The Dishwasher Journey


I like to buy my products after some considerable research (though admittedly I rely heavily on When it came to buying my Dishwasher, Consumer Reports makes it very clear that Bosch is its favorite brand - I mean the first 30 entries are Bosch dishwashers so who was I to doubt? 

SUMMARY OF A YEAR LONG PROCESS:  Last apartment I had - had a Bosch and it made the dishes smell like a dirty, wet dog. It was awful. I suspected it was the prior tennents putting stuff in the disposal, etc so I called a plumber and we changed it all out. Still awful!

When I moved to the current house I wanted to stick with the winning brand so I bought a Bosch 800 series and OMG is stunk worse. 2 technicians, a water inspection and 50 calls to Lowes got me to this point in the picture above.

A special thanks to "The Garden Web" who had a forum up called "Help me to Love My Bosch" about a woman who had "the smell" problem. Turns out, it's pretty rampant. My new Kitchenaid KUDE60 has been remarkable!