Patterns and How they Break

I was inspired to write this for those who may have written out their ideal, but have had trouble in the past letting go of toxic relationships or stick to one particular person. Law of Manifestation very much depends on the willingness the let go of our ideas about how- by inventorying our past behaviors, and choosing new thoughts, new beliefs and the most powerful new actions! 

I started thinking about addiction. My roots in advising actually stem from addiction and trauma release. And love is no less a drug than anything else. Whether it's food, sex, drugs, validation- these experiences create a chemical response in the body. A "high" so to speak, that can completely assert itself OVER someone's willpower. Can you imagine? Not being able to say "No" even when you want to? We've all had situations similar. But for the addict, who has a trauma-related (PTSD) neurological connection between a substance, person or experience, and a good feeling, it's impossible to say no. 

Thinking of it from the LOA perspective, certain people, places, and things hold energetic frequencies. We may think when we get away from them that we are "free" from the emotions of that experience. Then another encounter with it reminds us of the pain, the emotions and the absolute misery we used to feel in that situation. So we might want to think of it less as a thing of the past- more as a definitive channel that does not change. Only we change and choose. 

I think of Hollywood movies that seem so inspiring; the person of the past makes their amends and has utterly transformed themselves. Yet, in my life and work as a life coach, I hardly see this done with success. That person would have to have such a significant personality and spiritual change, they would hardly be the same person they were. That can only be done with massive help and work. They must take responsibility for themselves, their actions and their beliefs. Not everyone is capable. 

So why not? Why is it so hard to break patterns? 
This is a certain inspiration for your Visualization and Ideal. One of the questions asks that we write out how it makes us feel- cause ultimately our Manifestation is an outer consequence of our Interior Condition. When we put too much weight and value on the outside, we diminish our chances of ever truly obtaining it. We MUST first and foremost be on the right channel, and that comes by identifying the core of our desire and all it's truths. 

Many times when someone has become obsessed with an outside figure and is struggling to put it down- the real reason is that of the relief it gives them. If it's a particular person, the pain of being in that toxic relationship may outweigh the pain and misery of not feeling like enough; of loneliness, hopelessness, depression that all make for emotional AND physical pain. Their core beliefs are so significantly diseased and altered by their experiences; it hurts to be alive. 

I hope we can all come from a place of compassion for these people, and possibly ourselves. They certainly did not become this way overnight. It took time, trauma and possibly horrific abuse to cause this. Though other people's bad behaviors, they stored that experience and it's implications into their Soul. It's heartbreaking, and I see it everywhere. 

So what can we do about it? 
There certainly needs to be classifications of people when working with the LOA to see where on the grid they land. 
Sometimes recovery groups are available; there is no shame in being supported. It's the utter opposite of loneliness, abandonment and feeling unworthy. They find a place to be. 

The other alternative is to address the real core issue. This comes up in your inventory- what does this experience make you feel. If another person is making you feel validated, supported, loved and even worthy- it's essential to identify people and situations in your life that also do this. 

But if you struggle with letting go of toxic relationships or ones that don't meet your standards, ask yourself, 
what relief am I getting by this Manifestation? What Pain do they take away? 

If you can identify the pain and integrate that belief system into something positive, you have just saved yourself YEARS of pain, agony and possibly really expensive therapy LOL!!!! 

If you feel weak in this; if you feel your willpower fails you in those situations, this is great knowledge. 
This is an indicator of a sneaky belief system or pain, that is present that must be addressed. If you address this pain alone you may be very capable of completely changing your channel that easily. Everything else comes organically. 

Let us not forgot- we MUST make our lives better NOW rather than that reality. 
I really feel grateful for my life and existence. I practice these steps DAILY and they help me to RECEIVE.