When Angels Call

Finally out of the VOC Moment and I'm having a very interesting day of watching the world call for my attention so that again, I get lots done but nothing that I had intended. I saw the Postman sneaking away from the porch  - like for real - (both him and FedEX refuse to ring the doorbell).  Package he left smelt like it was from Heaven (though to my knowledge I haven't been there). As I open it up, It is some of the most wonderful animal-free, all vegetable based soaps, essential oils, lotions and candles that I have ever seen - and you won't believe the price!  

I have to OUT Carmen Mirabal Nolasco of MyAngelCall.com who responded to my reading with her on Hay House with a basket of love. Those generous portions of soap each have a teeny ceramic oval with M.A.C. on them.  Do I even have to tell you how good it feels to know about her work?  Thank you Carmen - Now I can say I've had an Angel Encounter.  MWAH!