Service or Servitude by Nancy Newman

Do you know what your purpose on earth is?  I believe we are here to love, be joyful and be of service to others.  Although most will immediately think of “service” as being a healer or a spiritual teacher, just about everything is a form of service.  Collecting garbage is as much “service” as a healer, parent, teacher, musician, author, mechanic, educator, office worker or even a volunteer.  

But when service becomes drudgery, servitude ensues.  We can be in servitude at our jobs, in our marriages or other relationships, or in our parental and other roles by becoming so focused on being “in service” that we forget to take care of ourselves.  We cannot be in service when we do not feel joy-ful, or when we feel locked into the service because of circumstances.

The many types of servitude fall mainly into three categories:  emotional, financial and physical.   Emotional servitude occurs with the belief another person cannot function without your assistance, which causes you to compromise personal wants and desires for another, such as with clients, children, spouses, employers, or friends.

Financial servitude occurs when you are so afraid of financial consequences that you compromise your integrity and/or your happiness to cling to the financial security, such as in your job or perhaps an unhappy marriage.

Physical servitude occurs when you lack personal freedom over your choices and desires so that another literally has you in bondage.  Of course, these three can overlap one another.  Do you see yourself in any of these examples?

How do you distinguish between service and servitude?  Look no further than your own life.  Are you burned out, stressed or suffering from ill health?  Do you dread going to work?  Are you miserable in your marriage?  These are all signs that you are in servitude, not service.  When you are excited, energized and loving life, then you are in service!

Unless you are literally serving time in a correctional institution, most likely your servitude is caused by your beliefs!  You BELIEVE that unless you are there 24/7 for your children and family, they will not be able to function.  You BELIEVE that if you get a divorce or leave your job,  financial ruin will occur.  You BELIEVE that another person holds you captive, and that you are unable to break free.

A belief is only a thought, and thoughts can be changed.  By reframing the story and looking with a different perspective, you can see other options and find the happiness and joy that you seek.  By learning to love yourself and feeling that you DESERVE to be happy, you are then able to imagine different outcomes.  

Only when we are joy-ful, happy and loving our lives, can we give the best to those around us in loving service, not resentful servitude.


NANCY A NEWMAN is a best-selling author, speaker, radio show host for and an advisor for She is also a registered Master Toe Reader and on-line instructor for Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Nancy has training in many modalities including being a licensed Louise Hay Heal Your Life® Coach, Trainer and Workshop Facilitator.  She brings her message of empowerment to people throughout the world by teaching the tools for healing, loving yourself and discovering the peace within.