Time: Friend or Foe by Jamie Dawn

Time can be a fine friend or a cruel master. It is completely up to us how we view it and how we use it. As a friend, Time has a way of reminding us of all the memories and experiences we have had that have helped to shape who we are today. Time offers us opportunities to look forward to something and like the beacon in a lighthouse can guide our way as we work towards our goals and visions. Having Time as our friend can help us to create spaciousness in our lives and help us to relax. When we partner with time, we begin to dance with its fluidity and become flexible to meet anything that arises in each moment.

When we become a slave to Time, we experience stress and anxiety as we force ourselves to jump from one moment in time or appointment to another. We begin to feel the oppression of Time to getting things done by a certain time or risk succumbing to failure and defeat. If we are late or miss a scheduled meeting we run the risk of offending someone or letting someone down. Time can also remind us of all the missed opportunities or things unsaid, or as if Time itself is taunting us when we are forced to wait on something we want most to appear in our reality. We can feel as if time has robbed us of precious connections with loved ones, or if only we had more time to complete something. It’s as if we had no choice in certain situations because Time decided something else for us. 

Questions about timing usually sound something like, “When will this happen?” “Why hasn’t it happened yet?” and “When can I expect this?” As soon as we ask one of these types of questions, we trigger an expectation of anticipation, and ultimately set ourselves up for disappointment. Often as soon as a date or deadline is given, we attached a fixed view of our desire and our perspective, and if whatever we are expecting doesn’t happen or show up at that exact moment we are fraught with exceedingly strong disappointment, lack of faith, and sometimes even despair. Now, it may sound as if I am being contrary when I say that expectations and anticipation are good for us to have. As I believe they are. What I am addressing here is our fixed view or attachment to something called “timing” in a way that robs us from our ability to consciously make moment-by-moment choices. We give Time way too much power when we attach our desires or expectations to it, and say, “Well, on this particular day and this particular time, this particular thing or person will show up. I don’t have to do or say anything now.” Just as life itself is not linear, neither is time. There will always be something else that shows up that we did not plan for or that we did not expect. When this happens we are forced to adjust. 

This is how we work with the tool called Time. Like expectations we set up appointments, anticipate the next event, and work towards the goals we set for our desires to manifest, but we stay flexible in our attitudes and open in our hearts for change to occur. I can assure you that if we are able to do this, then we will be able to play with time. We will be able to stretch time if we need more of it, or contract it if we don’t. Suddenly, the things that once got us so worked up and created such tension and stress, no longer held power over us. We released ourselves from the self-imposed prison of time, and laughed and danced with life itself. As one of my teachers beautifully stated. “Blessed are flexible for they are never bent out of shape.”



Jamie Dawn

Intuitive, Medium, Psychic
A self proclaimed "spiritual geek" always learning and growing, Jamie, devours the metaphysical bookshelves. She is also a personal student of Master Astrologer Alan Oken and graduate and avid staff member of Dr. Gay Luce's Nine Gates Mystery School. Truly believing in the mind, body and spirit connection, Jamie is a prolific meditator, certified personal trainer, adores Yoga, and is a certified level I and II Usai Reiki practitioner.

Jamie loves to travel and experience the various people, cuisines and cultures the world. When not undertaking her latest spiritual adventure, Jamie resides in Virginia with her loving family and a precocious pug called Diesel.