Don't go SPLAT taking a leap of faith!

Encouraging words abound regarding manifesting our dreams: Advice on creating and using affirmations. Quotes such as Joseph Campbell's, "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Memes on Facebook extoll us to "take a leap of faith and grow wings on the way down." Experts teach us through books, workshops and classes how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest our dream. 

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But there is one thing that is almost always left out:  PREPARATION!

It is unrealistic to decide one day to be a concert pianist, then book a date at Carnegie Hall the next!  Or decide to be an entrepreneur with no training or help on how to run a business.  Or to quit a job or move across the country based solely on a leap of faith with no preparation. Too many leave out the step of preparation, then wonder why they are floundering in their dream. Yes, we need to believe in our dreams, but we also need to prepare!  To paraphrase Joseph Campbell, the doors opened in walls are created from preparation! 

Nik Wallenda achieved his dream of walking a tightrope across Grand Canyon without a safety harness or net. What differentiated his successful dream from our unsuccessful ones?  PREPARATION!  He didn't decide one day to walk across the Grand Canyon, throw out a wire, hop up and start walking. If he had, he would have wished for wings on the way down! Nik had been preparing from early childhood by practicing and performing every day. Preparation for this specific walk took over a year including specially made shoes, a certain type of wire, a certain type of balance pole, even training with 100 mph wind in a torrential downpour. He was as prepared as possible when he made his "leap of faith" and stepped forward on that wire toward his dream.  

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What is your dream?  What preparations have you made before blindly making that leap of faith?  For example, have you done research, taken classes on how to run a business or hired experts to help you, or found a mentor in your chosen field?  You can manifest the right class, the best expert or the perfect mentor as tools!  

For me, preparation allowed me to make a leap of faith, quit my full-time job and move easily into my dream of a successful healing practice featuring being a radio host, a spiritual advisor, toe reading, writing, classes and speaking.

Don't just manifest your dream, also manifest the tools, prepare, then take a running start for your leap of faith.  Your dream can be your reality with the right preparation. Don't go splat taking that leap of faith!


NANCY A NEWMAN is a best-selling author, speaker, radio show host for and an advisor for She is also a registered Master Toe Reader and on-line instructor for Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Nancy has training in many modalities including being a licensed Louise Hay Heal Your Life® Coach, Trainer and Workshop Facilitator.  She brings her message of empowerment to people throughout the world by teaching the tools for healing, loving yourself and discovering the peace within.