Nature's Mirror

Recently I participated in an online Satsang retreat with approx 20 people.  It was a two-day silent retreat designed for self-inquiry and self-realization.  People in the retreat shared from an open vulnerability which created a deep container.  At the conclusion, I had a visceral and kinesthetic sense of being held in the cyber sangha (community/group).  

An hour or so later I took my dog for a walk to a nearby park.  Walking to the park, I was aware that the sensation of being held was still with me.  On the way home I heard a loud cacophony of screeching blackbirds.  The screeching grew louder as I rounded the corner.  It flashed in my head that there was probably a hawk nearby,  but  I haven't seen one in my neighborhood for over a year.   I rounded the corner and saw 12 to 15 blackbirds flying around and through the top of a 40-foot tree.  They were dive bombing and screaming - it was quite the show.  

Sure enough out flew a hawk from the tree with a blackbird cupped in its talons and the flock of blackbirds in hot pursuit!  My heart stirred as I watched.  The flock was screaming and courageously fighting the hawk to release the bird in its talons.  The birds flew down around and back up into two more tree tops.  I was in awe of the entire show especially the effort of the flock blocking and attacking the hawk.  The flock was fiercely trying to save the bird while the hawk was trying to get away to feed. Curiously I realized I wasn't feeling sad about the captured bird's possible suffering and or death.  I realized I was experiencing this with undivided love, which has no sentimental perception.      

A block later a fewer number of blackbirds were still chasing the hawk. The hawk had nothing in its talons. The blackbirds turned and flew back, and the hawk flew on.  I was struck again by the power of the collective support.  I gave an internal bow of thanks for nature's dramatic mirroring of my sangha experience. 



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Drueann is a Clairvoyant, Mystic, Teacher and Oneness Blessing (deeksha) Facilitator. She has provided profound clarity as a professional reader for over 20 years. Through accurate visions and direct knowing she is able to connect with each client’s higher guidance and relay information that goes directly to the heart of their question, concern or life focus. She relays the higher guidance of each client with heart centered compassion and humor creating a nurturing and empowering session. Her service focus is guiding clients to expand their awareness so they may live more fully in the wisdom of their heart. Through the Oneness Blessing (deeksha) Drueann has helped clients release limiting beliefs, reach states of stillness, peace, bliss and oneness. Testimonial…"Drueann is able to penetrate complex emotional relationship patterns instantaneously, eloquently and with unequivocal accuracy. She consistently delivers concrete, sound advice and has fostered my self confidence which quickens my alignment to my heart."