for a lighthearted evening, or at least a social one. Conversations may be more serious than we anticipate as the Moon aligns with Mars in revolutionary and forward-thinking Aquarius. Conspirators unite!  

Daily Muse: To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.   Giorgio Armani