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Post Eclipse, Pre-Imbolc Guided Meditation with Mo

The lunar eclipse of January 31 is the bookend to the total solar eclipse of last summer. Energy has been compressed and will be released on the 31st and for days after. At the same time, Imbolc, one of the holiest of the cross quarter days, will give us the ability to capture that energy and use it for our benefit throughout the year. Imbolc is the celebration of the beginning of new life in the cycle of the ritual of springtime rejuvenation. This meditation will occur on the day right in between the eclipse and Imbolc, a balancing point of immense potential power and magnificent energies to draw into your life.

This guided meditation will focus on maximizing personal power, peace of mind, healing, future creativity and personal success. As with all of Mo's guided meditations, it will be recorded for your listening and downloading convenience, and can be listened to as many times as you'd like, for as long as you'd like.