The Taurus Panel pt 1

This was a most refreshing panel of honest Bulls!

The Pisces Panel

Three brave Pisces women discuss the lows and highs of swimming these often difficult waters!

The Love Panel

Join Donna Virgilio, Mo Abdelbaki, and Kathleen Hall (Psychic Katt) as they talk about our favorite four letter word!

On Line Dating Panel

Join Me and my amazing Guests as we discuss the pearls and perils of online dating!

The Aquarius Panel

Mark meets 3 Aquarius Sun Signs and puts "it" on the table!  Fun Listening!

The End of the World

Recorded just before the alleged Mayan Prophecy, I used it as a chance to discuss with the panel why we keep creating reasons to be afraid.

Surving Divorce

I spoke with 3 very courageous women about their experiences of Divorce. 

The Intuitive Life

Three intuitives from discuss life as a psychic!