Expect Something Wonderful

Many of the interests I have in my  eclectic world will be represented here. From the weekly Power Peek to the things and people that I love (not all of them, of course). May you find something you like.  Mark

Mark and Aleta

She's from another time for sure! Speaking from her heart and piercing through the defenses we hold. "Hello, Daddio" she shouts. We listen. It was a fun show and Aleta was a wonderful guest.

Mark and Kathleen Hall

She's one of the internet's most popular and beloved psychics, teachers and Moms! Join us today as we get bountiful wisdom from 12Listen's psychic Icon, Kathleen Hall. We'll grapple with the issues of the day, the month and the year and most exciting of all - Katt and Mark will be taking your calls during the show.

Katt Hall - 12 Listen AdvisorsCards - Left.jpg