Mark and Kathleen Hall

She's one of the internet's most popular and beloved psychics, teachers and Moms! Join us today as we get bountiful wisdom from 12Listen's psychic Icon, Kathleen Hall. We'll grapple with the issues of the day, the month and the year and most exciting of all - Katt and Mark will be taking your calls during the show.

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Mark and Jeryl Larson

Mystical Psychic Jeryl Larson is joining Mark to discuss the power of being a Taurus and the unique way she guides people to the truth. Jeryl is the embodiment of Taurus and in this rare interview we'll be given the secrets she has to living to the fullest extent of who we are. Don't miss todays show -- Readings will follow!


Mark and Mo Abdelbaki

Vedic Astrology is considered by many to be the oldest astrology. It is also known as Hindu or Indian astrology. It is known for its accurate predictions. It uses the actual location of the planets rather than their Seasonal location (tropical). Listen in as Mark talks with Mo Abdelbaki and find out what's in store for you from a Vedic perspective. They also take your calls!