Time to Understand the Enneagram?

I received this today from one of the most trusted Enneagram teachers around, Terry Saracino. If you can do this in Boulder - DO IT!

Dear Enneagrammer,
I want to invite you to a special program I will be leading in Boulder this April/May, which you may have read about in recent email blasts.  This program, The Enneagram Intensive, is our premier offering. Until recently it was only available in Menlo Park, CA and Asheville, NC as a 6- or 7-day residential program.  Last year we experimented with offering the Intensive regionally in Cincinnati and Austin in two 3-day sessions, approximately a month apart, so participants could commute, take less time off work and keep their costs down.  Because this format was so successful, we’re offering it this year in more cities—and Boulder is one of them.
The program is for people looking for a deep, transformative experience of the Enneagram, whether for their own development or to support their work as therapists, spiritual directors or coaches.   It is the next step that many of our students have been asking for.  During the first weekend, we will outline the core patterns of the types via panels and interactions.  The second weekend focuses on specific defense structures and one’s personal next step of growth.  Many students report life-changing experiences after attending. 
Offering the Enneagram Intensive in Boulder is a major step in continuing to build a strong and dynamic Narrative Tradition Enneagram community in the Rocky Mountain region. It will be the springboard for more advanced offerings in personal, psychological, somatic, and spiritual growth.
I am thrilled to be teaching again in Colorado, and to be joined by Renée Rosario, a gifted therapist and Enneagram teacher from Boulder. I look forward to seeing many of my “old”  (in spirit, not age!) Enneagram Center students again.  We have extended the early bird discount until March 1, so act soon if you’re planning to join us.

Attached is a brochure and registration form for your convenience.  If you’d like some “real”—rather than virtual—brochures, please contact Barb Allgaier at BarbAllgaier@msn.com or 303-697-9456.  I’d also appreciate your sharing this with others in your office or circle of friends.
Please join Renée and me in this ground breaking class for our region. My best to you, wherever you are in your journey.

Warmest regards,

Terry Saracino