It's 12Day!

12Day (pronounced One-Two Day) was created as a response to the twelfth day of the month and the name of our sites. It seemed fitting to somehow have a celebration in honor of our favorite number and the advisors of agreed that the best way to celebrate was to reduce the rates. So we did. The Classes at 12Academy (on the Featured Page) are all $12 for the twelfth ONLY!  It's exciting for us because you tend to really like our celebrations!!

Mark's 12Radio Show

Hi Everyone,

I'm excited!  I get to have another radio show on my own station 12Radio. I got the green light from Hay House to have both and I can't wait to spread my wings a little to discuss the planets and the other gems in our Universe. Show starts Sunday, October 3 at 5pm Pacific Time for a two hour stint of Music, guests and FUN!